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  1. Hi I received a letter from a law firm going along the lines of CREDIGY services chose us to pursue this loan and we are attempting to collect the debt. This was for a Discovery account I had over 12 years back. The SOL should have expired on it some time in 2004. Should I respond them with a standard debt verification letter? or just ignore it knowing that the SOL has already past on this? Thanks for the advise in advance. -M
  2. Yes I DVEd them within 30 days. SUE them as they are continuing to collect without sending proper DV. The account is out of SOL and they are also obligated to send the itemized bill not just a word processer doc which doesnt even have a proper last transaction date.
  3. Hello All, I am out of SOL on an old utility bill that Asset is reporting on my credit history. I DVed them way back in Nov and got a letter saying "you owe this much". They didnt answer any of my requests like SOL expiration date, Last Transaction dates etc... I am now sending them a ITS letter asking them to furnish all the info I am requesting or be prepared to get sued. I just wanted to know if this is the best course of action I can take. Thanks mithina
  4. Hi , I have a $100 outstanding balance with TXU electric back in 2002. I want to pay it off and get a Paid for Delete. I spoke to the company and the CSR wanted to receive a payment on phone and said then the CRA would *update* my account - oh yeah ! May be they could have done all that before I found this forum Any way I am sure *speaking* to them wont help in my situation. I tried to find some executive's email id but couldnt. I am trying to send a letter to them mentioning my requirements and asking them to send me back a signed agreeement. I couldnt get a sample PFD letter with liquidation clause in it ( yeah I know I am doing too fancy may be ). Can someone suggest me a better idea to get rid of this account from my CR. I have no problem in paying it off completely as its only $100 but would like to bargain for a better credit report.
  5. I have DVed A$$et and this is what I found in TrueCredit. Can some one let me know what does this exactly mean? Is it saying that the account has been verified or TU has meets the FCRA requirements or what? Your help is very much appreciated. Remarks: [TransUnion] Account information disputed by consumer, meets FCRA requirements [Experian] [Equifax]
  6. SOL for open-ended accounts for Texas is 4 years and 3 years for Virginia. For safe side I am going by Texas times line ( as its longer ). These accounts went to delinquency in February, March 2001. And to start with they were around $5500 before the scumbags ( I dont feel ashamed to call these companies that who try to make merry with my last penny )added all the interests and what not to make it over $14000.
  8. Hello Radio_Guy, Could you pls post your experience with this approach please... Charging the card to about 91% and then paying it off to less than 3%.?
  9. Yep. Thats what even I think. But these accounts are way past SOL and the OC itself is not reporting anything. If some one else reports back again I am banking on the fact that they wouldnt follow the 5 day rule. Bottom line is I know that I didnt get here easy and I wont get out easy.
  10. just curious. If the account is showing up as "paying as agreed" I guess its a positive entry with some good history points as well. why you want it to get deleted??
  11. Update :- I bought my credit reports from equifax, transunion. I received a new file no from experian today ( used it to check my latest CR). NCO accounts dont show up in all three Credit Reports. I guess santa gave me a real nice christmas present without even asking. Hope these dont come back too soon.
  12. Hello, I just checked TrueCredit and I see the two NCO accounts deleted from all the three reports. I have mailed the three CRAs a dispute to delete these accounts on Dec 21st. I do see it on my equifax credit report as of Dec 23rd. Do you guys think its some mistake in TC or are the baddies really gone?I want to know how I can lock in these deletions. Can I save a copy of my CR from TrueCredit and feel safe about my success. Please try to advise me ASAP. If needed, I would also buy a Credit Report from each of the three beareaus ( It would be much cheaper than the $14000 that got deleted )
  13. I was very happy that I got my previous addresses deleted from my CR. But viola they show up again. Atleast the one which ASSET is reporting. I guess this has to have something with ASSET. I Dved them and they came back with a crap letter. I also disputed this with the CRAs. I guess ASSET would have updated the address and my current address is updated with my previous one. I want to send a nasty letter to TransUnion. Any advice appreciated.
  14. I mean seriously. I never saw this part of the forum active. Its always dead. why not merge this section with Credit Repair or something? I think it might get more response if it is merged with a more active section. Just my 2 cents.
  15. I still dont see any "disputes" with TC. Assuming that CA/CRA did not mark my dispute on my CR, can I use this TC print out in court to claim that CA/CRA never marked my dispute?? I am confused. Please help