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  1. what is your bank doing pulling a new report in the middle of a refi while you are locked anyhow? Not that that's totally the problem here but if a lender needs to update a tradeline they usually order a credit supplement but if the report the lender is using is old (like 90 days) then they may have needed to repull... just a tad confused. My best advice would go along with Methuss... I would call the OC get the details about the TL (like the DOLA) and then supply that to the banker for the rapid rescore since the account is now obsolete. Then once you've closed sue the OC (or CA) since you wi
  2. or at least how to read stickies... sorry y'all couldn't resist
  3. I've am a banker and I'll tell you we couldn't care less about a $100 collection. Banks IMHO only worry about debts which could become a serious lien and jeopardize them getting paid (and being first lien position) in the event of a default. Mortgage lates KILL your score when a mortgage lender pulls your credit becuase their scoring model is geared toward their industry. Meaning a mortgage late will impact your score more than a cc late on the lenders report.
  4. lenders will want to pull their own since the score model used on myfico and the score model for mortgage based applications are different. That's how the CRAs make money, sell different score models to different industries.
  5. BTW IMHO I feel that AACs respons with thier form letter is not validation as defined by the wollman opinion on the FTC web site. http://www.ftc.gov/os/statutes/fdcpa/letters/wollman.htm When I wrote this back to them they took 3 months to then ultimately properly validate... but I caught them charging a usary rate of interest on it and they are being sued by my wife at the moment.
  6. A judgment can be deleted but it must be vacated prior to the CRA deleting it. The OC who sued can file a motion to vacate with the court that then can be recorded in the record and can be provided to the CRA then for documentation to support the deletion (not that the CRAs will care what you send anyhow). This is something you can negotiate for along with a PFD for the TL.
  7. thanks divey, the settlement did include a delete but had a part in it removing them from liability if the bureaus do not allow them to delete (which is a crock of sh*t since the CRAs only parrot info right?). I will do as you suggested.
  8. BTW you may want to check your closing TIL (Truth in Lending) and Note for a possible pre-payment penalty. This may be another reason why she is not calling you back. She may have hit you with a hefty pre-payment penalty to line her own pockets. I've seen several 2 year ARMs with 3 year pre-payment penalties in my time being a LO.
  9. Well I've been following the program and managed to squeeze some blood (can't say how much due to NDA) out of a turnip (MCM). As part of our out of court law suit settlement they were to delete the debt from the CRAs reports. Well it's still sticking on EQ (hence the lower score in my sig) and I was wondering how I should dispute it with EQ. Any ideas?
  10. If they have a case and docket number they could easily go on PACER and pull down electronic copies of the BK filing... $0.02 later you're shot down.
  11. the AMEX is also compound interest the mortgage is smple interest also the mortgage interest is a tax deduction, you cannot say that about the AMEX.
  12. Don't you think it's better for you to have a lawyer and not need it then need one and not have it? So did you ever think that people were being cautious? Now that this is all over I suggest you learn to write shorter posts and get over what ever you've got stuck up your...
  13. AaronE

    Sub-Prime loans

    first off with a 660 you could be able to get into a FNMA 100% LTV/CLTV program with a fixed second mortgage (80/20) if you can go full doc. I know this for a fact Since the poster had a 664 this is most likely what happened with those rates.
  14. AaronE

    Sub-Prime loans

    don't forget rates change every day, so the point at which they locked in may be different then the current rate environment.