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  1. Let me preface my comments by saying I settled my accounts in 2003. So I am sure things change and the % a bank will accept varies and at one moment in time they may be less generous. I saw comments that Citi "never accepted less than 50%." I settled 2 accounts directly with Citi for 20%. I was surprised because this is what THEY offered and they were the easiest of all my creditors to settle. Most wanted 50-75%, at least initially. But this was a long time ago. I have their offer letters and letters showing paying accepted sitting in my file on my desk. I also once paid a Debt Settlement company and while I dont accuse them of any wrongdoing, they did not get me any better deals than I got myself. I basically got rid of them because they never negotiated. they just called me up and said "so and so wants this. We advise you to do it." this is not in any way a critique of sifxpert, as he has a lot of good advice and says things that sound legit, IMO.
  2. I have severe social anxiety disorder. So I do have , as you mentioned " a phobia of going in public". It is a primary factor in my financial difficulties. of course severe depression pretty much follows from that.Sorry I thought I explained that, but it was another post. I am trying hard to just get practical advice, and not judgment. I have tried very hard in life and it is not easy. When I go to credit forums, I see people with credit problems who are living it up, have 5-6 cars, spend a lot of money,etc, and I try not to pass judgment on them just as I hope I will be treated. I am just trying to "do the right thing" and payoff things so I can go finish living out my private frugal existence. I was just wondering the partculars and what people know about a "'merit trial", if a judgment would be immediate, if I would have some time,etc. I answered and now have a "Motions Hearing" for motions I filed and a "merit trial" scheduled the same time, same date. I really just want to settle but I am thinking its cutting it close. They tried to tell me I have to settle with enough time for them to write to the court dropping the charges. Seems BS to me, but maybe not. Can't they call or fax that the case has been settled, or even tell the court in person that day? I have also been given advice that maybe I should not try to settle until after that date anyway. I'm just trying to settle for not MORE than the amount I owed the OC. I feel that if I could go to court I could probably win a few points and maybe get it reduced, if I could speak in public, but I think the best bet for me is to settle. i was just interested in the practical and technical court proceedings from those familiar. I will be making an offer by fax monday. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks for any help. The deal is have a disorder that will prevent me from making an appearance ( I guess if I were handcuffed and dragged into court, but I dont break any laws and I dont think they do that for civil lawsuits). Phone is very difficult but I can manage if I am well prepared. If I did appear in court, my appearance would probably predjudice the judge and harm me if anything, unless he felt sorry for me. The reality is, there can be no garnishment. Because of my disability ( I dont want to debate if its a disability or not, but its my reality) I have no wages. But I do really want to settle and prefer to pay soemthing and be done with it. BTW, this attorney ALREADY has one judgment against me. It is almost 2 years old. They have not managed to collect one dime. I would think they would learn and accept what they can get. Though Im sure they bought the debt for pennies on the dollar and charge inflated interest and attny fees, I did/do owe somebody something and would like to pay something and be rid of it. Being destitute and having no property or wages doesnt mean I cant have some money or obtain some money to try to settle. It just means I have less money than total owed. In my personal situation, I always paid bills,etc until I just couldnt. I forsaw at a certan point that I would lose my job and not be able to work anymore and I did the math. I saved all the money I could and started offering settlements. Most banks accepted or even gave me a better deal than I expected. Some didnt. The statute of limitations is up anyway at this point. These guys snuck in at the last minute ( kindof expected that might happen). So this is my last frog to swallow.
  4. sifxpert, The Paper says "'Motions Hearing" and "Merit Trial". I am not sure exactly what that means or if I will get a judgment if I dont go. ghacorp, I dont have regular common "anxiety." I have severe social anxiety disorder. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_anxiety) It is the main reason I have debts. In addition to causing me to withdrawal from college 8 or 9 times, it has been very difficult for me to work in a normal occupation. it is very rare that I can appear in public, at all. I ran up most of my debts trying to go to college and I was always paying on time every month. I found a job where I could manage. For most people with SA this means finding a low paying job with minimal social contact way below one's ability. After 11 years I lost that job when they closed. I have been going to school and working online on and off since then. I was able to save up money from working hard when I could to settle these debts. I spent thousands on settling debts in the past. Most I could get to settle for 30-40%. Wolpoff is difficult. I did manage to call them on the phone and that literally took me 2-3 days just working up to dial the phone. I did OK, because I left it brief and basically made her do the talking and said I would get back to her. I was trying to feel them out. Writing and reasoning I can do fine. I scored in the 98th percentile on the LSAT and actualy did want to go to law school at one point, but that will never happen. Public appearances and phone calling are almost death for me. phone is a little easier. I have never been able to make it into a courtroom even for traffic tickets when I tried to.
