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  1. Hiya Grim.... Please update with the results when you receive them. I have many of these on my report and have this as my plan of attack in the future after i dispute all on the first round as not mine.
  2. Congrats to you!! Its so nice to see this can be done I am a "wallflower" right now ~ reading and learning daily. I have opted out and removed addresses. Which letter did you use to the CRA to get such awesome results?
  3. Thank you....now I understand why people prefer the mail method, which will be my choice for all of this. One more question if you dont mind ~ Can you please look at the original post here and check out my letter to TU? Im having trouble deciding if I should send supporting documentation with my dispute to the CRA, as this account is still with the OC and outside of the SOL. How much info is TOOOO much? Thank you again!
  4. Here is a link to my first attempt at a dispute with an OC...there is no CA involved. Should I just dispute online or via mail? http://debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=35801 Im kinda testing the waters on this one, as it is my first. I have 20 negs to get rid of....and eventually I will Thank you
  5. Here is a link to a post that I put up on the DV thread....can anyone please tell me if I am on the right track? http://debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=35801 Thank you very much
  6. This is the OC...there is no CA affiliated with this account, so I just wanted to make sure I was on the rightr track. Thanks
  7. Here is the info from the TU report: GOTTSCHALKS Balance: $1055 Date Updated: 12/04 High Balance: $1055 Past Due: 0 Pay Status: >Charged off as bad debt< Account Type: Revolving Responsibility: Individual Date Opened: 12/95 Date Closed: 11/02 Estimated date item will be removed: 10/09 I have a letter dated 04/25/99 from Gottschalks that the account was closed as of then for nonpayment. My last payment to them was 12/23/99 and is reflected on their statement. My question is on these when you request deletion from the CRA do you simply list the incorrect information in the letter (ie - account closed date and last payment, therefore account should be reporting as removal date of 12/06)? Do I send proof with the letter that they closed account on 04/99 and the last statement showing my last payment? If I send proof do you think that they will merely correct the information instead of delete it? Thats my fear...I want to try to get it deleted, not corrected. I plan on using the sample letter provided on the website to request deletion for those reasons. Thank you SOOO much PS, here is the letter I am going to send: TransUnion Consumer Relations PO Box 2000 Chester, PA To Whom it May Concern: xxxx xxx SSN XXX-XX-XXXX Address: xxxxxxx DOB: xxx I've just reviewed my credit report and have noticed there are several inaccurate items on my report: Gottschalks Account: xxxx: This account is listed as Date Closed of 11/2002 and Estimated date that this item will be removed as 10/2009. This information has been reported to you incorrectly, therefore I request deletion of this account from my TransUnion credit report. (Should I include here the correct date account closed 04/99 and date of my last payment 12/99?) In addition, there are addresses that are invalid and obsolete. As you know, the FCRA states that all information older than 7 years should be removed from my report. The following addresses should be removed: xxxxx xxxxx I have enclosed a copy of my driver's licence as proof of identity. Sincerely, XXXX
  8. I think Retailers National Bank handles Target, Mervyns and Marshall Fields....so if you ever had one of those cards that could be it!
  9. Ok...great, think Im ready now. One more question about the DV process ~ if the CA gets deleted and later gets added again to my CR that that impact the 7 year clock? I have read on the boards about this happening but Im not clear on the ramifications (other than the obvious of it showing on CR again and impacting score). Thanks again
  10. I have several CA accounts on my CR, many of them medical. About half are scheduled to drop off in 2006 and the SOL is up on all of them except 1. Here is my question: I am planning on DVing them and using the 1 2 punch, however I fear that if they are in fact validated that it will affect the 7 year period and either extend it or start the clock ticking again. Can this happen legally? I have also seem many references on this board in regards to DV being sent in the first 30 days.....please confirm if you can DV effectively outside of that period. Like I said, they are about a year from dropping off on their own. I want to give it a shot to get them off as best I can without causing them to hang around any longer than they would if I had just left them alone. Also, when you do the 1 2 punch ~ Im going after the account numbers being incorrect and the DOLA being incorrect. Do I send in the statements showing when they credited the account with my last payment or wait for them to ask for supporting documents from me? Thank you ~ I love this board and think Im soon to be addicted to this! I have 20 negs to get off there come hell or high water!
  11. Another question in regards to the Disney account shown above.... If I go right to the CRAs to have deleted and i reference "not mine" as well (because the account number is not correct) ~ can this prompt the OC or the CRAs to correct the account number and leave it on there, or do they have to delete it? Technically I would think that if I request deletion and supply that account number that they would not be able to verify?? or can they verify my other means such as my name on the account? Obviously Im a newbie but ready to take this crappy credit report of mine by the you know what and fight them head on....I just dont want to be hasty about it and make costly mistakes. If you DV a CA that past the SOL and they validate can this extend the 7 years legally? Thank you for all of your help
  12. Way to GO!!! Off to a great start and rearin' to go....go get 'em! We are in the same boat just about, as I have opted out 2 days ago and battled with the address (only over the phone with EX). They did delete any addresses not affiliated with a negative on the report and removed 1 name variation for me...so thats a start. I plan on writing to the other 2 CRA to give it a shot with the address and see how that goes....so lets keep each other posted on the address issue. Lots of luck to you
  13. To make sure Im understanding in regards to the EQ report: If the Current Status reads "n/a", then it is obsolete in regards to grounds for deletion. If the Date of Last Avtivity is either blank or reads "n/a", then I can request deletion as well because this is against FCRA. Thank you.....just starting my work over here line by line. Daunting task but I will get through it! **Also if its not legal for the Date of Last Activity to be blank ~ all of my CA and nagatives have "n/a" in this box on the report....I cant be that lucky?!?!
  14. Please let me know if Im on the right track. Thank you
  15. Here is the info and what I see...Im new and just trying not to make a mistake: Disney Account Number: Incorrect, 4th digit missing Current Status: n/a Date of last payment: Blank - but my last pay was 07/98 when account was already 30-60 days late. Another payment was never made. **Shouldnt this already be dropped from the report?? Date Major First Deliq: Blank Date Closed: Blank Date of Last Activity: 12/98, when they closed the account Comments: Accoount transferred or sold No 81 month payment history Home Depot Current Status: Charge Off Date of Last Payment: Blank - but last payment was 11/19/98 and account was 30-60 days late at that point. Should this be dropped this year as well? First collection letter was from 4/99 but Home Depot continued to bill until 7/99 - their statements. Date Major First Deliq: Blank Charge Off Amount: 0 (So they charged off nothing?) Date Closed: Blank Date of Last Activity: n/a Comments: Account transferred or sold, Charged Off Account 81 Month Payment History: 1997-1998 has all "*" for each month 1999; Jan=30, Feb=60, March=90, April and May=120, remainder of 1999 reflect "*" for each month 2000-2001 reflect "*" for each month Please tell me what you see wrong with this picture....I want to see if Im thinking on the right track over here because it doesnt seem like it should take much to get these TL removed from the CRA. Thanks a MILLION