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  1. Chemical engineer. Mostly work with hydrogen and hydrogen peroxide production.
  2. I should get an award for injuries. QB---out both RB's---out...geeeeezz. Gonna be a long season.
  3. Direct path? No,on the Alabama Mississsippi border. The evacuees are storming through town headed somewhere that is not Louisiana. Just some feeder bands coming through here. Maybe 50 mph winds later. A relative walk in the park as far as hurricanes go.
  4. Had an auto loan through Americredit at 22........yes,22%. Refinananced at my employee credit union for 7.56%. Back to school loan of $500. Interest free ( sponsered by my company every year) Visa card with 5000.00 limit. Wife auto loan was 14.5%...refi to 7.56%. Did I say how much I love my credit union. Love Love Love em. The general idea is if you can get in with a credit union then give it a good look.
  5. So much for undefeateds.....lol.
  6. Is it within SOL? What was the date of the entry? All important.
  7. You should really give them at least 30 days. They may report just once per month so try to be patient.
  8. Just chiming in as another Chantix veteran. I used it in Feb. and quit in about 8 days and never looked back. I only took the meds for about 3 weeks. The dreams were a little much and kept me awake too much. Otherwise it was a breeze. Congrats Doc Edited to add: Yo Doc what happened to the blog. It was a good read.
  9. I would have taken that job transfer that would have lead to much bigger things. However I do love being a chemical engineer for a major company. Lots of funds for R & D. The only other change.....maybe I would have turned that Cap 1 card offer into confetti.
  10. Count me in as well for FF. Who dat, who dat, who dat say they gona beat them Saints!!!