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  1. Whats this other site? You didnt give the URL
  2. Just listening to it now while typing this. In regards to the "go to hell" letter. I knew that Resurgent were always going to exonerate themselves after their "investigation" edit: Finished listening to you. I must say I am pleased you deleted your letter and choose to speak instead With the Resurgent letter, they didnt address why they said in the dunning letter that this would affect your credit report, why the compliance officer said they were not a collection agancy, why this same officer was unable to rule out legal action but could only say that she didnt know what legal action could be taken, thereby given the impression that legal action was possible - if they decided to take it. The only thing she did state correctly was that it wouldnt go on your credit report.
  3. That first lady sounded like someones grandmother. "your account was listed on your bankruptcy and now that you have been discharged from bankruptcy your account became due again" I think she really did believe that. Amazing.
  4. Robert, you have at least one viewer from Australia so keep up the good work Will you be updating a few of the recordings on your site such as the RESURGENT tape that you mentioned was going to be up at 7 pm Looking forward to it
  5. From I can gather he is a collector for business accounts. He says that he is disgusted with the tatics of collectors such as NCO etc and offers to assist clients being hasled by these people by getting in their face with phone recordings. He is very articulate and comes across almost like an evangelist in church! I know nothing about him but came across his site a few weeks back and have been hooked. I check in every day for updates. I particularly liked the call to the collector who threatened his client with the Partiot Act
  6. Has anyone seen this website, www.mycollector.com This guy, Robert Paisola, actually tapes calls with debt collectors and puts them up on his site. I've been viewing the site for the last week or so and its a pleasure to watch this guy work!
  7. I can see what you mean. Australia's unemployment benefits would be liberal (although probably not as liberal as Canada, and we do have socialised medicine. Medical debts are almost unheard of in the debt collection industry in Australia whereas I notice quite a few on these boards. Our regulatory body ASIC seems to be pro-debtor as well with a guideline on debt collection being published soon. And a recent report issued to debt collectors about SOL debts. http://www.asic.gov.au/asic/asic_pub.nsf/byheadline/05-289+ASIC+calls+for+debt+collectors+to+improve+practices+on+old+debts?openDocument
  8. Are there any Australians on this board who may be able to point me to an aussie specific website on debt collection similar to this one. The laws on fair debt collection are somewhat different in Australia so being able to read up on this would be a big help to me. One thing we dont have (which would be really useful) is the letter you can send to stop a debt collector calling you. Doesnt exist as far as I am aware. Also no such thing as a validation letter or getting $1000 per violation You can send a validation letter but they are free to ignore it.
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