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    Good response. I have come to a similar conclusion over the years as more information on the "theory" comes to light. It will be interesting to see if a comprehensive and intelligble summation can be made from the Climategate data...and how it is handled in the mainstream press and by world governments. I would like to add that AC is a luxury but SFL would be a lot less crowded without it.
  2. Oh yeah! Technology is great for communications....leaves a lot to be desired for other things.
  3. My fuzzy recollection to add to the reasons (as mentioned, they vary from state to state) Prevent blood relatives from getting married. Ensure proper age and marital status Blood tests were used to check for diseases. These varied from social diseases to hereditary diseases to belief in the incompatability of blood types.
  4. Now isn't even as rough as the early 80's. Yeah, I had depression era parents/relatives. They never forgot. And they made sure to pass it on. That is why it bothers me that more people don't remember the deep doo-doo of the early 80's that transformed us from a manufacturing giant to what we are today, completely changing our economy.
  5. Interesting information. These are my opinions: I would have to agree that "character" is missing during the decision process many people use. It has always been missing from a portion of the population. The Victorian treatment of women for example. Yes, maybe society in general may have accepted some of those things but I believe a core portion of the people had enough character to not do that. There will always be the core of folks who will try to do the right thing 99% of the time. That core is what keeps civilization going. Everyone has a 'socially conscious' limit about their moral behavior. Why some folks have a very low threshold, I don't know. Yes it is a lack of 'Character', a moral compass, whatever, but how that is developed and how it is lost, I don't know. I know where mine came from, but I can't speak for anyone else's.
  6. You can start here. http://www.appalachiantrail.org/site/c.mqLTIYOwGlF/b.4805471/k.2480/ThruHiking.htm I have done the Georgia-North Carolina-Tennessee and New Hampshire-Maine sections (plus a few small sections in Mass-Vermont.) That would be a great hike!!! From what I hear it is about 6 months and most people go Georgia to Maine. You would have the most company going that way. It tends to be a little more remote in NH-Maine. Katahdin is a spectacular way to finish. Had a little bear incident in the Smoky Mountain National Park in NC that curtailed one of my trips.
  7. Thanks for the info!!! I signed up on my I-phone, now I can't log in regular because it did not have my e-mail address, so I added that. Then I got a link to verify my e-mail, but I can't use it because it wants my e-mail address to log-in!!!!! :evil:
  8. I have been getting increasing pressure from friends and relatives to get a facebook account. Any opinions? Any bad experiences? Any recommendations?
  9. Glad to see you checking in D!!! I looked into geocaching a few years back. There were some interesting spots in my area. I sholud check back on them.
  10. Too funny! One of my canadian cousins has a huge farm. Seems like every time I was there they had a new cow to 'introduce' to the electric fence. The son's method was to push the cow into the fence two or three times to train him. I don't recall the system they used, but I watched him and the cows shake like a dog crapping razor blades. I made sure I never pee'd on that fence.
  11. Good for you Jen! Glad to see you post again. Way too quiet lately!
  12. Welcome!! I hope you learn a lot from the site!!!
  13. Apollo 11 landed on my 11th birthday. Best party ever. Cake-ice cream-presents $$$$$ Watching a man walk on the moon - priceless!!!!
  14. Wow! 97! I remember him as Mike Stone in "The Streets of San Francisco" RIP Karl!!!!
  15. She kind of scares me. Not quite like that eerie BK King, but still a little scary.
  16. He hasn't been that stiff since Maculley Culkin lived there.
  17. MJ was a few months younger then me, but when reading about Billy I ofund we were born on the same day. RIP Dude! I loved your ESPN 360 infomercial!
  18. Very sad. I had heard it was a friend with her, not her Dad, and her parents had asked her not to go. While in Wisconsin I worked with a Persian fellow who left as a teenager in the 70's. His wife was in Tehran visiting relatives and left a month before the elections. He showed me an e-mail that showed Mousavi had almost 49% of the vote and Ahmadinejad actually came in third. Very disturbing things going on over there. Hard to believe that stuff still happens.
  19. mariner

    google me

    It looks cool, but I still don't quite understand it. Can you give some examples?
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