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  1. Excellent post jq26! Totally agree with everything you said. Im almost 40 and have had a car payment since I was 18. What a WASTE of MONEY! I am just now realizing what an idiot I have been. As soon as I can get out of my $500 payment I have now, I will do it. I've come to realize that these payments have been holding me hostage, financially speaking. Glad you and Denita brought up this subject so maybe more can learn from this big mistake and cycle that someone can get caught up in.
  2. ba0501

    Refinance ?

    On a refinance, can you buy the rate down as with a purchase?
  3. Thanks for taking the time to do some research. It helped me out alot and has pointed me in the right direction.
  4. When I bought my house 2 years ago, it was appraised as a 2br for which it was originally built. It had a garage that was enclosed and turned into another room, either den, living, bedroom, etc.. If I try to refinance or sell, can I have it appraised as a 3br house in order to have a higher appraised value? Thanks for any responses!
  5. BigJohn, what number did you call Providian at about your records with them if you don't mind me asking. I also had a Providian CO(off my reports) but I have Asset reporting(and reaging!) this debt. I would like to have some ammo to get them off.
  6. I went Friday to Myfico.com and purchased the FicoDeluxe. I signed up for the annual purchase(taken out annually on same date as Friday's purchase) for $42.85. I put in MW01 discount code and paid $34.26. That's only $11.42 for each credit report. I can also cancel the agreement at any time before it renews again next year.
  7. I believe all mortgage and auto inquiries pulled within a 30 day period only count as 1 inquiry.
  8. What could be happening, is that since your in the free trial period, it will not update. But once you actually start subscribing, it will then update. Just a guess but I've heard of it happening this way before.
  9. Mine updates daily when there's something to update. What do you mean by update? I'm sure not much has changed on your report since it's only been two weeks since you've started.
  10. Try for a personal loan at penfed. They only check equifax. If not a member, it will cost $25 to join. They have lots of great offers and rates.
  11. Thanks to everyone who replied!
  12. I know if you pay the equivalent of one extra mortgage payment per year it can cut off anywhere from 7-9 yrs and lots of interest $ on a 30 yr loan. What I want to know if this will work on a 15 yr loan also. If so, wouldn't that mean that you could own your own home outright in say 8 or 9 yrs? Anyone know?
  13. As far as I know, if a credit report was pulled(authorized or not) the CB can show the inquiry. You probably won't get far with the Big 3 but it doesn't hurt to try. Which CB's are these inquiries on? TU can be *b*, EQ can be *b* and removed, and as far as EX, they will be hard to remove.
  14. I've disputed all inquiries regardless if they were tied to a TL or not. I've removed approximately 20 or so and the only one I've had trouble removing is CBBINNOVIS.
  15. Just got the same messege. I will feel like a traitor if I join creditboards. What you guys think?
  16. Please give me the details if you don't mind IHateCAs
  17. Hate to ask so many questions( but that's what this forum is for), but I have another(thanks direred). Is it easy to combine citi cc's? I've got the PP with a $8500 limit and the diamonds preferred with a $2600 limit. From what you've said, I think it would be best to combine to the diamonds cc.
  18. Are you saying they don't report at all to the CB's or they just don't report the high balance/credit limit?
  19. Does the Citi PP CC still just report the high balance or do they now report the credit limit?
  20. As far as I know, most all cc's report limits except for Cap One.
  21. Congrats to you too! Did you get the 1000 limit? Were your scores as low as mine or higher? This may be an opportunity for people to get their foot in the door with AMEX.
  22. I applied for WAMU a few months back. I was declined due to a Providian CO in 2000. I'd say a pretty good memory, or least in my case. The Providian CO has been off my reports for at least a year or there abouts.
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