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  1. Yeah, my interest rate is astronomical. At this point, I don't care. I have to force myself to use my Orchard card as it is, I'm more of a debit card user. When I make big purchases, I'll use the Hooters card and pay in full same day. I try to use my Orchard card the same way, but with a $200 limit it's tough! My Interest rate is something like 28%. Does anyone know what day of the month this card reports?
  2. You suck for breaking the rules, but my FAKO's are lower than my FICO's.
  3. "Dear ChrisFL, Congratulations! Enclosed please find your Hooters MasterCard® Card(s) with a credit limit of $750!" I'm so freaking happy. A year ago I had a paid CO and nowhere to go. Now I have an Orchard secured card a Hooters MC, and a score that's 50 points higher than before... It's not amazing, and it's not as good as a lot of other stories... but it damn sure makes me feel good. :Pasties: :Pasties:
  4. I have no BK, but I get the same offers. I get 1-2 per week. Behind AmEx business offers, this is the most frequent one I get. I saved the AmEx ones, I must have 75 of 'em. I've never applied. I have something against offers that come in the mail... dunno why.
  5. I applied Tuesday, and I'm anxiously awaiting a reply. 650 w/relativley little history...
  6. Oh well. I should've hounded them about it when I had the chance, now I'd much rather just let it die. Thanks for your help, much appreciated.
  7. How do I go about doing this? I'm not on good terms with the mortgage broker any more (for various reasons), but I'd like a copy of my report which he showed me... but never gave me a copy of. The actual inquiry on my report is listed under CBC Companies/New Century. I want to write to them and tell them to give me a copy of the report. Is this the right way to go? Also, what should I say? I started writing a letter, and it basically said that I want a copy of my report and I'm entitled to it by law. Any input is appreciated.
  8. Wow, I've been bumping since October too... and I thought it was doing nothing. But I just updated with truecredit and lost a TU inquiry. Sweet!
  9. I'm in the process of getting added to an AmEx card as an authorized user. From what I've read, it varies from provider to provider as to whether you get the WHOLE history of the card or if the card just reports from the date you're added. Has anyone had experience with being an AU on an AmEx card? How did it work for you?
  10. I got my card in September, and I've paid on time every month. I use it every month, had it up to $130 once ($200 limit), but generally my balance is $20-40. I've had no offers of a limit increase yet, I'm still hoping. Correction - I've only had the card 5 months (first statement was October)
  11. Is A always the case? I was talking today with a friend of mine, he showed me his CR where he was added as an AU on his wife's card (citi i think?) and it only reported from the day he was added.
  12. I'm curious as to how an entry will report when added as an Authorized User. Will it: A) Report the whole history of the card. If the card was opened in 2000 and I get added today, will it report the whole history from 2000 until now? Report as of now. Tradeline is opened in 2000, yet it starts reporting as of now. 6 months from now, I would have 6 months of history. C) Neither, Sort of, Kinda, Maybe or some combination of the aforementioned. I'm trying to get a mortgage (investment, 100%) and while my scores are good enough, my broker says I don't have enough "depth" (read: history). If I c
  13. Ok, so if we were to say that reporting as CO every month is not legal, why isn't it? How could one go about sorting that out, what do you write and who do you write it to? I'm in this exact situation and I'm more than game to try it out. I had a cap1 CO that was reported as CO on EXP for a few years untill it was paid off (Nov 04). It was not reported for the next year or so untill I disputed it in October 05, it was reported for one month as CO again.
  14. There's a walmart special for truecredit somewhere, search for it. I think it comes out to $24 to start and $7.43/mo for monitoring all 3. I've been using it since October, works well.
  15. The money will be gone in 6 months because it will be invested in real estate. The money is proceeds from real estate, and it needs to be invested (1031 exchange) in 6 months. Anything longer and I'll have to pay capital gains tax. My situation is this: My credit report has 3 entries, 1 capital one chargeoff from 2002, 1 BOA credit line that has 2x 30 lates from 2002, and an Orchard card that's at 10% utilization, been reporting for 2 months. My credit scores are low to mid 600's (see signature), and I'm in search of the path to 700. My goal is to be able to get a mortgage ASAP. The secured lo