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  1. Im the poster child of this kind of activity. I have had relatives do some very HARSH things to me and my credit. However, it is very hard to LAY THE SMACK down on them because let's face it, nobody wants put their MOTHER in handcuffs. I got stories that would make everyone hear go CRAZY!!! Like having your brother put a traffic ticket in your name and you go to jail for it . - Mike G.
  2. Sounds good. Not sure why they just cant make utilities, rent etc etc apart of the normal process like loans and credit cards. Im sure it comes down to MONEY, but if you are going to report me only when I dont pay my rent, I think you should also have to report me when I pay you. - Mike G.
  3. If a CRA re-inserts a previously deleted TL on your CR, then they have to notify you within 5 Business days. How much time elasped between the time it was taken off and the time it was re-inserted. If more than 5 Business days, I would send them a copy with the TL deleted and a copy with it re-inserted and tell them they violated FCRA (A)(5)((ii): - Mike G.
  4. Check this link out Link I dont know what your Scores are, but you may want to look into getting a Chevron Gas Card, just for diversification.... - Mike G.
  5. I applied and was approved for an AMEX Blue Cashback card last week, although it has not came in the mail yet . I have not looked at my CR yet, so I dont know who they pull from. My Equifax and Experian Credit Scores are around 729, but my TransUnion Credit Score is 688 for some reason and all the information is the same. I have no negative accounts and the only accounts that have been open for a really long time are is my Student Loan (2000) and my car loan which is paid off (2004). I had 2 Credit Cards and a Dell Preferred card on there. - Mike G.
  6. Hit the search button and do a search on "debt validation" or check out the stickies at the top of the forum. - Mike G.
  7. I am not sure, so I am not going to throw out an answer. I am not sure what is being reported on the Credit Report. I will say, if the account status is CLOSED but it still shows a BALANCE of $3800 that wouldnt be very positive to your Credit Report, IMO. Now, if the status is CLOSED and the balance is $0 then I say it would just be a detriment for history reasons. But to be serious, if I were you, I would not give them anymore money unless I could get it in WRITING that after the $3800 is paid that the PAYMENT STATUS of the account would be "Paid Satisfactory". - Mike G.
  8. So was the $3800 ever paid or did the Creditor close the account after no payments were received? - Mike G.
  9. I started reading this book about a week ago. In the back of the book, as many here know, there is a copy of the FCRA. I was looking at this site: and it seems to be different from what is in the back of the book. So is the book out of date. I was going to ask about FCRA 623 Section (a) (7), which basically states that you are suppose to receive a letter in the mail within 30 days if a Creditor puts a negative on your credit report. For those of you with the book, it is on page 222 and the 2nd column under "Who". Was just curious to know if this law was still in effect and if the book's FCRA is outdated. - Mike G.
  10. I would send a letter to Household bank with a copy of your older reports and let them know that you "caught them with their hands in the cookie jar". I would bug the absolute hell out of them. I would even start knitpicking things on the TL as well. Also remind them that Re-Aging is EXTREMELY illegal. - Mike G.
  11. Sounds like you have a lot of cleaning up to do. That is why it is so important to spend the small change every 3-6 months and get all 3 of your credit reports. When I grabbed all mine and started going through the DV and Clean up phase, they had my address wrong, my driver's license wrong, and they had my name spelled wrong. You have to get that stuff fixed, as it opens you up to ID Fraud and could possibly link you to accounts that arent even yours. - Mike G.
  12. Yep, to me the FICO score is just another way for Big Brother to control you. It is so AMAZING that people you have never even met has so much control over your life. I just really hate how the Big 3 are setup and they just seem to be a big SHADOW OPERATION that has very little oversight. - Mike G.
  13. That was the real turning point for me... The moment that I felt that I became an empowered consumer... Instead of complaining about things or just being bewildered by them, I now understood them or at least try to research them... Amen RW I have not done anymore research, but that is what sets this site apart from many sites on the Internet in General. Nobody is asking you for money for something you can do yourself. It is just a big LABORATORY where people share their ideas and history to better help their fellow man or woman . I just read an article the other day that stated that companies that buy accounts from OCs are on the rise. Im glad I have been empowered by the many knowledgable people on this site. - Mike G.
