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  1. I have an old debt that has been paid. I paid through an agreement with Mann Braken. We are selling a peice of property and I was pulling up tax papers and guess what I found. This WRIT!!! I was never told of this or sent any information. It has been thier since 5-5-05 when we made our original agreement. The account is now paid in full. How do I get them to remove this crap from my records before hte sheriff claims this debt?
  2. I have a small business a DBA. Last year I purchased some advertising in a phone directory. The company was over billing ( getting two statements a month and not record the payments I made) . I stopped paying until the account was brought up to date and a correct balance was given to me. They turned it over to Clovis & Roche. I got a collection letter from them 3 months ago and I sent a DV Letter and got no response. Since then the salesman came back in to sell me some more advertising and I said forget it. Today I got a "courtesy" phone call telling me that tomorrow a private investigator would be at my business to take pictures and gather personal financial information. I was floored and asked the girl on the phone what in the he-- she was taliking about. She me the number to the "attorney" that was handling the case. The phone number led to Clovis & Roche. I asked what court order they had to investigate me and they said they didn't need one that they had all the autority they needed because this was a commercial account. My question your legal rights fly out the window when you have a account in your name DBA your your business? Or are they BSing me big time? Can some one explained what is going on? Can someone waltz into your business and demand personal information? PLEASE HELP!
  3. We financed our mini van 72 months ago. The last payment was due October 15. Guess what....they say we owe two more payments for interest charges accured from paying late. The reason we were late a few times was because they were not posting mailed payments until after the grace period. Of course it was my word against theirs but, I mailed the payment in plenty of time to get to them before being late. After six months of this I started calling in payments. They say if we do not pay inmmediately they will "charge off" the loan and it will go against my credit. How can they charge off an loan that has been paid religously every months for 72 months? What legally can I do.....I can't pay two car payments immediately and they are unwilling to work with me. Can they force us to pay more interest than the original contract stated?
  4. I had a mini van financed through Chrysler Financial. At the end of the loan or he last payment, they claim I owed $385.00 in late charges. I didn't pay late often and when I did I paid the charges. Now they put 30 days late because I am disputing these charges. I demanded a detailed payment history and it does seem they posted payments way later than I mailed them . It is my word against theirs. I just want to inow if anyone else has had this problem with this company? I will never finance another car with chrysler!!!
  5. My son who was two weeks away from being 18 got injured and had to go the ER. This child has not lived with me ( of his own doing for over a year....bad situation!). The ER would not treat him unless I signed permission to treat. This permisssion to treat also included finanial responsibility. We live in Georgia and the law states a child is a legal adult at 17 but they informed me I still had to sign for treatment. Due to the severe nature of his injures, I signed the paper. I am now getting the bills and I am furious that I am responsible for the bills.....our son has offered no money for the payments. Do I have any legal recourse or should I just let them turn them over to a collection agency?
  6. What would be the basis for the lawsuit? Sloppy record keeping? I am sending them a letter that states they should correct their records within 30 days or I would consider legal action.
  7. My husband and I filed bankruptcy in 1993. We have crawled out of debt and our credit is fairly good now. I got a letter in the mail yesterday from an Chase providian credit card that was opened in 1987 and was included in the bankruptcy in 1993. What the H---?!! The letter is from NCO Financial Services Inc. And they are claiming I owe the balance of 4,354.45 plus $3,876.48 in interest. I called the 800 number this morning and spoke with a biotchy CS rep and explained that this account was included in a bankruptcy and why are they harrassing me 15 years later. I told her they had a statute of limitations and she told there wasn't any such thing. This has not been on my credit report for over 8 years and I do want them sneaking it back on there. I do not even have copies of the old bankrupcy papers. Can they do this? Should I send them a letter explaining the statute of limitations and the bankruptcy? How should I handle this? Is this Legal...I live in Georgia?