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  1. I was shocked when I got my credit reports to see that all my bad debts to credit card companys showed different dates for my reports for last activity. Is this the same as aging accounts, which is supposed to be a violation If it is, what would be the proper steps to disputing this? Thanks: Tiffany
  2. I have a collection that has showd up on my credit report three times for the same collecter Reported 7-05 Reported 7-04 Reported 09-01 Date of of Last Activity was 08-00 Is this a violation FCRA or FTC? My score has dropped also, would multiple reporting for the same collection hurt my score? I have disputed with Exquifax this week. Is there any way to just have this removed if they are in violation? Thanks: Tiffany
  3. Hi, I had tried something similar, Equifax checked the judgement with the court and verified that it did not show I paid, which I have no way of proving I paid now. Since the company is no longer around , do I dispute this by using the original company? Telling Equifax to have the company verify or validate the debt? Thanks for your help Tiffany
  4. I have a court jugement that is on my credit report with a date of last activity of Jan 2000. I paid the company the total amount of $255 in Feb 2000. I did a dispute with equifax a couple years ago and found out this shows not paid at the court house. I was told that I should have paid at the court house instead of to the company because they wont report it paid. The company is no longer in business at the location, but they have another in the same city. Was told that they dont have the files for the old location, but could may be give me something in writing to say this was paid, but not a receipt. Would this be acceptable enough to give to Equifax to get this removed from my credit report. If this is not acceptable please give advise as to what steps I can take to get this removed. I would not like to wait two more years for the seven year period to run out. I would like to get approved for a loan.