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  1. I am being sued for a Fleet Account by way of Bank Of America. I filed an answer and a Request for Production Of Documents. The attorney filed for an extension of time (60) days. in 7 days , the time is up and I have yet to receive any documents. MY Question, does anyone know the next step? The Amount is $8500 being sued for. Do I file a motion to Compel Discovery? I am being sued in CT and the Practice Book is very confusing to me. I found something in section 13-14 (Order for compliance) Do I file a motion for an order of compliance? It states that if compliance is not met than the Judge may dismiss the case. I am a little confused.
  2. The Collection Agency didn't sue, looks like the Original Creditor hired the Law firm, so how can that be continued collection activity? Thats for the Collection agency not for the Original Creditor, Correct?
  3. From what I heard Citi always sues and they will provide at least 12 months of statements in Discovery. Citi has been good in holding onto records (bad for you) . Someone else on this site said that Citi always sues after you send them a DV letter (They Sued me too).
  4. Rule 13 (2) AN OBJECTION TO THE ARBITRATION CLAIM; If the respondent so objects, a response that does not assert this objection is an agreement to the arbitration of the claim and a waiver of this objection which can not be asserted in an Amendment. Is this trickory Legal? if I get this straight, you must site Rule 13 (2) in your Response to arbitration if you refuse it?
  5. I received a Collection letter from an Attorney/CA in my State. The letter states that they are collectiing for their client Hudson & Keyse. Is it a normal course of business for a CA to collect for a CA?
  6. I am trying to help a friend who got the Arbitration notice. In the stickys up top there is a thread about Master Refusal Arbitration, and someone stated that 3 of those cases cited were no good. Can anyone update this thread for ease of use? Shouldn't it be stricken from the post if its no good?
  7. Thanks, Ive just been informed that as long as they are a member of the CT Bar then they dont need to be licensed to collect.
  8. Thanks, Im in CT I have just been informed that if they are a member of the CT Bar then they dont need to be licensed.
  9. The Law Firm suing me and trying to collect on a different account doesnt seem to be licensed in my State. What (If anything) should I do about that?
  10. Oh Sorry, I am in CT and they are required to be licensed and Bonded. The Lawfirm/CA actually resides in the State, They are suing me for one Debt and trying to collect on a different one. I just started looking at the state website and they are not listed on there.
  11. A CA/Attorneys offcie is trying to collect from me but is not licensed in the state. What do you do when you find out that they arent licensed? Are Law Firms exempt from being licensed?
  12. ok so maybe it is a purchase but, isnt this further collection activity after I already sent them a DV letter?
  13. I am a little confused, just what is an asignee? Hudsen & Keyes sent me collection letters stating that they are the asignee for Chase Bank. at which time I sent them a DV letter. Now I get a letter from a Collection Attorney in my State trying to collect from me for Hudsen & Keyes. They never did Validate as per my request.
  14. I filled out the appearance paper when I went to court. There is a spot for Pro Se. Look at the summons and see if it says you have to file an appearance, if you do then do it. I would hand it to the Clerks Office.