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  1. Since you want to get in a house right now have you thought about taking a subprime loan now, which will have a high interest rate and at the same time begin getting your credit report clean then after you have your credit score ready for prime time, refinance the loan. Make sure you don't get a loan with pre-payment penalties.
  2. I'll try to make this as understandable as I can: In 2001 my wife purchased a home (while we were not living together) Since we were still legally married, I had to show up at the closing to sign a paper which relieved me of any rights to the property. (QuitClaim) I was never on the mortgage/loan to my knowledge. I never filled out any loan paperwork as a owner nor a co-signor. My credit was never pulled for any type of approval. The company does not even have my social security number. She has since as of recently defaulted on the loan and they sent me a letter stating that they may be foreclosing and says that I am on the mortgage. Here's the thing which is puzzling. All of the other corresponce about this loan was addressed to her. I have never been mentioned before. I am not on the mortgage anywhere from the company who now has it. My wife called and the first thing she asked them was if I was listed and they said no. I cannot even access the mortgage information without her calling, since they don't have me listed. I called them back to find out what is going on and they now said that I had signed the original mortgage which they purchased. Once, again there is nothing on my credit report nor never has been about this mortgage. I have filed BR in 04 without mention of a mortgage. They are supposedly sending me a copy of what I supposdly signed. I did not knowingly sign a mortgage. I definetly have never applied and or been approved for one. The guy at the current mortgage company said it may have been a co-signer deal, which I would think I would still have to be approved for. My question is does this sound familiar to anyone? Does anyone have any suggestions? I do not want a foreclosure on my credit file. I don't know if they can do that since they do not have my social security number. I most likely will have to get an attorney if this does continue, but I was looking for some suggestions on what I should be doing meanwhile. The original loan was with Suntrust and is currently with Midland mortgage. Are either or these known for any dishonest dealings?
  3. One of the items I disputed on Experian came back validated and it was updated and remains on my CR. However, since the balance was small, I also sent a letter to the CA requesting the payoff amount to make sure if I decided to settle this, that they won't have one figure on the credit report and another internally, due to fees and such. I sent the letter certified, return receipt to the exact same address which is listed on my credit report for this company. However, it was returned Not deliverable - Unable to Forward. This sounds odd since the credit report they updated (Sept. 2006)has this address listed for them. My concern is that they did not properly validate this, what should be my next step?
  4. Can anyone shed any light on whether either one of these processes is better than the other. I like the conveience of disputing online. However, I have recently moved to a new address and my new address is not tied to any reporting account. I don't want to dispute online only for them to ask for a copy of my drivers license. If I dispute by mail, I would send that with every dispute. I am sending letters to have my address updated. I have enough data to confirm the results of disputing by mail. I am curious to hear responses from those who disputed via online?
  5. I don't think anything is impossible (contrary to some of the beliefs on this board). I just think some things may take longer than others. With that, realistically, what is the best way to approach judgments to have them dismissed, removed, etc? If there is no possible way to do this, does it make sense to settle them?
  6. I answered the first set of intergoatories sent to me from a law firm filing a suit on behalf of a CC company. I answered withing the required time (28 days) in Ohio. I also hit them with a set of interogatories and request for production of documents. They recently sent me a letter stating they would like to seek an extension of 30 days to respond to obtain the necessary documents from their client. They state if they do not hear from me, the presume this is acceptable. Thing is it is not acceptable to me, 28 days is the state law, so they will go by the law. How should I word the letter to decline the 28 days, and what does this stall tactic generally mean?
  7. What if I make an offer to the company who filed the judgement to pay them if they dismiss the lawsuit. If they agree to file the paperwork in court (which I will send to them, all they would have to do is fill it out to receive payment) Would it be legal, to keep the judgments on my credit report if they or I (with the form they fill out) file to have the case dismissed.