  14. Man, that is one GREAT article. Capital One is a peice of crap for not reporting limits. Even though Fair Isaac, the company who invented the equation says it is not a bad idea to report CLIs, Capital One still bucks the trend and do their own thing. I hate them now. - Mike G.
  15. Interesting.. Man, in "today's" society they over-analyze everything - Mike G.
  16. Yes it is. As far as having you letter stand out, just make sure that the letter you send makes it sound URGENT and maybe DAMAGING, so it can be noticed. The CRAs get 100s of letters, to be notice you have to be a little creative. Just think of it this way. If you owned alot of people's information and you were constantly flooded with letters saying some of the info was wrong, you would eventually start to filter those letters out according to the ones that sound the most serious, at least I would. - Mike G.
  17. Dang, for real. Does it matter what grocery store I go to? I go to the same store, Kroger's everytime but I would be willing to switch if need be .
  18. Yep, in my next DV letter, I would be like "YOUR the only ones reporting this incorrectly, all the others have it correctly listed". - Mike G.
  19. Hmm, sounds pretty fishy to me. I just had an account removed and it was a similar situation to what you have. The CA that had my account (which I fully paid after it was charged off) had updated their Computer Software and lost all of it's old information, and worst yet, they re-issued the same Account Numbers over again, which played even more into my favor. So when I DV'ed with the Big 3, there was NO WAY the CA could validate the debt and it sounds like what you are going through. I would DV Experian again and get real detailed with them, which is something I do when something comes back verified. I would say things like, Equifax and Trans Union are not reporting this, I even called the CA/OC and they cant even tell me if I was late or not. That is just a tactic I use though and I have been very successful doing that. I just bought Good Credit is Sexy, and that book says when you are DV'ing, make sure you letter stands out . - Mike G.
  20. Just depends. Negatives: 1. You increase the likelihood of leaving unwanted information around for ID theives to steal it because most people just throw unwanted CC offers in the trash, which has all kinds of info on you. 2. Keeps you from getting hard inquiries on your CR. They are suppose to be soft inquiries, but I have heard stories where some people got hit with hard inquiries from these "pre-approved" CCs. Positives: 1. Alot of the stuff you get in the mail really is Pre-Approved. I had a 630 FICO score about 6 months ago and would get CC offers all the time. I finally relented and signed up for a Providian Card. Of course, they have seen your FICO Score already and their deal is contingent on that FICO score being relatively the same when you call them. The same thing happened with my Bank of America Card. I got it in the mail and it was Pre-Approved based on what they had seen in my CR. I got stuck with some nice size interest rates, but I pay my Cards off every month so APRs dont really mater too me. Probably missing some things...
  21. Hmmm So you paid the account off already eh? Also, when were 90 days late, recently or back in 2001? I am going to defer to more knowledgable people as I dont know if this account is hurting you but I dont think it will help you if you dispute the "status" of it as being "closed". The only problem is, if you dispute something, sometimes they will remove the entire account and wiping away some history. But if I were you and I dont use the card anymore, I would have them update the status to "closed" because you dont have the card, heck you even said it was closed so in theory, you will never use it again but it could stay on your CR indefinitely if the status is open (thus creditors will see it as being unused and will not help you). So I would just have them change it to closed and make sure they get the DOLA correct so it will fall off at the right time. - Mike G.
  22. I see thanks for clearing that up. I am still a little confused on how the Blue Cash Back card I was just approved for works. I was wondering if you literally get cash in the mail or is it in a form of a CLI or discounts on purchases. - Mike G.
  23. I was googling this a while ago because it was the first time I had heard about a low CL causing problems. Your comments sound about right. I just got a Chevron card with a 600 CL, so I wanted to make sure that type of CL would not hurt me. - Mike G.
  24. Okay, I see where the Green Cards say, "No Preset spending limits". Interesting, im glad I didnt pick that one. I used their filter web app to do cards with low APRs and no Annual Fee and there was only about 2 Cards left and I just picked the Blue Card. - Mike G.