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  1. Amex, will always validate. MBNA you can never be sure if they will or not validate. What you can be sure of though is if you do DV them...you will get sent to Wolpoff & Ambramson where they will turn your account over to the NAF and not only will interest and penalties accrue but there will also be a hefty charge of 15% of the total debt which in your case is $4500.00. Once the NAF has issued there award, which is a 99.7% success rate you get served by the Sherriff a nice notice which is a petition to confirm on the Arbitration award which is almost guaranteed to be converted into a judgment...like 99.7% guaranteed as well. DV Discover or send a C&D these days and you're screwed. You will be sued very quickly thereafter. My biggest isssue and one of the main reasons I joined this forum was to help prevent little mistakes that can have a serious adverse effect such as DVing certain creditors. Which was all over this forum. I joined because I know the in's and out's of Debt Settlement and if it took an hour a day or only a few minutes to help people alter just a little bit of how they handle things to have a tremendous effect then why not? Well, you know what? I'm sorry but I will not contribute to this forum as long as I have to deal with the pety ego's and low self esteem issues some people are having by locking me out of threads and going out of their way to lie and manipulate. I've started threads that contain the best possible advice one can ask for when looking to settle with credit cards. I've posted comments on how to handle specific credit card companies and provided contacts I have dealt with at collection agencies knowing that if you call, you will be treated with respect and offered the same amount I would settle for. You can not generalize when dealing with creditors. Credit repair, yes. Not Debt Settlements. The majority of the above link is worthless. Every credit card company works differently. Anyone who has dealt with settlements must know this is true. Settlements are always different amounts, what paperwork can you send in what can get you sued? What dept you deal with and who do you talk to? What co.'s can you use BK as leverage, which ones will laugh at you? When should you make an offer, for how much and when? These are all the things you must know about debt settlement. Everything I provide and none of what you would find in the above link. I hate to do this but it will not be me who deprives you... its the one's who put locks on the most helpful threads that will deprive the members of help. For the past year I have had nothing but grief from so many members who for some reason think they know it all and persist on trying to unveil a dark side and call me a collector I'm exhausted. If all of that can go away great but until then I wish you all the best!
  2. You should read the thread "having problems settling your credit card". Everything you need to know about settlement is right there. MBNA 10-25% Amex 30-40% Discover 30-50% You need to settle these between 150-180 days delinquent.
  3. http://www.budhibbs.com/MMBNA.htm I am beginning to hear more and more courts are favoring the consumer in this scam/conspiracy MBNA, Wolpoff and the NAF have going on. This is nothing but a money mill. A multimillion dollar process that simply railroads consumers around the their legal rights and all that is done is a rubber stamp process by a bunch of idiots. Your legal rights are stripped and you stand no chance of winning when served a petition to confirm but apparently people are starting to open their eyes to reality. This is an absolute sham hopefully going to end soon.
  4. DV them. Don't pay until they validate properly and not to worry if you are not in NJ, they will not sue for some time and if they can not validate properly they usually never look to sue. If settlement is really what you have your mind set on, they will take 50% but not right after they buy the account you need to DV them stall and allow the account to age...meaning let it sit and let it be known you're not budging on your 50% Do not get scared cause that is what they want. if the account is not with a local attorney they can not sue and remember that threatening suit is an FDCPA violation if they say "we will sue" since they are not a law firm and can not sue.
  5. Beautiful!!!! I love it....see no conspiracy, no special relationships, no pay offs, no fair shares...all it takes is a little reading and anyone can do it.
  6. "Paid as agreed for less than the full amount" or "Settled as agreed for less than full balance" or "Paid collection" would be bad yes. Sorry. Paid as agreed would be best. I just wouldn't mention anything about the reporting if it is gone already. The CA shouldn't be on the report so not to worry.
  7. I would do my best to not have the attorney find out about the refi and just get a settlement...saving some money is better than nothing. You can settle despite the lien and judgment.
  8. No worries, its just that a) by communicating via pm we would be depriving other members of useful info and i usually check my pm's prior to hitting the board so i would respond to a pm but not the board so it looks like i'm ignoring. besides, i would rather stay away from pm'ing these days with all the talk.
  9. Here is what I would do: File an answer. Wait about 2 weeks and then offer 60% to the plaintiff attorney. Cap One will not speak to you. You do not want a paid as agreed on your report. It would be worse than not having it. I settle litigation accounts all the time for 60% but its never easy. You wil pay between 60-80% I'm sure of it.
  10. This is my last post on this thread and I am thru because its been one contradiction after the other and I'm exhausted. I am regulated. I stated I run the only co. who has been through a compliance audit. I also stated I only charge 10% of the savings which is 70-80% less than regular companies charge. I also did not say 50-60% plus I clearly stated no more than 50-60% of the total debt including my fee. Lastly, 25% no problem? http://www.debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showpost.php?p=632044&postcount=52 Thats not what this says. I'm done.
