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  1. You are NOT kidding, If you EVER mention anything about a monthly payment......You will be screwed royally. I know from personal experience, Pre Creit rebuilding....... We now are proud owners of a 2004 Dodge Intrepid, that had 18000 miles on it when we bought it in 2004 and we Paid 18,000.00 for it @17.9% for 72 months. We are almost 6000 upside down, therefore, we could never get it refinanced as they had promised us that we would be able to due with a year of on-time payments. I would truely love to get out from under this nightmare of a car at the APR we are paying, Heck I wish I could f
  2. I have personally never heard of a "Secured" card doing any CLI. I have heard of them going unsecured after say a year or so of on time payments,if they unsecured your card then they would have mailed you a check for the amount that you had originally sent in during the time you had the secured card open. Now ORCHARD SECURED, will NEVER go unsecured, you can mail them 100.00 increments to raise your credit limit. After a year or so you could close the secured card, then reapply for an unsecured card. They will NEVER give you a credit line increase on a secured card, that's gonna be up to you.
  3. Bambee, You also want to check on the cost of insurance for the car you are considering leasing, because I know from personal experience that your auto insurance will double or triple, due to the fact that you are required to carry MAXIMUM FULL COVERAGE when you lease. Back in 1993, very young and gulliable, I was talked into leasing Nissan Sentra for 394.00 a month for 36 months= about 15000, when I could have bought it for under 10000 dollars(found out after the fact). I had a 1989 plymouth reliant that I was trading in(had major problems) I had full coverage on that car and was only paying
  4. I pulled my very first report from EX back in july 2005 and have been able to back EVERYDAY,putting in the same report #, up pops a brand new report from that date, so it will work longer than the 90 days or at least it has for me and DH.YMMV Just thought I'd share. Southcarolinagirl
  5. How long have you had your Macy's card? Once you have the card for 3 months, you can call the credit department, ask them for a "GUILDLINE INCREASE", they wil more than likely give you cli. Most people that are rebuilding,will only start out at a 100.00 cl with Macy's(YMMV)but they are very liberal with their cli after you have been with them a little while and have shown to be a customer that pays as agreed. Good luck, Southcarolinagirl
  6. My hubby added me to his Wal-mart card as an AU. it is now showing up on my reports, but does say that I am an authorized user. Will it saying I am just a AU help or hurt my scores and how would others that I may apply for credit with look at that??? Thank, southcarolinagirl
  7. Are you aware that you can use you Chevron card at most Texaco gas stations and they say by mis 2006,you will be able to use them at ALL Texaco stations. Also Chevron has just in the recent past bought out Union 76/ Unical,so even more stations are coming. If you are in the stages of repairing your credit, I might make the suggestion that you hold on to your Chevron card, they will be good to you as long as you are good to them. Just my 2 cent. southcarolinagirl
  8. Go to bud hibbs website and just read all you need to about these people. It sure ain't pretty. They called and cussed and scared my mom a couple years ago over a old sears account she had, well, she did end up paying them only to find out she did not owe them, she still owes sears 2900. Just go read, you will be sick. Southcarolinagirl
  9. This address is off the very last letter they sent me. EXPERIAN PO BOX 9702 OR PO BOX 9701 ALLEN TEXAS 75013 I have sent all my disputes to either one of these addresses CMRRR and I always get the little green card back. southcarolinagirl
  10. You send the DV to the Collection agency(Always send it Certified mail,return reciept requested) ones you get your green card back in the mail,showing that the collection agency has recieved your DV, you yurn around and dispute with the CRA. You send the DV to the Collection agency ONLY, they are required to validate. You do not send a DV to the original creditor, they are not required to validate. Good luck Southcarolinagirl
  11. Mail your DV to this address: Midland Credit Management PO BOX 939019 SanDiego,CA 92193 Good luck, they are pure evil..... Southcarolinagirl
  12. Mail your DV to this address: Midland Credit Management PO BOX 939019 SanDiego,CA 92193 Good luck, they are pure evil..... Southcarolinagirl
  13. Jon Barry & associates out of Concord NC, Right? If so, I will tell you, they are very sneaky. They were and still are on my credit reports, they claim I owe them for a hospital visit in Concord, however, I have never even been to Concord, I had to ask where Concord NC even was. I DV'd them and they sent me a letter telling me that they need more information in order to verify this account. They wanted me to send a copy of my drivers license,ss card and a copy of my credit report. Do they really think I would send them that type of info, so they could just stick it in that bogus account an
  14. Good luck with Experian deleting addresses and name variations. I have sent them 5 letters pretty much begging for them to delete the different variations of my name, and addresses I have never lived at or the different variations of the address or the addresses are just plain out OLD(over 15 years). I am gonna call them tomarrow, because I am sick of writing, I am holding 5 green cards,so either they correct it or else. ANyways good luck, Southcarolinagirl
  15. I take it that you disputed with Equifax and it was deleted from your equifax report or did you send the collection agency a " Demand for Validation" letter and they had the account deleted from Equifax. If it was the first situation I mentioned, you will have to do a dispute with transUnion and experian as well, they do not share information about disputes with each other. If the situation is where you requested the Validation of the debt and the collection agency deleted, you will have to write another letter,letting them know that they have not finished their jo,they failed to delete the ac