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  1. I feel very lucky that I am able to utilize downtime at work to keep up all my credit repair duties. I know I spend at least a couple of hours a week reviewing my reports, writing letters, and reading this board. I can't believe how much I have learned since finding this forum. I will NEVER again feel helpless and ignore letters from collection offices. I never even know about SOL until I found this forum and luckily almost all of my baddies are far beyond SOL. Anyways, it is definitely a constant fight! They really should teach a class in high school about using credit responsibly and its importance. Maybe if I would have known 10 years ago about how important credit is, I wouldnt have made so many mistakes.
  2. I was pretty darned shocked at being denied a secured card. Im going to apply for a secured cc with national city since they supposedly do not deny anyone. I swear the credit world has given me an ulcer in the last few months. Everytime I get one thing removed something else pops up.
  3. I just thought I would let you know that you are not alone. I was denied for a secured credit card with Wells Fargo last week I was able to get an unsecured credit card with orchard though. Very strange.
  4. I was so stressed out about the idea of having another TL placed on my CR that I really just wanted to get it handled. I had been fighting back and forth with them over the last six months over this ridiculous charge. I have made a lot of progress on removing inaccurate information from my CR, but I really could have used that money to pay off some legitimate debts that I would like to settle. Ahhh the credit repair dance - two steps forward - one to the right - and five back...
  5. Thank for the list of resources I can contact regarding this situation. I would really like to prevent other people from wasting their money like I did. I will draft up the letter and sent them out to the offices you mentioned. Thanks for the advice. Oh BTW - the # of complaints listed on BBB was pretty amazing. Im glad to have found this website. I will not be making the bad choices that I have made in the past anymore.
  6. The school sent me to "internal collections" - general revenue for a charge I owed the school that I was disputing. I was in the hospital last year for a couple of weeks and had been attending an online college. I attempted to withdraw from the school multiple times. Finally they explained that I would have to pay a charge of almost $800 for a partial block of classes even though I did not turn in any assignments etc. This is the charge that I disputed back and forth with them for over 6 months. I made the payment in full last week after receiving a written statement that the account would be recalled from collections and that no entry would be made to the CRA. I am just sick about paying this though. What a rip off. I decided today to file a complaint via BBB. This school is a complete scam and they continually lie. They do not even offer the classes that I needed, which I found out when it was already too late. Any other suggestions on who to go to - I would like to expose this school for the awful fraud that it is. *Getting off my soapbox now*
  7. Well there goes getting a new timing belt till next month. Hopefully the school will take the direct payment on Monday and that will be the end of that. Thank you for your advise. Have a great weekend.
  8. Thanks for the fast reply. I did send out a timely DV, but it was only sent a couple of days ago, so they have not received it yet. I'm going to contact the school on Monday and see if I can get the balance handled with them. If I get the balance paid to the school then I should be able to avoid any entry onto my credit reports right? Geez I take two steps forward and three steps back. I am very happy to have found this forum and have made a lot of little improvements with all the information I have found here. Anyways, thanks for any advice you may have.
  9. I just received a letter from a collection agency on a tuition that is not showing up on my credit reports yet. I send them a DV on Friday. This is the third letter I have received from them in the last 2 weeks. It has some strange wording: "Notice of Asset Analysis" Because you failed to resond to our previous communications regarding this matter, please be advised that we have begun an analysis of your: 1) Assets 2) Credit History 3) Current Employment Status Then at the bottom it says "Be advised: 'Your cooperation will influence our decision as to what step we need to take next, so please act quickly.' Any advice on how to handle this? I have been making payment to the school this tuition is for, but have not made one in the last month. I sent out the DV to this collection company. Should I contact the school and see if I can still make the payment directly to them. This collection agency seems to be getting nasty quickly. Thanks.
  10. Willing... Thank you for the response.I was suprised that it still seems to be in the hands of AMEX. I know I have had collection agencies contact me in the past about the acct, but nothing for a couple of years. It is reporting on my CR under AMEX. I was able to receive a corporate card under my name which I know some people when blacklisted were unable to do. Anyways, bummer on not ever getting an AMEX again. The dumb things you do when you are young and uneducated about the importance of credit. On Experian lists like this: AMEX Address: PO BOX 297812 FT LAUDERDALE, FL 33329 (800) 528-2122 Account Number: XXX Status: Account charged off. $3,976 written off. $3,976 past due as of Dec 1999. Date Opened: 10/1999 Type: Revolving Credit Limit: NA Date of Status: 12/1999 Terms: 1 Months High Balance: $3,976 Reported Since: 12/1999 Monthly Payment: $0 Recent Balance: $3,976 Last Reported Date: 12/1999 Responsibility: Individual Recent Payment: $0 Your Statement: NA Creditor's Statement: Account closed at credit grantor's request. Account History: Charge Off as of Dec 1999
  11. I have an amex account that was charged off 12/99. I know they have an oasis program offered through collection agencies, but you have to pay the total in 30 days. Has anyone ever had an experience with making payments etc. I really just want to pay this off because it is mine and I would like to be able to have an amex card again in the future. I can not pay it off in full though as the balance is around $4K. Any advice or experience in a similar situation with AMEX. Thanks!
  12. Anyone able to negotiate a PFD for First National or First Premier. I have a small account (under $500) with both of them and would like to do a PFD. Any tips or advice is appreciated. Thank ya!
  13. It took at least 4 weeks for me to receive my card. I even received my statement before my card. I thought that was strange.
  14. Thank you for the quick response. I will send out the DV. This is actually one of the few accounts that is within SOL - possibly? The OC is not on my CR though. I believe it is on some bank overdraft charges. Anyways, thanks for the advice.
  15. Hi Everyone I have a new tradeline listed on my credit reports. True credit lists that it was updated on 12/6/05, which would be the first time it was entered on my reports. I still have not received anything in the mail from them. Any advice on what to do. I believe they are required to send me something within a set time from reporting on my CR. Thank you.