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  1. In case you did not hear the news, The President of my church died this Sunday night. Although I just loved his humor so much and will miss him, I'm so happy that he will meet his dear wife on the other side. However, one thing I am not happy about is the fact the those lovely folks over at Westboro Baptist Church are going to protest the funeral. In part of their flier about protesting it states hmm...funny. I didn't know god hated anyone. oh...it also states Gosh dang If President Hinckley is in hell...then there must be some pretty good people there. Have at it Westboro. I'm sure y
  2. I'm getting very tired of making the same old things every night. If Any of you have any favorite dinner recipes would you please post them for me. Thank You!!
  3. I was looking forward to this last week. Its a good thing I recorded it. I thought it would be really funny....and some parts were...but I was dissipointed. The dramatic pause were waaaay to long.
  4. Nope, not upset. Honestly I was originally not going to reply to the thread at all. However, I decided that I should because I didn't want anyone too think that my silence meant that I may actually agree with you. In my defense I was not actually trying to pick apart your thread. I originally had a longer reply and it was cut up in sections like this- Just out of curiosity how long? I then had a much longer reply under this. However I decided to delete and go with the post that I did because I felt that perhaps, if for some reason I had typed something that may have offended you, I would
  5. How do I even reply to posts like this? I suppose the best way is to not comment at all. I must defend myself somewhat however and say that I completely disagree with Wicked. And find her comment completely off the topic. To clarify... I mentioned my religion because I thought it relevant that I would not be voting for him based on the fact that we are the same religion.
  6. Sugar- My father got about this same reaction from his doctor when he refused to do Chemo for the second time after his cancer came back. My father had such a hard time with the Chemo He always told me he would rather die than go through it again. My sister in laws Aunt is an herboligist who cured her own cancer. When my father told his doctor that He planned on using her treatments to cure himself his doctor went balistic! Told my father that he was going to die. Five years later after usuing the alternative treatment He is Cancer Free. It hasn't ever come back. His doctor appologized later
  7. As a Mormon myself...I don't trust Romney...I will not be voting for him. However...I was trying to google this story to see if it was true and I can't find it. Do you mind pointing me in the right direction Wicke? Thanx.
  8. interesting...But I'm not sure if it works quite right. My top candidate is actually who I am voting for....But it's telling me that he disagrees with my position on Iraq and on Immigration. #1- uhh... No he doesn't... #2- I marked that Immigration and Iraq are my #1 importance. If He disagrees with me on my most two important issues...would that really make him my #1 candidate Fred Thompson Score- 51 Agree Taxes Stem Cell Research Health Care Abortion Social Security
  9. Ahh...Now I get why your name is Merkurfan! For some reason I thought it was the name of a sports guy or something.
  10. hehe. Cool!!! I HATE Cowl hoods!! Ughh. yucky. Ugly. Ugly. One of my most Hated cars!
  11. ouch!!!! My stomach hurts!!! I couldn't stop laughing. My four year old wanted to know what was so funny...How am I supposed to explain it to a four year old?? I tried. He didn't get it. He just kept saying "what?"
  12. Don't talk dirty Nimmy. You know I'm religious! I'm guessing you don't still have one of those z's?
  13. Ya...I don't even want to know about all the muscle cars you could have aquired. You'll make me want to cry. You should probably consider yourself lucky you didn't pick up the hemi...It only gets about 5 Miles Per Gallon.