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  1. if they just send a reply that it's correct, then why does any of this work? There are success stories all over these boards, so if you can get shot down so easily.....why are others having success?
  2. I'm more interested in effectiveness than value. If I can do it faster myself, I will, but like I said, I don't have much time to deal with it. Basically I have a couple of problem accounts that I'm dealing with the CAs on...What I need to delete now are the previous holders of these accounts that sold them off to the current ones. Also i have an old charge off on an auto loan that I eventually paid off, then traded in the car, so i don't even have it anymore. These should be the "easy ones" right? Since they don't have any incentive to spend the time to verify the accounts, they should get d
  3. I have a bunch of listings on my CR, most of which are old and settled. I was planning on disputing them. Here's the rough breakdown: - One charge off on an auto loan - I paid it off eventually, now I don't even have the car anymore. - One account that I am in settlement negotiations on with the collection agency. The original account was sold a couple of times, so now I'm dealing with a CA...but there are two listings on my report that are from the original creditor and a previous CA. Those are what I want to delete. So I figure that if I dispute them with the credit bureaus, they will req
  4. Anyone ever worked with Lexington Law? (www.lexingtonlaw.com) I have been considering their program. It's not credit counseling...at least I don't think so. As far as I can tell, they do all of the work involved in getting items removed....like validation, and requests to the CRAs...for a monthly fee. I know I can do that stuff myself, but I don't have a lot of time to spend on it, & I won't be thorough enough. Also, I just would rather have someone else handle it. Here's the way it works..... You send them compies of your credit report my mail, then choose they items that you want them
  5. I received a call from Midland offering to settle a debt with a 40% discount on the balance. I want to pay this off and put it behind me and it doesn't seem like a bad deal. Of coure the status on my CR is what I'm worried about. They say they will report it as "Paid in Full". Is this good or bad for my CR? What other status should I push for? Can I get a complete removal? I haven't done the DV thing yet. All of the posts I have read point in that direction. Could I kill my 40% deal by doing so....or worse consequences? The original debt was on an Accosiates Credit Card. Any hep i appre