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  1. I am new to this! What is a C&D and DV Letter and where can I find them on this site? I really do not want to file 13, and are they the type of company to sue and win. What about demanding a Full Payment History Letter? If they can't supply me with one, does that help me? I really would like to build up my credit. These guys are scum!
  2. OK, here's the deal. Can someone who knows the biz of collections please help me fast. I had a major credit card with a credit line of 10k. I reached the 10k max in April 2004 and stopped paying since I lost my job and went broke. The original bank charged my debt off and sold the debt to CALVARY PORTFOLIO SERVICES (I can't beleive the FTC has not shut these guys down yet!). My credit score is a 530 and I now want to clean things up or file bankruptcy. I borrowed a few dollars from friends and family and I am in a position to make a small settlement to any creditors who agree or I file chapter 13 before 10.23.05. Calvary said I now owe them 13K which is my 10K plus int. earned. My attorney proposed 10-25% to settle which is all I really have. They said "80%" or nothing. My attorney said, chapter 13 for my client which will in turn pay you .10 on the dollar and they said 80% or nothing. They hung up on him and are still harrassing me and not my attorney. WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH THESE SCUMBAGS?