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  1. I sent a dispute to all 3 CRA's nov.19th today i get a letter from Experian wanting me to verify my address.. The reason I am mad is because I verified This address in Sept. 2005. Just 3 months ago.. I sent in a few differnet proofs of address.... What should I do.. I know they are just trying to buy themselves some time.. It is a waste of my time to run down all the proofs and copy them and mail them off when I just did it 3 months ago. What should I do...? Please help.. I want to write them a rude letter but I do not want them to get mad and not delete the disputes on my CR.
  2. Okay. I have been repairing Dh and my own credit. Dh is almost great now ( only 1 more baddie ) and he has gotten about 5 new charghe cards, bought us a house and still trying to get that last baddie off) Me : I still have 4-5 baddies so mine is not that good.. a long time ago I have let a Target & JC Penney ( and a few more ) cards go bad and I never paid them. Well it has been over 7 years and they are now off of my report... So I am not worried about them any longer.. Now to my question.. My Dh has gotten a target and jcpenney card.. Can He put me as an AU on his and it be okay or will they see that I owed them in the past and never paid and then take his cards away??? I need the + credit on mine if I can get it but if it is going to make his look bad I will not bother.. Any input would be helpful.. Thanks
  3. Is myfico.com the best ( and cheapest ) place to get all 3 scores and reports ? I looked at it and it says $44 for a year.. Need any input.. And are there any codes that I can use for a discount? Thanks
  4. I have read that it is Good to dispute around the Nov/Dec. Holiday's. When is the best time to send off the disputes? Early nov or wait till late Nov? And are there Alot better chances that most will not be verified and get deleted?? I have 2 neg items that I was not going to mess with because I do not want the creditors to start hounding me but should i include these in my disputes to try to get them removed???? Thanks for any input
  5. I am So new at this but have read Alot! Thank You all who give the great advice! Anyway.. I have a bad score and I disputed a Bunch as not being mine and ask for them to delete I also had 2 or 3 that were paid in full but showing up as I paid late (30 days ) on a few.. For these I disputed saying they were mine but they were never late.. When I got my report back they deleted alot of the neg.. ( 10 out of 14 ) BUT they also Deleted the + ones that I wanted them to update as never being late.. What can I do now.. Is it too late for them to fix it or should I just leave it alone and call it a loss????? I do not want to screw it up anymore but those Few + I had I needed to keep considering I do not have many + accounts.. Please help !!!!
  6. Thank You Methuss I will write them a simple letter stating it is incorrect. by the way, You give great advice!
  7. I need to dispute a few inquiries & incorrect addresses on my CR. Does anyone know where I can get a Sample letter for these ? thanks