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  1. this means that they have met our barriers, they clearly understand that upon receiving validation letter, if not validated by them. They will just have to meet the Federal Courts, which they will be subject to and beleive me i say this, Lawyers do not cost them cheap. HEHHEHEHEHHEhEheh, FIGHT THEM, beat them, and WINNNNNNNNNNNNNN
  2. This called "Mail and Nail" type of service is the tactic of plaintiff, serving the summons and complaint, upon your relative. I would not be considering since its not mine, however It is my understanding that resending the summons who ever served, as attemptee unknown, unable to locate, I can really say, this seems, they are collection agency and or Creditor, who ever sued your relative, predatory and anxious to gain money out of this. Speaking of which, therefore it is my opinion that advising your relative retaining an Consumer Advocate, would be his shut, so that he may obtain damages. Moreover, The opinion heregiven freely and therefore can not be consumed as legal advice, which you may obtain, thorugh www. or org. Please be advised that I am not an attorney, and my ideas should not be considered. having said that I am not liable for whatever it is.
  3. Dear Collection agency, This correspondence is response to your letter, dated xxxx, xx, xxxx, that contanied a mere validation, provided with insufficent verification of the debt, your firm attempted to collect, without whatso ever any documentation of origination from the original creditor.( info did contain address of the origina creditor , deragatory action warning) As you well aware of the fact that thirty days ago, I have requested full verification of the debt,you are asking me to pay,disputed by me is unconcious and uncollectable, by the virtue of Unified Commercial Code Article, 2 of section 2725. Contrary, to the facts afforded by the decision BOATLEY plaintiff v DIEM CORPORATION Defendant, In The United States District Court of Arizona,the courts decided that It is indeed considered collection activity, when the accounts inquestion, is being reported as collection accounts. I am sure your legal department is also aware of the fact that an original contract, bears my signature was requested, by the virtue of the decision of Brennan v Spears, It is not burden some or overlydue, the creditor or debt collector must and is indeed obligation to produce, agrements and documentation that existed with debtor wherein, he agreed to enter terms, with creditor. Coppola v arrow financial services. Be advised, despite my attemps to correct the issues, and good faith, as well as speaking of my damages and mental retardation, emotional distress caused by your company, i feel that it is my duty to inform ypu which your company is now in violation of countless applicable federal statutues officially, as well as the the XXX state statues. in the interest of brevity, I will refrain from listing the federal statues, contrary to the certified mails sent and traced, and you incompetent validation,was violated by your firm and I now demand that the accounts disputed be deleted immidiately.If i do not hear from you in the manner as i have requested,will I then be filing my legal suit against your firm. I look forward to hearing from you, at your earliest convience. Very truly yours, Consumer
  4. You should really consider filing an order to show cause and request to stay the writ of restition( which means to put hold on the judgement, until such alleged payment which they claim that you made is proven in accord of law) as well as your counter claims for fraud, libel per se, slander of title, and the unevitable ABUSE OF PROCESS, hence the company knowingly and willfulyy commits this. All you have to do appear before the small claims again ask the judge that they are fraud and ask the BOZOS kindly prove their claims of payment. I assume such action of theirs is fraud, and therefore I would really consult an consumer credit attorney, which can file a "notice of removal" so that you can punish this bozos for violations of FCRA and FDCPA and statue of fraud, and get the jury impose serious punitive damages, for fraud., libel per se, slander of your title and of coaurse ABUSING PROCESS, They are really in deep crap. Wow, I am astonished by this people, please p.m. me if you need further help. And FIGHT THE POWER, BE RESILLANT, thereof YOU WILL WIN.
  5. You can appeal the case to appealate divison do that it will be reversed.
  6. I have vigourously fought them and won, then the pay back was their case dismissed, they had to pay me 10000 dollars, for violations oout of court. SETTLLED. yeah man, get them!!!!
  7. If i were u, I will also play hardball and give them some hell, play HARD BALL BUT do it by the book, Look for FEDERAL RULES OF PROCEDURE, sign in to PACER, Check for cases In SECOND CIRCUIT is NEW YORK for CAVALRY, ASSET ACCEPTANCE . He has several cases he is mingling with, CLASS ACTION. Also you will learn his moves........LOL LOL LOL hehehehe:)))) and or you can look for motion his motions and plaintiff motions in which is avalibale to you in PDF fromat , save it with names and copy and paste whatever you need to use against him, including sacntions for discovery misconducts, summary judgements fro pleadings, etc. FIGHT THE POWER AND THE POWERS IS WITHIN YOU..... GOOD LUCK, PM ME IF YOU NEED FURTHER ASSISTANCE
  8. CMON. you got to do some thinking , they will always play the hardball.
  9. If you did not raise any claims then you can ask the court to amend your complaint , its due process and its fertility .also you can try asking sanders to consent to amend the complaint but i doubt:( You should ask the court and or pro se office fro motion to amend the complaint.
  10. Porfessional lawyer are as professional game players as they twist the cases on may things such as motion for summary judgement on pleadings . Do you really know what this means ? Speaking of explanation....... 1.this means that he will go after to strike all your pleadings which means he moves under FCR12 C motion to dismiss <insufficent pleadings> VERY MUCH TREAKY! 2. He will swing his client case anyways because thats the way he does business so that he can charge more money to his client. 3. he is packed up with cases thats al he does swing the freaking cases so that plaintiff will get eventually tired and deficient in money so the case is dismissed by you. 4.If he makes any offer , do not get your hopes high as he offers 2000 to 4000 to settle. 5. if you have the patience , fBATTLE HIM ON GROunds he willl make mistakes by failing the discovery deadlines thats where you got them for sure. AND YOU WILL MOVE FOR SUMMARY JUDGEMENTS EVEN ON THAT FAILURE TO COMPLY DISCOVERY AND DEPOSITIONS WHICH YOU CAN ASK THE COURT FOR ADDITIONAL FEES FOR MISCONDUCT.
  11. I WOULD do it if i were u and by the way this 1099-C seems that they are writing of the bedt debt from the profit they are making. then again i might be wrong and I am not lawyer ,you should seek professional help in this matter LIKE IRS..>> COntact IRS
  12. The letter you have received is a stall tactic that most CRA use in order to enable them to extend time of investigation; IF YOU RESPOND TO IT!!!!! You will then be giving them another 15 days of offically obliged consent UNDER FCRA 1681 S B 2. Do Not Repsonse to that letter. Thats my advise.
  13. Thsi gentleman is a professional attorney which most of time he likes to settle the cases around 4000 dollars to 8 thousand depending how strong is your cases. but he seems very friendly and motsly slow beacuse he is piled up with the cases but does not mean that he is not professional.' He knows his way around in federal court. You could just5 ask him what he want you to do with your case which you start filing motions and or may be settle it.
  14. Wow what a great show it was, truly i just loved it, truthness is coming right out of it.