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  1. thats the thing she told us that she still believes that we got the house she just dont know for sure...my question is...how would she know if these other people can just outbid us!!! I am not going to go more than I can afford...I do not want to make that mistake I just wish that since she wont get off her a** and find this stuff out for me I could just call the bank myself the only problem is that I dont know who it is...is there a way of finding it out? or do they not want to be found out? I want to thank you for your replies...you always help me!! could you basically tell me what is the ne
  2. I am not sure of really where to start, but as many of you that have helped me before know that I am trying to buy a foreclosed home, I put a bid in with them fixing the damage on nov 11th, they came back and counteroffered so I put in another bid and us do the work (I believe it was about a week after I got the counter offer) anyway, my problem is, it has been almost a month and we are still at the same stage we were except that there is another bid with ours now....could someone please tell me what is going to be the next step.... Also!!! I HATE my real estate agent, she is so gruffy like
  3. it was built in 2000, so whoever had it defaulted pretty fast.... I am still waiting...they did not take my first bid but counter offered so i am hoping for some good news either today or tomorrow.
  4. If you have a valid CO on your credit report that is paid and everything, it was paid in full, if you keep disputing it and it finally comes off before time is up on the 7 years can they put it back on there later? I had a verizon bill for 626 that I paid off got it taken off with disputes from EQ and EX (not TU ) and before I get all happy I want to know if they can put it back on?
  5. we got approved for our home that we are wanting to purchase we put in the bid for the house and now we are just waiting, how long does it normally take for them to come back and say whether they will take the offer or not? I am getting so anxious!!! it is a foreclosure and a bank owns the house
  6. I have a lien on my credit report from 1993 it has been paid but it is still showing that it is unpaid on my credit report...how can I get a receipt really fast showing it has been paid? like over the net maybe?
  7. I am not sure about the sherrif's sale yet...but the bank is trying to sell themselves, (I believe). it has been vacant for 2 years and just went on the market the other day, if that helps you at all if it can not go through fha if they said that we were approved or qualified can we get a non fha mortgage?
  8. 4peoples


    I forgot to mention that this property that i am looking at is a forsclosure and is empty how does that change things?
  9. ok me and my husband have found the house we really want, wells fargo has already said that we have been prequalified or preapproved (not sure which one b/c it was a little confusing and I do not remember exactly what she said, it was over the phone if that helps and she told me what receipts to get that was on my credit that she pulled that I have paid for w-2's and paystubs) but anyway, I believe that this has to do with fha also, she said that now we have to put in the bid and wait my question is what if there are some minor problems with the place, it has one broken window, a few holes i
  10. does your scores raise while doing a dispute and then goes back down if they verify it?
  11. the other thing that i should mention is that I have paid charge off of 626 dollars, does that ruin my chances on these cards? I know it probably does Amex but what about the others?
  12. that is my highest score and I would really like to get something else with my credit repair my score is 627 on myfico if that helps, never had a BK either thanks in advance!
  13. how long does it normally take for each bureau to update new lines of credit? what is the max amount of time for this to be done usually? Thanks in advance for any help!
  14. I would like to know this also, same thing is happening to me I feel like after all the hard work it always goes back a step or 2
  15. my mom put me on her accounts as an AU on 2 credit cards but they are only reporting to EX, when she called she asked if they reported to all 3 and they said they did can EQ and TU deny to put it on your reports b/c they know what you are doing? or does it just take a long time to update with all the credit bureaus?