  8. I am in the middle of attempting to clean my credit report. My company wants me to apply for a company credit card for business related items. Even though these are sponsored by the company, they do pull your cr. I am trying to avoid that, most likely won't be approved anyways. Is there a way to do this? I was thinking that it would be a good time to apply during the time I request validations for multiple items, at this time thee items should show as being disputed. Is this a good time to do this? I would rather not do it at all, but need to for work. Any suggestions?
  9. have you tried to file to have the judgements removed under something like improper service. This would make the company who you satisfied with have to come to court to prove their side. Will they really come to court for something already paid? If they don't show up (most likely won't, because they have been paid) you should be able to then get them removed. I'm sure some others on here a lot smarter than I in this area can help you out also.
  10. I have a few judgments and collections which I am attempting to clean off of my CR. These mostly orginated while I lived in Ohio. However, I have recently relocated to Georgia. My question is how do I deal with both the judgments and collection items from Ohio? Can I have the standing collections and lawsuit notices "transferred", if so how do I do so? Should I update my credit report with my new address before attempting to send letters. Another thing is that I have recently sent interrogatory and answers to a company trying to take me to court. What is the best way to handle this long distance? I am trying to get around the idea that the plantiffs might see that I am in another state, therefore proceed with a case, knowing it will be hard for me to attend.
  11. I have a few judgements on my credit report from Ohio where I used to live. I currently live in Georgia. What process should I use to dispute the judgment information if I think it may be wrong? I understand that getting it removed may be a pain, but I would like to challenge them first. I am willing to satisfy them if the information furnisher agrees to remove them (I have good letters for that). However, if I can get them removed prior to satisfing them, that would make my job easier. Another plan of attack I am thinking of is for me to DV all of the collections on my CR and hire an attorney to handle the items which are already public record. Is it easier and faster for attorneys to do this?
  12. Settlement offer to dismiss judgment To: Judgment Creditor From: Judgment Debtor Case number: Judgment amount: Dear Sir, I am aware of the money due you and of the judgment placed against me for said money. I had every intention of taking care of this prior to the entry of the judgment but unfortunately time constraints ended that chance. Today I am writing to you so that we may put this matter behind us and settle out the judgment for good under a few conditions. This will save you time and money trying to collect the judgment and will help me recover from your negative entry against me. I have been offered an amount from a close family member to pay you (list offer here) to settle the full debt and have the judgment dismissed. Letter 2: Payment in exchange for dismissed judgment As the judgment creditor, you reserve the right to dismiss or vacate the judgment as well as entering it. If I pay you from this offer letter saving you immense time, fees and paperwork, you can then file a simple paper with the courts dismissing the judgment. My offer is to pay you in exchange for the dismissal so that we have both gained something from this unfortunate situation. It is extremely important that you dismiss the judgment rather than satisfying it because a satisfied judgment really looks no better for me than a filed judgment. With a dismissed judgment I can justify paying you. Upon your signed approval of this offer, I will forward the full settlement to you immediately. I understand this offer is void if I do not send you $______ within 1-5 questions or 6-10 questions of your signed confirmation. If you agree to "dismiss" the judgment upon full and final payment of $_________, then you must sign this offer and acceptance. Judgment creditor name & signature __________________________________ Date signed _________________________ ________________________________________ Letter 3: Letter to dismiss judgment with court Judgment Creditor: Judgment Debtor: Case Number: Amount of Judgment: We the undersigned Judgment Creditor and Judgment Debtor have agreed to settle this matter and hereby jointly apply to the court for an order that the judgment involved (enter court case number and date entered ) be set aside and dismissed. Signed: Judgment Credit _________________________ Judgment Debtor ________________________ Date signed: ______________________
  13. How can I determine if the judgment is enforceable in Ohio. I have checked the court documents in my county and there is not a foreign judgment ordered granted. Also, how can I determine which FDCPA rules they violated, since they supposdly sent certified request but went unanswered. How can I prove that they used my location in order to get a default judgement if they have proof they have unsigned certifield recipts. Thanks in advance.