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  1. NEW INFO! I got all three reports with scores today. It turns out that the score BOA checked on me wasn't even my best one! They checked Transunion. They also checked it back in March, which was right around the last time they sent me the previous "pre-qualified" offer. My score on TU back then was 619 and today it is 696 (without the new account showing up yet). My scores as of today are now... TransUnion: 696 Equifax: 684 Experian: 721 The new account is already reporting on Experian! Looks like I may just be firmly in the 700 club by the time it hits all three!
  2. Oh, believe me, I know! I am working on trying to build a cash cushion right now, along with home repairs, a down payment for a car, and paying off my one last financial burden, so having a high limit card serves 2 purposes for me... supplementing the emergency reserve and giving me a better ratio since I plan on barely using it.
  3. All I can think of is that maybe last time my pay-offs on my current cards hadn't posted yet and this time they are all carrying double-digit balances. I was confused by it myself. I also got a raise during that time. I don't know if that mattered much, but it was a pretty decent raise. On edit: I guess it could also be that it was another 4 months of on time payments and another 4 months away from my past, but I don't know how much difference that 4 months makes. In both cases, they mailed me the offers, and I applied the same week.
  4. :shock:xdancex8-)88-)88-) About four months ago, I got pissed because I got a "pre-qualified" notice from BOA and still got rejected. I take back EVERY bad thing I ever said about them! LOL I just got approved for $8000!!!! This is my first prime card since my credit demise. I am so happy! It couldn't come at a better time either. I was really upset last week because credit-wise I qualified for a home equity loan to get a bit more cash out for improvements and to get a better interest rate, but due to the "market study" low-balling my house, they would not qualify my loan. I was so disappointed! Moreso because I was frustrated than that I couldnt do without those improvements. But this really makes up for it. I can't believe it. I really can't. This is the kind of card that I can save for a REAL emergency. This is peace of mind territory. This is the kind of card that I can have as a backup so when I have to spend most of my savings account on the pipes in my attic, I can still repair my car if needed. Prior to today, my high limit card was $600. I'm sorry to gush so much, but this is really a red letter day for me!
  5. Are you planning a major purpose before they would be deleted? If not you could just let them fall off on their own. If you need to improve your credit sooner than that, you can try disputing them (example letters are all over this site). I had like 3 or 4 that I got rid of prior to them falling off because they were past SOL, so I disputed them. They all had discrepancies either in acct# or amount owed, so it was clear that they did not have good records, and couldn't produce them upon my demand.
  6. Since Chase had bought my mortgage, now that I want to refi, the info Chase provided to my future creditor includes a "payoff" amount for my old debt to Chase. It didn't come up in my previous refi with a different lender, but since Chase bought my mortgage (without consulting me), I guess they have some pull about settling the debt. They included it in the required payoffs, right next to my mortgage when the new lender contacted them for my loan info.
  7. They bought my friggin' mortgage!LOL The bad debt is way beyond SOL, and close to falling off my report, but now that I want to refi again, it's a "must pay" in order to do the deed. Oh well... at least I'll have it all behind me, have a better interest rate, and have some cash out for improvements... I just find it a bit amusing after all this time that it was my mortage that ended up being the winning play! I already told the new finance co that I needed to negotiate with Chase for a PFD before paying, and he chimed in with "If they agree to let you pay a different amount, get it in writing and send it to us." He also congratulated me on my much improved credit
  8. Congrats! I hope to be joining the club soon myself!
  9. I made most of the progress as far as getting rid of negatives and getting new accounts in the first year and a half here. The rest of the time has been devoted to being really disciplined about using and paying them down. Believe me, I will be diligent the rest of my life now that I am back on my feet. I also caught a minor case of fraud recently, and got it removed quickly. I am definitely keeping a closer watch on my accounts than I ever did before.
  10. I haven't posted here in quite a while... maybe a year? I hadn't checked my scores in 6 months. I am planning to refinance again, and I was eager to see a score, so I bought the TU FICO even though I knew my pay-offs hadn't hit the report yet. My TU FICO has gone up from 525 when I joined here a few years back to 694 today! I now have NO collections on my report and NO late payments showing. The only negatives are accts I had settled before finding this site, and they still have a couple years before falling off. I just wanted to share that news because without finding this site, my score would not have risen 169 points. THANK YOU CIC!!!
  11. FAKOs are "fake" FICO-like scores that are calculated by other companies. If you get your credit scores from places like MyCreditKeeper or TrueCredit, they are calculated using their own formulas, because the FICO formulas are proprietary. Only scores from FICO are real FICOs. FAKOs are good for monitor trends, but when you want to know your real score, get a FICO for each bureau.
  12. Thanks y'all! Yes, it is in the same field, and is most certainly "trading up!" I will have been with my current employer for just under 5 years when I move on next week. I had a career change prior to this job, and I had 7 years with that employer, so I can show pretty good work history if that's something they will want to see.
  13. Thanks! That is close to where I am now too. It may go down when the 2 baddies drop off, as they are very old accounts, but I am sure it will climb back up gradually afterwards. Either way, I can be patient if I need to be. I just like to have an idea about what to expect. Thanks for the input!
  14. I just accepted a GREAT new job... about a 25% raise, better benefits, more opportunity for advancement, etc. I am thrilled! But I was planning to refi later this year after a couple old baddies fell off, and new accounts matured more. Will this be possible with a new job, or will I need to be at the job for a year or so first? Thanks for any input!
  15. Awesome!!! Congratulations!!! I have 2 OC TLs and 2 corresponding collection TLS due to fall off next month and then in September. I am anxiously waiting to see if my scores go up or down, since they are also 2 of my oldest TLs.
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