  11. make sure you file an answer. File the answer within the time allowed if it is written but I believe in VA small claims is a verbal answer. You would need to appear in court. All the judge will ask is if this is your debt. According to your post you don't recognize this creditor Jormandy LLC or whoever so therefore, you are denying this account is yours. Very simple appearance. Judge will ask is this your debt you say no. next date is set....in the meantime, the attorney is forced to prove his case and this JCB is a noone and purchased your name and phone is all maybe your social. I can almost guarantee you can get this dismissed or settled for 30% out of court for simply appearing and sayin no.
  12. http://www.lawyersandsettlements.com/case/first_consumers any ideas on this.. cant find a thing about them on the board.. this would be a personal account
  13. Sorry, My server is down which is in Fl. so I'm guessing the storm knocked out power. My database is on this server so until its back up, I can not access. The letter is fine it sounds like every collection call I take where idiot tells me "if you do not accept our offer we will be forced to make a decision (I'm sure not a difficult or intelligent one) or take this to the next level" my response is always the same....well, i'm in enough doo doo i'll hold my tongue. I'll tell you this though, I have not dealt with ACB much, are you sure this is an assigned account? If it is not and its sold DV and only then settle low about 30% If it is assigned, you are looking at a high settlement closer to 60-80%. Macys accounts are not easy and they will sue for $100.00. Trust me. Start at 30% regarless but set your limit higher if it is assigned. Do not go higher than 40% on JDB's
  14. It appears we have come full circle with the help of some level minded members. Thank you!!!! Exactly what was just posted by Raysway is what I was seeking. I believe Kristy feels the same since she did not ban me and and simply asked me to stop. My advice will attract attention. Its the most accurate and effective words you can possibly ask for in achieving a rock bottom settlement. What can I say? I'm sure Citi or another creditor eventually will look to slap me with a gag order but I can care less. For the record, I prompted this. I was not caught doing anything I should not have been doing. This was all started by me contacting Kristy requesting her site policy on my handling of members accounts as well as her policy on ad's. I was considering starting a division with my firm for extreme hardship cases and to include members of this forum as well as others I participate for a fraction of the cost of a regular DS program. 70-80% less. From day one I was explained the policies regarding solicitation and I was watched and never once did I PM or anything of the sort. In time however; the amount of PM's requesting my help increased. Many individuals register here for the sole purpose of PMing me for help or just to say thank you. All along until just about 4 months ago, I have declined help and instead asked to post their question on a thread and I would answer. I never accepted a penny until I contacted a MOD and asked what to do in cases where I am contacted for help but obviously can not simply explain for whatever reason. I did not want to be a sneak. I was advised by MOD that as long as I am not initiating contact and members contact me for help it is their decision to hire you if that is what they need and want. I have helped several members personally (Carolina Blue eyes, Forum Find etc) without fees but in time it became too much. I currently have 5 active clients from this forum but if I wanted, I could have 500. I have made very little but the amount members agreed to pay and did not is a good amount and yet, I have never sent a collection letter or even pick up the phone to remind them of a balance with me. I'm not here to make money. I tried reaching this moderator again recently because of the amount of requests I started receiving. I did not want to continue turning members away. Not that I could even handle on my own which is why I prompted this and contacted Kristy. Below are portions of the correspondence between kristy and myself that started all of this pointless nonsense. I contacted the admin and Mod of this site for further clarification on site policy since I did not want to get myself in trouble and if I were to continue doing this I wanted more than one persons "blessing" Kristy, I apologize if my participation on this board has been miscontrued however, I have explained to MODERATOR in detail my intentions and listened to and follow the rules I was given by this MOD. I am here to offer free advice. I have spent countless hours of my own time helping people for free and had no intention of solicitation or marketing purposes. I was made aware by MOD that this is a self help site and I would be banned if I were to solicit my services here. I have not; nor will not which is why I contacted you in hopes you would understand my position here. I was advised by MOD that if a member contacted me for help then it is their decision. I have abilities in this field consumers do not and by my reputation here, truth in that statement speaks for itslef. I am not a scam artist as you have put in your sticky. If a member comes to a point where they realize they can not get the same results or a result period on their own then why not hire me for a fee that will not exceed 60% of their total debt? Am I supposed to turn people away if they contact me for help? Am I supposed to just sit back and let them sink? I have 5 clients from this board (who contacted me) and each of them have posted individually just how grateful they are for my help. If you look at my posts you will see that I am beyond generous with my information. In 9 months my thread has over 18,000 views. I do not think you have a very clear perception of who I am so please look into me a bit more and I will welcome and feedback or restrictions you may have but I will not be a member with a sticky calling me a scam artist. I've had far too much unjustified criticism countered by far greater praise by members to accept this. I appreciate your time and do hope