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    Debt Buying

    The only way we can get the law change to prevent JDB's from buying old, in some cases really old, debt for pennies on the dollar and then demanding payment in full on the original debt, plus intrest, is to get the lawmakers to pass a law that protects consumers from this kind of preditory collection practices. Any one here good at drafting letters? If so please consider drafting a letter that anyone can print and mail to their congress person and or senators asking them to pass legislation to eliminate, or at the very least limit the amount of money these bottom feeding brain dead morons can
  2. Sarris


    This is where they are going to try and get a defualt judgment against you. "Oh your Honor, we did send our summons to her address of record on her credit report." You should, just to be safe, also submit a change of address to the local post office near that location. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if this is what they are up too. Good luck and please keep us posted on how this progresses.
  3. And all of the Democrats and republicans in both the house and the senate that voted for the reform bill despite the knowledge that it would screw Americans over in favor of campaign contributions from CC companies. Have you talked to a lawyer? It might be to your benefit to talk with a BK lawyer as soon as possible. If your income is derived from SSI/SSD/Pension your income is non garnishable and you will need to file a motion of exemption with the court that awarded the judgment against you. Also find out if they do have a judgment against you. Your bank should have the garnishment inform
  4. Sarris

    Beyond Low

    No, thank goodness I found this site.
  5. Isn't Amerequest part of the Beneficial Finance Group??? HSBC?
  6. Sarris

    Beyond Low

    We did file a compliant with the consumer affairs division of the states AGO office. Today I talked with her and she said that they called yestarday about 3 pm (PST) and demanded payment. She told me that she said all the things I wrote down for her to say and asked for things in writing. She was surprised when they said they could not send her anything in writing, that according to her, was when she leveled the boom on them. She did get their mailing address, needed for the AGO complaint and a C&D letter. Also her son contacted her, because Dee called him, and said that he knew nothi
  7. I am willing to be that if this has happend to you, that it has happend to other service men as well. You might check into that and if so ..... take approprate action.
  8. Sarris

    Beyond Low

    Yestarday we had a family get together and a lot of family showed up including my brothers wifes grandmother. She is a very nice lady and we spent some time talking. When the topic came up about phone calls, because we had a solicitation call from qwest, she started telling us about these really mean people calling her once or twice a day saying that her son, Dee's uncle, owes money to them and that if she did not pay it, he would go to jail. She said that she has been saving up for a month now to pay his bill and wanted to know if Dee knew where he was so that he could pay it. I about chok
  9. I am pleasently surprised that Experian has deleted 4 out of the 6 items that I disputed and updated 2 with correct information. HOwever TransUnion only deleted 2 of the six and updated 4. Experian now has what I consider to be an accurate credit report on me. I want to thank you all for your insightful help over the last year. The war is not won as of yet, but one battle has been. Time for written disputes to go out to TU and EQFax.
  10. I recall reading where AA was sued by an 80 year old women, albeit I cannot find the site to link too, when they threatened to sue her if she did not pay the bad debt of her grand daughter. She was a former lawyer and took them to task. They eventually settled with her for an undisclosed amount, but like the old lady said in the article, although I cannot tell you how much they did pay to shut me up, I can tell you that my great grandchildrens children won't have to go to public school. They are indeed an evil JDB.
  11. The credit card companies are a kin to vampires. They suck you in, and suck you dry and once your on hard times, they suck even harder. It amazes me that these companies, knowning that people are on hard times, use universal default to really saft them. Your barely able to make the minimum payment each month and one of CC companies receives your payment late and BOOOM all of your credit card companies double if not triple your interest rates. All of a sudden you're no longer able to make the payments and stop paying them. Then they tack on the late fees which push the accounts over the ma
  12. Two words, Limited Liability. Look at Lucas Films... Whenever your going to open a business you really should consider LL as an option to protect yourself from collection if the company goes under. If your worried about being sued, you can file for BK protection. Chances are since you are insolvent, they may sit on their hands for a year or two before they come after you. They could most certainly sue you and obtain a garnishment of your wages, bank accounts, and assets. But don't get to worried about it, this process takes a bit of time to do and if and when they do do it, BK will put th
  13. YEs Fredrick J Hanna can bite the big rotten apple for all I care too.
  14. Done ask them to stop, demand that they stop calling you in a written letter. The law states that you MUST send them a letter to cease communication. Include this is want into your DV letter to the CA. Watch your Credit Files, if they do not list the account as disputed after 30 days, (I think) then you might have cause to challenge their TL on your CR. Oh this should be FEDERAL LAW... oh that would royally PO some JDB's.