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  1. Amex, will always validate. MBNA you can never be sure if they will or not validate. What you can be sure of though is if you do DV will get sent to Wolpoff & Ambramson where they will turn your account over to the NAF and not only will interest and penalties accrue but there will also be a hefty charge of 15% of the total debt which in your case is $4500.00. Once the NAF has issued there award, which is a 99.7% success rate you get served by the Sherriff a nice notice which is a petition to confirm on the Arbitration award which is almost guaranteed to be converted into a judgm
  2. You should read the thread "having problems settling your credit card". Everything you need to know about settlement is right there. MBNA 10-25% Amex 30-40% Discover 30-50% You need to settle these between 150-180 days delinquent.
  3. I am beginning to hear more and more courts are favoring the consumer in this scam/conspiracy MBNA, Wolpoff and the NAF have going on. This is nothing but a money mill. A multimillion dollar process that simply railroads consumers around the their legal rights and all that is done is a rubber stamp process by a bunch of idiots. Your legal rights are stripped and you stand no chance of winning when served a petition to confirm but apparently people are starting to open their eyes to reality. This is an absolute sham hopefully going to end soon.
  4. DV them. Don't pay until they validate properly and not to worry if you are not in NJ, they will not sue for some time and if they can not validate properly they usually never look to sue. If settlement is really what you have your mind set on, they will take 50% but not right after they buy the account you need to DV them stall and allow the account to age...meaning let it sit and let it be known you're not budging on your 50% Do not get scared cause that is what they want. if the account is not with a local attorney they can not sue and remember that threatening suit is an FDCPA violation if
  5. Beautiful!!!! I love it....see no conspiracy, no special relationships, no pay offs, no fair shares...all it takes is a little reading and anyone can do it.
  6. "Paid as agreed for less than the full amount" or "Settled as agreed for less than full balance" or "Paid collection" would be bad yes. Sorry. Paid as agreed would be best. I just wouldn't mention anything about the reporting if it is gone already. The CA shouldn't be on the report so not to worry.
  7. I would do my best to not have the attorney find out about the refi and just get a settlement...saving some money is better than nothing. You can settle despite the lien and judgment.
  8. No worries, its just that a) by communicating via pm we would be depriving other members of useful info and i usually check my pm's prior to hitting the board so i would respond to a pm but not the board so it looks like i'm ignoring. besides, i would rather stay away from pm'ing these days with all the talk.
  9. Here is what I would do: File an answer. Wait about 2 weeks and then offer 60% to the plaintiff attorney. Cap One will not speak to you. You do not want a paid as agreed on your report. It would be worse than not having it. I settle litigation accounts all the time for 60% but its never easy. You wil pay between 60-80% I'm sure of it.
  10. This is my last post on this thread and I am thru because its been one contradiction after the other and I'm exhausted. I am regulated. I stated I run the only co. who has been through a compliance audit. I also stated I only charge 10% of the savings which is 70-80% less than regular companies charge. I also did not say 50-60% plus I clearly stated no more than 50-60% of the total debt including my fee. Lastly, 25% no problem? Thats not what this says. I'm done.
  11. make sure you file an answer. File the answer within the time allowed if it is written but I believe in VA small claims is a verbal answer. You would need to appear in court. All the judge will ask is if this is your debt. According to your post you don't recognize this creditor Jormandy LLC or whoever so therefore, you are denying this account is yours. Very simple appearance. Judge will ask is this your debt you say no. next date is the meantime, the attorney is forced to prove his case and this JCB is a noone and purchased your name and phone is all maybe your social. I ca
  12. any ideas on this.. cant find a thing about them on the board.. this would be a personal account
  13. Sorry, My server is down which is in Fl. so I'm guessing the storm knocked out power. My database is on this server so until its back up, I can not access. The letter is fine it sounds like every collection call I take where idiot tells me "if you do not accept our offer we will be forced to make a decision (I'm sure not a difficult or intelligent one) or take this to the next level" my response is always the same....well, i'm in enough doo doo i'll hold my tongue. I'll tell you this though, I have not dealt with ACB much, are you sure this is an assigned account? If it is not and its so
  14. It appears we have come full circle with the help of some level minded members. Thank you!!!! Exactly what was just posted by Raysway is what I was seeking. I believe Kristy feels the same since she did not ban me and and simply asked me to stop. My advice will attract attention. Its the most accurate and effective words you can possibly ask for in achieving a rock bottom settlement. What can I say? I'm sure Citi or another creditor eventually will look to slap me with a gag order but I can care less. For the record, I prompted this. I was not caught doing anything I should not have been doin
  15. Dive, What kind of sales person would I be to post every little detail of what I do for free if I were here soliciting people for a service I would charge for? People contact me for a reason. The clients have helped, had debts over 75k even 150-175k. These members joined this board and even posted comments that they joined for the sole purpose of PMing me to get me to handle their account.s. How can I say no to that? These people worked with me and the majority saved 65% after my fee. These are people with money who are smart enough to allow a professional handle their accounts rather than los