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  1. I absolutely LOVE this show! Best cop show since NYPD Blue. ABC rules! I cannot believe they killed Stone. I was so bummed.
  2. Ten things found in your garage 1. hurricane shutters (the joy of Fl living) 2. Car 3. Mower(s) 4. battery 5. rake (thanks to the 4 trees in my backyard ) 6. Snap-on Tools 7. Bicycle 8. Freezer 9. 10. _________ (This poster starts the next game)
  3. You need to read the whole article online. It's too long to post in full. By Fred Schulte and Ben Protess Huffington Post Investigative Fund Interactive StoryPowered by StoryRiver Media Nearly a dozen major banks and hedge funds, anticipating quick profits from homeowners who fall behind on property taxes, are quietly plowing hundreds of millions of dollars into businesses that collect the debts, tack on escalating fees and threaten to foreclose on the homes of those who fail to pay. The Wall Street investors, whi
  4. According to my Emails, FBI Director Robert Mueller has $878 million waiting for me because of my efforts battling terrorism.
  5. Science Fair Fair Trade
  6. $10K is for a CTR, or Currency Transaction Report. An SAR, or Suspicious Activity Report, can be filed for ANY amount of money or ANY activity. Those are going to depend upon how well one bank versus another trains it's front line tellers to look for suspicious activity.
  7. 10 Things found in a Woman's Purse 1. Lipstick 2. Brush 3. Tissues 4. Cell Phone 5. Keys 6. Credit 7. Receipts from those credit cards! 8. Ex-boyfriend's testicles 9. 10.
  8. I'm kinda surprised the company is having you do it. I mean, theoretically, a cousin with a computer could create a fake printed paper background check and send it off on fake letterhead.
  9. While I'm neither a lawyer nor a police officer, I've signed the signature line on a traffic citation a time or two. It is my understanding, the law varies from state to state on this issue. In some states, the vehicle code says if you don't sign the ticket then you go to jail. I recall an episode of "Adam 12" where an old woman refused to sign a ticket and Malloy took her to jail. It's my understanding that is the law in California, then and now. In other states, you're not required to sign, and the officer might actually even be able to write an additional citation because you failed to sign
  10. In this game, you post a news link and the headline that, well, makes headlines. I'll start. "Tired Gay succumbs to Dix in 200 meters"
  11. A South African doctor has created a female condom that puts teeth in the fight against rape. Literally. The anti-rape condom, called "Rape-aXe," features rows of jagged hooks designed to attach to a man's penis during penetration. Once attached, the condom can only be removed by a doctor - hopefully when authorities can arrest him, Dr. Sonnet Ehlers, the condom's designer, told CNN. "It hurts, he cannot pee and walk when it's on," she said. "If he tries to remove it, it will clasp even tighter... however, it doesn't break the skin,
  12. The landmark financial-markets legislation expected to be signed into law next week was intended mainly to reduce systemic risk and increase regulation at the corporate level, but it will also alter many aspects of financial life for consumers and individual investors. Consumer advocates publicly hailed the creation of a watchdog agency intended to monitor the safety of financial products for consumers, while privately expressing concern that many areas remain insufficiently regulated. ... Consumer-protection agency
  13. 10 things found in a Courtroom 1. Judge 2. Attorney 3. Liars 4. Defendant (HeeHee @ #3) 5. Eleven or more angry men 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.