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  1. I have an old private student loan from Wachovia now WFargo. Last payment was made sometime in 2004. I recently got an offer from WFargo which states if I pay 20%, they will report account settled. Reading all the post here it seems they will keep coming back if I don’t take up on this offer. I would appreciate any suggestion.. Thanks
  2. Wachovia loan is private and it is also charged to profit and loss. But this Will and Fudd, Inc. sent me a letter over a month ago saying they were retained by Wachovia to settle the debt. I know I missed the 30 day window to DV but I want to settle the account. How to approch now. Please advice.. I am rebuilding my credit to buy a house.
  3. They are from MD and the student loan is private from Wachovia. If I want to do it on my own where should I start? I have been reading the forum for the answers but I guess I am still a bit confused. It is kind of scary dealing with thease CA's. Thanks for you post.
  4. Please help?? I have 4 negative accounts. They are all with CA which are 4 to 6 years old debt. Now I would like to pay them all off with settlement offer. I really need this off my back now that I am able to. I think I am less worried about credit score which I managed without for last 6+ years. Now how do make this happen wisely? I know some guys call me all the time but I never pick up and they only say their name but no account information. There is no way I can make good settlement decision over the phone. I want to do this without any settlement company's help. So I come to you all for suggestions. 1 student load from Wachovia 1 medical bill 2 credit card
  5. I had the same question? I have a debt with them that they are trying to settle and saying it will show as 'paid in full'. But how does that help me as long as they are in my report as CA. Is there a possibility they will delete? Has anyone has any experience with them?
  6. Midland has one of my account which is out of SOL. Today i noticed in my credit report that my last payment date has changed to 2003 to 2006. How can they do that? I did not pay What can i do now?? Please help..
  7. I see what you are saying. I guess there is no immediate positive resolution for this. Thanks for you reply.
  8. So, should I ask for pay for delete if that is an option? Is there any chance they will accept it. I do want to pay off but at the same time I don't want to put more dent on my credit.
  9. I have an old debt which is out of SOL with Midland the current CA for Providian card. Debt has been validated. They have sent a letter that offered 40% off of nearly $3000 debt. If paid the amount, they said they will make the account "paid in full" on my credit report. It's a normal CA letter with that offer, no signature of any kind, just their name and phone number. What do you think about this offer? I want to pay off but first I thought of checking with you folks for advice. Thanks in advance for you reply..
  10. JDB actually sent me validated papers with original creditors/account copies. It is a Repo account and if it is considered a written account then SOL has passed few months ago. I have to pay the principle amount minus the price of the car that it was sold for in a auction. No other discount. What is the best option do you think? A. Try to settle the account if they are willing to delete negative info.(I don't know if it is possible) B. Ignore and wait another few years to get this off my report. (They still can come back, right?) C. Don't have any but you are welcome to add if it is even better. Thanks in Advance Webdox: I have PMed you a copy of the letter
  11. I have taken student loan from Wachovia Education Finace Few year ago. My question: Is SOL same as credit? is there SOL on Student loan? Thank you for your reply..
  12. Thank you so much. You have been very helpful. I don't know what would have done without this site..You folks are awesome.
  13. That would be wonderful if you could share the letter with me. I will change that where appropriate. I just want them to stop collecting right now before the try to get me to court thinking I am not aware of SOL or something. I would really like to pay a minimum to get them of my back and start improving my credit. I am just confused as to what is my best option? I have total of 4 debts that are out of SOL. Well, if the state(MD) where I am currently living for two years, is the one that counts, otherwise may be one more year for GA(origin of debt). Thanks for you reply..
  14. Hi I got settlement offer but SOL on the account has passed. I have the DV letter from this forum, now question is should I mention SOL info in the letter? If so, How should I word this? I am never good at writting so if any of you could help me I would apprecite it. Thanks for you help in advance..
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