we can come to an agreement. Kristy, I appreciate you removing the word "scam". Like I said before, I am not here to make money and I will continue to participate with the same tenacity as always. I accepted members but again, it has been a handful. I could have made a fortune on this forum and you would have heard about it from others long before I contacted you if I were. I hope you can tell by my posts that I too have a strong disliking for the industry. I can not stand most of the people who own companies and the horror stories I hear about on this forum and from clients disgusts me. Part of the reason I have accepted members. That said, I just want to be very clear on something....I have never initiated contact with anyone on this forum. My membership here is too valuable for personal reasons which I have explained. If I have in the past initiated communication it was to offer a contact number or a method in handling a situation ON THEIR OWN that I could not publicly display. Knowing the level of disdain you must have being in the position you were and believe me, I know... I am well aware of how you must feel. Still, members come to this board posting comments on how they are about to sign up with a co. I know to be a scam co. and another member tells this member to contact me for help...what do I say? Should it not be the choice of the member if they would choose to hire me? Again, I know you're feeling and I respect your feeling but since I have been a part of this forum, I have read several posts from new members and older members who have been around a long time suggesting to contact me for help. I just feel in many cases there would be a disservice to many if I were to turn them away. I apologize for taking your time but I have become quite involved here. I spend a lot of time helping people and I get at least 100 pm's per week. There has never been one post with anything derogatory about the advice I have provided or members who I have assisted personally. I just don't see the problem other than the industry are scumbags which I completely agree but I'm nothing like them nor am I doing anything like a co. would here. Like I said I will remain and continue to help. If you would like to speak further I am certainly open..if your sticky remains the same I will understand. Have a good night. James The only reason I pursued this issue is due to the fact that there is plenty of information for members to do anything credit wise on this board. This board is incredible. The members are incredible (including Dive when he's not trying to ban me or call me a liar) The content on this site, and feeling of community that I have witnessed (not experienced by any means with the excpetion of some recently) is what drew me to this board. I can not even begin to count the times i was PM'd or called and spent time on the phone and never heard back from the person with a result or a thank you... So, given all resources available and the willingness of members to advise fellow members including myself for free and still there are those who need professional help then we are missing something which is what I was trying to address. Like a member said in another post, he chose to work with a mod of this site to refi his home since he felt he was a friend and trusted since his results are on this board and it was a well respected MOD. I do not think I should be banned or bashed or discriminated against just because I am in the Debt Settlement Business. Why fix whats not broken? WELL OVER 500 VIEWS BETWEEN THE STICKY AND THIS THREAD AND STILL NOT A MENTION OF A SOLICITATION AND Still no complaints other than feelings involved and much much appreciated praise. Thank you!!!
  15. Dive, What kind of sales person would I be to post every little detail of what I do for free if I were here soliciting people for a service I would charge for? People contact me for a reason. The clients have helped, had debts over 75k even 150-175k. These members joined this board and even posted comments that they joined for the sole purpose of PMing me to get me to handle their account.s. How can I say no to that? These people worked with me and the majority saved 65% after my fee. These are people with money who are smart enough to allow a professional handle their accounts rather than lose a ton over a simple mistake, People who are just not willing to deal with creditors and others who simply do not have the time. I am helping an elderly disabled couple who was ripped off my another co. I am helping for free. I am not only helping them for free but also just recovered close to $1000.00 from another settlement co. who ripped them off. I personally called the CEO and ripped him a new A$$hole and had a check in these peoples hands for the full amount they paid within 1 week. Yes, I have posted on the board for members to PM me. I handle 4000 clients and approx $80,000,000.00 worth of cleints debt and I have been consulting for another co. who has about $50,000,000.00 million worth of client debt. Count the 0's yes that is 80 million and 50 million. Needless to say, I'm a pretty busy guy. Its much easier for me to handle a 2000 word post over the phone in 10 minutes as opposed to typing at a snails pace. My girlfriend texts me close to 100 times per day so I'm typed out man. If you look at the times I post you will also notice that I am posting late night or early early morning...notice that post where I gave my number... 11.00 am to call I am not an early riser. I like my sleep but you will notice I am up posting when I am too stressed to sleep or having insomnia. I don't do this for money. I make plenty with my own co. and my side business. Think what you want. I've never been dishonest here and would never outright solicit unless there was a member requesting my help. I'm tkaing the time to write this Dive because you are one of the few on this board who I will always stop to read your posts. I appreciate your candor and persistence and have learned much from you as well. Doc the same. I would not want to have ill feelings or have you think I am a scandalous bottom feeder luring the weak into paying me for something they can do on their own.
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