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  1. Noticed on the rewards list, that you can use your points to buy down your APR. Talk about a valuable reward! 15,000 free on your first purchase and you can trade down 30,000 points for a 4% point APR reduction over a 12 month period. Lesser amounts of points qualify you for lesser time/apr. This gets better and better!
  2. I ended up with 2 inq's, several apps one days, several apps the next. Id take 15 inqs for the 54k of zero % CL's i just got!
  3. Mine were 6k eack, with 1800 max on cash advance. you DONT want to do cash advance though. Call and they will send you a check, made payable to you, for up to your CL and you deposit in your bank account for ZERO % for 12 months. Cash advance is 20% purchases is 12.99 % but getting them to send youa check is ZERO% for 12 months
  4. AWESOME! I applied and was approved 8 times for 6k each. I plan on taking all of that and BT'ing 48k ASAP that I have outstanding at an average of 19.9%. I missed paying by ONE day past the due date with Discover and D. Merchants and they jacked my rates BIGTIME. Just what I will save on interest over that year will probably wipe away 25-30% of my balances. I do not care about fico scores, or usage %'s and how they will be perceived. I want to eliminate debt as fast as possible. Just refi'ed my house, bought 2 new '05 cars, and dont use dept store cards. This is the perfect solution for
  5. Has anyone gotten several approvals, only to have them NOT send cards? or close accounts within the first month or so? A freidn of mine spoke to CITI CSR and they said "I see all 6 of your apps"... and thought nothing of it, but I am curious if there is a trigger point to when they will do a review and close all. Also, do they send courtesy checks with the cards? DO cash advances count as 0%? Thanks!
  6. HEY! its George, previously RAISINGMYSCORE. I was the one who started the UNIONPLUS cc post. I hope you guys have all been doing great!!! Very interesting post on the CITI method. I applied 8 times, got $6k on each approval and will take all that cash out ASAP and pay down everyything I owe and be at ZERO % for a YEAR!!!! If I knew ya, I missed ya! If i didnt, its nice to meet ya!!!!!!!!!!