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  1. You need to respond with Debt Validation. Cap One needs to validate your debt. This will keep it from going to court. Cap One will have to validate the debt before taking you to court.
  2. 1 week after the due date and within the grace period...any type of notice regarding my payment not being made on the due date.
  3. Ok guys here is one I need help on... My payment is due on 10/12/09. I have a 16 day grace period. I'm going to be 1 week late with my payment. My question is...will I get a notice before or after the grace period?
  4. My house was included in my BK13 at the beginning because I owed arrears. But then my mortgage was modified and it no longer had arrears. So I was allowed to pay my mortgage out of my plan.
  5. cavazos007


    You can go to planetfeedback.com
  6. Do you know if by it being labeled this way...would my credit scores go up?
  7. Hey guys...long time huh! Alright here are my questions... I filed for BK13 on 2/1/09 to save my home. Since then my home has been modified under the OBAMA Plan and everything is good. My mortgage was taken out of my BK13. Alright so now I just have my CC's on my BK13 plan. My question is on my credit report alot of my charge offs are showing discharge. Can those be easily removed? My plan hasn't even been confirmed yet. The credit card company are getting 1%, which is really not anything. So the real question is why is it showing discharge and can those be either deleted or updated to a paid as agreed status. Thanks guys
  8. Now how did I miss that...Happy Birthday Kristy...
  9. cavazos007

    Swine flu

    I had mention the 23 month old was at the hospital I work at...down the hall...we still have the parents here...for observation and test....
  10. cavazos007

    Swine flu

    It's a sad ordeal. The child died in our Facilities here in Houston, TX
  11. I work at a Children's Hospital as a Financial Counselor....
  12. Give yourself a pat on the back...you always get a 2nd chance
  13. Welcome aboard BTRADE...you will learn so much from this forum...as we all did...
  14. Has anyone heard of Eagle Nationwide Mortgage Co. I googled them but saw no complaints and in the bbb.org they have 0 complaints. And have an "A" ... They state they are helping people refinance there mortgages and are going by the Obama housing plan. They offer FHA loans and etc. Guys give me your input on this.
  15. That does make alot of sense Meth. I was reading the Pros and Cons of this bill and it doesn't look like it's going to work out at all. It so sad that now that the economy is like this...I'm on CNN and FOXNEWS almost everyday hoping something will change.
  16. I was reading about this bill. It's passed congress, but not the US Senate. Basically it's a bill to help BK13 filers to modify there mortgages while in the bk13. Does anybody have any input on this. Sounds like a good plan. But not sure how it will work. http://www.gop.gov/bill/111/1/hr1106
  17. I cried when I saw this...
  18. I never thought about this. I got a statement from the mortgage company 2 weeks after I filed for BK13. And the amount they stated I owed was half of what they state I owe now. Basically it shows that the amount has doubled...
  19. Ok guys I need your help on this. So I'm waiting to be confirmed. My mortgage company sends an Objection to Confirmation. They stated on this petition that they don't believe I can pay what I owe on this plan, therefore my confirmation should be denied. My lawyers had proposed a certain amount that I owed in arrearage...they claim it's more than that. And the plan I proposed doesn't meet there needs. What happens now. They are taking all my earnings as it is. Will the trustee grant this objection, if we change the plan. My monthly payment will go up. I don't think I can afford this...the BK13 is costing me all my earnings and right now I'm living on a tight budget. Isn't my lawyer suppose to fight this? Thanks in advance.....
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