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  1. FCRA and FCCA does not apply to AAFES. Even though they are a for profit company they are part of the fed govt. They will not verify your account. Just send you sometime saying how much you own they but, not why you own they that. I received 19 blank pages and one page with a payment coupon on it. That was the DV. They will not work with you. They do not care. I owed them $500. They said $1000. They proved it with the 19 blank pages. I was able to work after the army for about 1 1/2 years. They keep my refund and the george w refund. After the $1300 they keep guess how much I owed? Over $2000.
  2. Juniper National parks card, I wish I knew how to quit you!
  3. I went to arborday.org and it says that the lowest rate is 11.24 variable! Darn, did I miss it?
  4. THAT'S YOU????? You changed your avatar. I wouldn't have known about that card if it wasn't for you. Thanks so much!!! I love them. They sent me a backpack! I didn't remember them saying that I was getting one but, one day the ups man came. It was like xmas. My BOA card sent me a notice saying that they are now going to charge an annual fee and National parks sents me a backpack =)
  5. YES! And I love them! No annual fee, higher CL and low fixed rate. My MC (it's Citi) is 5.9 but, that's a teaser rate (I think). It was 0% for a year and now it's 5.9. Im not sure for how long.
  6. What are you guys Loving????? Just the large CL? I just checked them out online and after the first 12-18 months the apr starts at 14.24%!!!!! There is no way in H*ll I would pay that high of an interest rate. Are you guys getting a better deal then that? My highest apr now is 7.9% fixed.
  7. obxdude

    I did it too

    You got an interest rate of 4.99%? WOW! Who did you use? Everyone I see has current rates over 6%.
  8. budercup, When you pull your credit report it IS a soft pull that only you see. But, the system can only hold so many inquiries no matter if they are hard or soft pulls. Since you are adding soft pulls daily the hard inquries start to drop off.
  9. If im not mistaken, Mitchell Kay is a collection agency. You should be able to just send them a ltr saying that you will only deal with the OC. What state are you in? This year will be 7 years since the judgment. Most SOL for collection a judgment is 10 years (but can be renewed) but, some states are less then 10. Just my $.02. I'd check that out.
  10. I just called and said that there were two inquires that I did not make. Within days in was gone. They didn't give me a hassle at all. I was surprised. I guess I got someone in a good mood. Also, I didn't talk to a Rep I asked for the fraud department.
  11. I have progressive insur. in NC. I received a ltr saying that I didn't get the best rate because of my cr. I called them and they said it was because I had more then 2 inquiries in the past 2 years. Now, what does that have to do with my auto insurance?????????
  12. After reading past post about car loans and advice from this board I have decided to hold off on the car. I WANTED a newer car but, I didn't NEED a newer car. I have decided to just focus on my number one goal, buying a home. But, I was still interested in know how it effects score and getting a mortgage.
  13. I found a great deal on a car but, I am unsure if it will lessen my chances of buying a home at the end of the year. My car is paid for and I had planned on keeping it for another year. I just had to have work done to it and it still needs about $500-$600 of work (plus will need new tires and exhaust soon). So, can anyone tell me if adding a car loan will decease my chance for a good mortgage? My scores are now all over 700 but, i do still have a neg judgment on one report. Do car loans use the same utilization that cc use? It would take me 1 1/2 to 2 years of payments to get under a 35% utili