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  1. Why is no one saying anything????? Help!
  2. I read the sticky step by step instructions. Thing is, I already have charge off's and 95% are with collection agencies. How do you handle that??? I have tried in the past to settle. Even when I had the money to pay, one lump sum, they played games! Why not take the money? One thing, I tried to work out how it would show on my credit report and got nowhere. I also want an agreement about any amount left over from the settlement not be sent off to some other CA to collect on. What do I do? How to handle this? Should I just accept whatever they put on my credit report to just be done with it? W
  3. Hi, I am interested in this "debt group" I see on tv. Has anyone used it? Anything anyone can tell me about it would be appreciated. It claims to bring down the actual amount you owe. True or not? Does it cover student loans? Other federal debts? I tried dealing with things myself and when I was ready to pay all they did was play games!! Why would they do that when I was going to pay? Like AT&T said they didn't have a fax number. One of the freakin' largest communication companies doesn't have a fax number. Give me a break!! I've decided to just find the right "help" to go with. Thanks.
  4. Is it true that the collection agency cannot remove anything from our credit report? They say only the original creditor can. We want to settle with them and agree that they will remove it from our CR or at least agree on what will be put on. They say they can't. Help!
  5. Hi. We spoke with 3 creditors on the phone. We got to a settlement price but they would not agree to remove the account from our credit report. One account was with a collection agency and they said they could not remove it, only the original creditor can. What to do? another thing was NONE would accept a postal money order. They wanted a bank account. We have thought about opening an account just to pay people. We do not want to use our bank accounts that I pay bills from and so on. Is it a good idea to open a whole other account with another bank just to pay these folks? Can they refuse my m
  6. Yes. It is credit you get to use in the military PX.
  7. Hi. We have AAFES (Army Air force Exchange Services). The DPP account we had is on our credit report. Has anyone had experience with them? Has anyone done DV about their AFFES account? Is AFFES likely to settle? I did a search and have found nothing about it. I am VERY surprised. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.
  8. 1) Is the SOL for the state you were living in when you racked up the debt? Or the state the people you owe are in? 2) I read this about revolving accounts, "You have a credit limit and can pay off the amount of money you borrow in different ways. " What are the different ways? 3) A debt we owe is on my husbands CR 2X. What should we do? Thanks.
  9. Hi. Thanks for your response. Dispute what? I know I racked up the debt. I lie and say I didn't? Is that how it is done?
  10. After reading all of this I am wondering if it would be better to just build up our score and not settle any that are already on there? Cause our plan was to settle. Thanks.
  11. Hi, Why is DV necessary? I know I owe these people. I went to the forum you said.
  12. OK. Husband and I have super bad scores (540's and 570's). We are finally financially able to do something about our credit. Goal: get higher scores to buy a house in 1 year. We do owe the people on our credit reports so is DV really a must? On our report, most say charge off, writeoff, and one says closed (not because we paid). How do we handle these? We both have defaulted student loans but they do not show up on our report (scratching head). We know this is a killer, but they aren't there, but are they hiding? What we have thought is try to settle with these accounts at 20% (try and if the
  13. They do have a website: My husband read over it and said no way! He saw the fees. He said it was as bad as those cash loan places. Thanks for your replies though.
  14. I got a pre-qualified offer today in the mailfor Tribute Mastercard. I am wondering, is it for a "store", or a card I can use anywhere? Replies would be appreciated.