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  1. I contacted a lawyer. Here is what she said: "Why would you want to take legal advice from a hospital clerk, especially one that is trying to separate you from your money? In WA, a person is an adult when the person turns 18. An adult is legally responsible for his own finances unless someone else contractually obligates himself or herself to be legally responsible for the adult's debts. That the law allows you to cover your adult son under your insurance policy does not make you legally liable for your son's medical expenses. You can tell the hospital to stop conta
  2. Thanks for the information.
  3. Thank you for all the interesting and informative replies.
  4. I have searched and have not found much on Comenity suing for online credit card debt. The debt is $1660. I was just wondering if Comenity is known for suing. Thanks.
  5. My 22 year old step son went to the ER for the flu. He is covered by our health insurance. The health insurance did not pay the $600 ER bill, because he hadn't met his deductible. The hospital sent him the bill, but he is unable to pay it. He is unemployed and enrolled in college classes. The hospital debt collector was trying to tell my spouse that we are responsible for the debt. At what age does a person become responsible for his/her medical debt? I think after age 18 parents are no longer obligated to pay. Another question...do parents have to tell the hospital when the child is
  6. AJ

    Question About ARS

    Thanks for the information.
  7. With all the above information being complicated, should I be concerned that a JDB might send a 1099c, for an old debt purchased in 2002? The SOL expired in 2006 and I have gotten random collection notices since 2002 from many different collectors. I think the old debt has been passed around and renamed so much I can't even tell if it was really mine.
  8. Is A.R.S. National ( in Escondido CA) a collection agency collecting while the original lender still owns the debt? Or, does A.R.S. National buy debts? Thanks.
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    Midland Question

    Seems like Midland is famous for suing. Thanks for your replies.
  10. Please tell me if Midland Funding is MCM, Midland Credit Management. I think they are the same company with several names. Never mind, I decided these different names are all the same company. When Midland buys debts, do they likely have proof, of ownership, of the old debt?
  11. I got an email from a debt collector however, i did not download the attachment. I am going to report the collector, and email, to the state attorney general's office. Perhaps you should report that email to your state's attorney general's office.
  12. The email I got was titled REGARDING YOUR CASUAL LIVING PURCHASE WAC. I have never purchased anything from Casual Living, and I do not even know where it is located or what type of business it is. Then...the email states, THIS LETTER IS INTENDED FOR _________ __________. IF YOU ARE NOT _______ _________ THEN DELETE THIS EMAIL AND DO NOT OPEN THE ATTACHMENT. Next, the email states this is a notice from a debt collector. it states the collector's business name, address, and phone number. I am wondering if it is illegal for debt collectors to email collection demands and notices.
  13. Thanks for all the information.
  14. Yes, I kinda asked the same question, before.. I am still confused. Thanks for your information.
  15. When the FAFSA is filled out for a student, who is 21, the parents/step parents are considered responsible to pay for education. Can a student be granted a a federal loan, not a private loan, regardless of parent's income? What I am asking is....can the student get some type of federal loan without a parents signature on the loan? We do not want a Parent Plus loan. Thanks.
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    Parent PLUS Loan

    Thanks for the information.
  17. The college sent college award information for my step son. The financial aid "award" stated the parent was being allowed to get a Parent PLUS loan for $XXXXX for two semesters, and the student was being given an "award" loan of $2500 for each semester. My question is.....can the student borrow all the money needed for college, on his own, without a Parent PLUS loan, and without a co signer? Is there a government loan available for students to borrow in their own name without a parent's signature? If the parent turns down the opportunity to take the parent PLUS loan, can the student incr
  18. I was afraid of being sued so I have settled my accounts. Maybe you should consider settling. It is a lot less stressful than going to court.
  19. I called the OC. I was told it would take two months to report the zero balance. I was also told I would receive a letter stating account is paid in full.
  20. I paid the OC a cashier's check, with the OCs bank name on it, however, I mailed it to the collection agency. I called the collection agency just now, and was told it takes 30 days to process everything.....reporting the settlement to the OC, and then the OC reporting it to the credit bureaus.
  21. I settled with bank of XYZ on a Visa, a few weeks ago. At Creditkarma, I can see two credit reports. One of them states I still owe the old debt full balance of $10,000. The other credit report shows I paid $4000, and owe $6000. (these numbers are not real..they are my example, only) Neither report reflect that I settled the account in full. I have two letters from the agency that settled my account. The first one is an offer to settle and the amount, and the second one states the account is resolved and is paid in full. The warning of getting a 1099C is also stated. So my question is