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  1. Yes I do, I have had good luck getting these deleted off my credit report , as fraudulent, before the seven years is up, as I do not think they are mine...... but now I have a JDB suing me over two of these accounts and claiming unjust enrichment yada yada.... I would like to find out from the alleged oc who they sold them too and what amount was originally charged off! To see if this JDB originally bought them or not.
  2. What kind of info are oc's willing to give people who have charged off accounts..... for example would they give the charged off date, how much was charged off, what JDB they sold the remainder too. ect..ect... thanks in advance for any and all responses!
  3. How old was the account they sued you on? Were they the lone plaintiffs or were they representing oc? What kind of proof did they have at the hearing, and/or did you admit to the account/s? I am asking cause they have also file a suit against me and I am trying to get a good insight to what I may be facing! Thanks in advance!!
  4. Does anyone know right off hand if you can file the objection in the state of florida?
  5. Have been reading up on FDRA and the FDCPA, and I have been having a some probs, as I am at this point not to technically law savy. I have a list of violations against plaintiff and would like to include counterclaims, in my answer, for those violations:) I would like to list the the violations here and see if anybody would be nice enough to list the FDRA and the FDCPA statutes and any from the state of Fl. 1 Reaged acounts on credit report.(misrepresenting debt) 2 Listed duplicate accounts in summons ( my feeling is so they could boost the judgment $ in case I was a no show, but that is not going to happen;0) (misrepresenting amount of said debt?) 3. In complaint the plaintiff is noted as "holder" , "Owner", of the debt pursuant to an assignment agreement. (misrepresenting themselves?) 4 As I believe the summons was my first communication from them, there was no mini miranda, I did validate the debt, with no response (did not mark the debt as disputed?) 5. If they are the assignee , as somewhat implied in summons, I think florida as a statute that says they have thirty days to notify debtor of assignment? 6. Denied credit based on credit report info Said debt is from 2001 all had been charged off in and around that time , did dispute OC listings and they were removed from credit reports, so I really do not believe this debt is mine. (is this something I should bring up to judge) Any help would be tremendous as my answer is complete exept for the counters, and I would like to get it completed tonight and sent and filed tommorow. Also this is not in small claims as amount is too high (due to their inflated and duplicate claims) I know statutary damages are 1,000 per but what could I ask for as punitive I thought I read, here, that in fl it is also 1,000 per? Thanks for any help, all of you are such a great bunch of people and a great place of info that helps the little guy!
  6. No it is not small claims, amount is too high to be small claims
  7. ok am being taken to circuit court by JDB in the pleading hey say I "entered into a written credit agreement" with oc's (more than one account) then it goes on to say I " breached the agreement" also states "notice required by the fair debt collection practices act, 15 U.S.C. 1601 et seq. is attached hereto as exhibit "A" there was no Exhibit "A" attached, as there also was not attached any signed agreement that I entered into or breached as there cause of actions are stating My question is ,and correct me if I am wrong, but isn't this against the rules of Fl rules of civil procedure, and if it is , what grounds can I use or state to have this dismissed? thanks for any help, I am preparing my answer and apprechiate any and all replies
  8. Ok, thanks for the tip.. I guess it will just be another think that I will have to worry about! (damn)
  9. I have recently heard of people saying not to sign DV when you send it to CA, did I screw up majorly by signing it??
  10. Well sent dv to the plantiffs (unifund) law office with my correct address. so if the want to serve my summons they have all the correct info to do so now. I am scared I will not be able to represent myself well, get humiliated in court, and look like a big buffoon.. hahahaha gonna do the best I can though, any tips or info is welcomed!
  11. yeah well as posted in another thread , they are suing, I only found out because I was browsing my clerk of court website it said they filed complaint 12/1/2005 issued a summons 12/5 summons returned unserved 1/11/06 Found out Tues 1/17 looking over website now I check the defendant info (mine) and found out they had the plaintiff's (unifund) attorney's address, in a complete different county, listed as mine, even though they say in the complaint (which I rushed down to the court house to get a copy of) they know I am a resident of the county in which I reside. hmmmmm typo on someones part... or trying to be sneaky and try to get around not trying to serve me, and recieve a default judgment on the case? I sent a dv letter (certified request reciept) to said law office, and will also sent one tommorow to CA themselves. Not mentioning the case # only the account #'s to the alleged debt. (Can not afford attorney) So It is 19th, have not been served as of yet, and am trying to get a jump on my answer if I do receive the summons. And also my discovery. What I am scared of , is I really am not that great at all this legal jargon, procedures, and writing So I have been trying to find the right sample letters and tailor them for myself. So if anyone has links, tips, advice, or thinks I am screwing up royally. PLEASE let me know. Saw on one of my CR's that they reaged at least one of the accounts, the complaint is about two accounts. Also on the complaint, it looks to me they are refering to three accounts, marked as count I, II, and III. But II, and III are the exact same ammount and with the exact same OC. are they trying to bump up the judgment? hmmmmmm Do I have a good counter claim against them? Thank you for any and all responses! p.s. will keep everyone updated
  12. I guess what I am wanting to know then , is are they just hoping for default judgements or do they have all of my OC info to prove the alleged debt. I think they actually bought the one they are reffering to me from another CA
  13. What have been peoples experience in dealing with Unifund. Are they another JBD looking to get default judgements. Or do they use legitimate meens when taking a case to civil court?
  14. Did she have to quit posting and tell everyone by private message? as many people who were foillowing the thread. You would think that more than 1 would ask for an update.
  15. Went to clerk of court to find out about the summons returning unserved. they said they would have to re serve me before any action could take place. Is this correct info, I am not trying to hide from the summons and I find it funny that the address put down under my defendant info is the plaintiffs lawyers address. Can they say I am hiding and continue on with the proceedings? Also I am thinking of DV them, should I just wait for the summons and do a Discovery after my answer? And last but not least, I see that the said plantiff , which is Unifund CCR Partners, G.P. has reaged my debt when they reported to my CRA's which is a violation. Should I put in my answer to the summons about a counter claim against them for this violation? Thanks for all the help!! This site is amazing!
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