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  1. Kevin Trudeau's "epiphany" was the result of an injunction banning him from selling products via infomercial. That's when he switched to selling books. The FTC has since been waging an active vendetta against him. They sued him over "Natural Cures 'They' Don't Want You to Know About" and lost. Then they sued him over "The Weight Loss Cure 'They' Don't Want You to Know About" and won on the grounds it is misleading as it is not 'easy' to follow as is claimed in the book. You can be sure he will be also be sued over "Debt Cure." I'm not a huge fan of his, but I totally agree with his premise in
  2. I've seen it remarked that when you dispute online, you're doing the CRA's work for them and making it easier to verify. I've disputed both ways and gotten deletions both ways.
  3. If you ever notice that it starts working again, don't use it. TC will shut you down.
  4. A lot of folks, myself included, have lost good closed TL's while they had a dispute in progress and continued doing daily pulls.
  5. 1335.02 Loan agreements with financial institution. (3) "Loan agreement" means one or more promises, promissory notes, agreements, undertakings, security agreements, mortgages, or other documents or commitments, or any combination of these documents or commitments, pursuant to which a financial institution loans or delays, or agrees to loan or delay, repayment of money, goods, or anything of value, or otherwise extends credit or makes a financial accommodation. "Loan agreement" does not include a promise, promissory note, agreement, undertaking, or other document or commitment relating to a cr
  6. I've never had to answer a complaint, but shouldn't there have been a motion to dismiss filed in here somewhere before you got to the discovery phase?
  7. Like the saying goes, "a good lawyer knows the law, a great lawyer knows the judge."
  8. Congrats on the card, L. I'm jealous that you had 2 closed trades last the full 10 years. I've never had one get past 7.
  9. It sounds like you have a split file.
  10. Don't take it personally dude. Whenever someone like the OP spouts some crap without having thought it through, the Mods/Owners have no choice but to step in and say something. There is so much paranoia on credit repair boards these days (due to some guy called Keener), CYA has become the name of the game. It's really a shame though, as it tends to water down what were originally good sources of information .
  11. I've seen folks denied for too many inquiries where the creditor doing the denying was inquiry #2.
  12. A collector shouldn't be calling your cell phone.
  13. I'm not sure if this belongs here or in the Credit Repair forum, but here's my question. I hope someone has seen this before and knows what's going on, cause it really has me scratching my head. Almost a month ago, I disputed old 30 day lates on TU from a car loan that was paid/closed in 1999. I haven't gotten the results from TU yet, but according to True Credit, the lates are gone from TU, but now show up under EQ. I know I have to get a hard copy of EQ (which I just ordered) to verify if it is really reporting as shown by TC, but assuming it is, how can lates just migrate from one bureau t
  14. If that were true, virtually no one would own their own home, and not many more would be driving.