  5. Thanks fo your input. I am not able to go to court. I will keep trying to aggressively settle.
  6. I was sued, filed in Sept. Original Trial date was late November. When I answered, it was rescheduled for January. Then the Plaintiff requested to postpone and it was moved to February 15th. I honestly didnt know what the heck I was doing but I answered with multiple Affirmative Defenses and also filed Motions to Strike evidence and Motion to Dismiss. So now february 15th, a Motion Hearing and Merit Trial are scheduled. What exactly does this mean? If I dont showup, will I automatically lose and have a judgement against me? this in MD. The deal is I really cant go to court. I just want to settle. The main contentions are the amount and status of the debt. I know I DO owe someone something. They want to "settle" for more than the original amount owed. I want to settle for less than owed, especially considering I have no income, am basically judgment proof, and couldnt pay the full amount in the first place,etc. I am hoping I reach an agreement, but it is cutting it awfully close. I am mostly just wondering the consequences if it is not settled before the date, if I miss the court date, and if I will still be able to settle afterwards and get it vacated,etc.
  7. I want to try to settle before my 2/15 court date. The original was 2295. They claim 3978 because of interest ( which I never agreed to and honestly dont know if they have legal standing to collect) and attorney fees ( she is saying since they alredy filed they have to charge me attorney fees). They offered to settle for $3000. This is exactly what happened. I wrote a letter requesting negotiations. A collector/negotiator called. She asked me to make an offer. I declined and asked her to. She said "You probably arent going to like my offer." I said, yeah I know, just tell me. So she said 3 grand. I didnt say anything for awhile and then said I would have to get back to her. I got her direct number and fax number. My plan is to make an offer by fax. The background is: I posted about it before extensively. I have so far asnwered the summons and filed motions to strike certain things and a motion to dismiss. My real problem is while I think I did well on paper and answering things, I am not optomistic about actually appearing in court. I basically have a "disorder" that makes it very difficult for me to make public appearances and I feel I will not be able to make it through court. I was hoping I could either make them go away or get a settlement. I never really wanted to go to court. I really dont have much money but I can probably pull something off to get the money from somewhere. I really feel like I should be negotiating on the original amount, and i'm not going to pay 3 grand but I am wondering what might be a good place for me to start?
  8. Some will accept you if you put down a larger deposit or pay some rent in advance. Surprisingly, I have been approved for 2 apartments after my credit went bad. The last time I was actually the co-signer for my friend who did not qualify on her own. How I got approved I have no idea.
  9. They had it postponed again now back to the middle of february.
  10. Well I'm going to remain proactive in the fight. I started out just wanting to settle, but i'm going to make them work.
  11. Now I got a copy of a letter they sent to the clerk of the Court requesting that the court date be pushed back again because they are too busy with another case that day. I would think they would be too busy to mess with me, period. So who knows whats going on with them. They still havent made any attempt to settle.
  12. Ok, this is what I did. AND I had no idea WTH I was doing: I answered by Mail. I filed my Notice to Defend. it was accepted by the Court and the court date was pushed back from November 20th to January 10th. In my answer, I also typed up Motions to strike every single page of "evidence" and the reasons why and a Motion to Dismiss the case. The court sent me some forms I have to fill out for that and instructions on how to Serve the Plaintiff and a Certificate of Service i have to file. In my answer I mentioned some FDCPA violations, but I did not file any counterclaims. I'm not sure if i can or should try for that. I mention that they kept calling and left several voice messages after they received written notice not to call. I also claimed "misrepresentation of status and amoun of debt". So I am at least feeling good that it was Pushed Back...because that gives me almost 3 months to get ready..AND If I HAVE to endup paying something, it gives me tim to settle and do some things money wise.
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