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  1. My wife and I are looking to move out of the country and currently we owe CITI credit cards around 50,000 locked in at very low interest rates until paid off. I have no desire to screw citi bank as they have honestly been very good to us. But we have an opprotunity to move to South America and aquire an existing business that is doing OK, and get a house for about 1/3 of market value. The problem is I feel guilty on bailing on this debt. We have paid down around 30k of it over the last 2-3 years and havn't added any in the same time frame. I have around 25k in cash plus acess to another 6k or so in 401k that we can use to pay down this debt. We have great credit now and I know that this will screw it up, but its not going to matter as where we are looking at moving to they don't pull US credit reports. Do you think they take a pre-emptive offer of 60% of the debt to Pay In Full without going late? Or what is the best tract for us to go down? Thanks,
  2. I like it. They are stepping up to help themselves... I mean other people who are in debt over their heads. They get nice fat tax breaks from it to use when they are once again profitable in a few years. I like it though, They are being proactive this time...
  3. Wow, I guess your sense of humor is with the people who got married.
  4. HAHA, Thats awesome... Calling people and saying they owe money for food they ate and the newlywed's didn't pay for.... I like it. I also like embaressing companies that are not paying their bill... I just hope they don't ever want to do business with them again...
  5. My wifes CL was slashed to 500 from 5000. I think its only cause the only use on the card was the annual fee and the fact that her utilization of other cards went up. She hasn't used it ever, but it has always been worth the 55 bucks to keep the age of it on her report, till now. I did ask for a CLI today for her, so we shall see what happens. My delta card with a 32k limit is a daily use card that traditionaly runs a 3k balance that is PIF almost every month, but it never goes longer than 3 months to get back to a zero balance. I also have the Plat Charge Card, love the benefits but the annual fee kills me, but I have discovered ways to make that less painful too. If you call to cancel cause you are switching to another high dollar amex card the plat people will do almost anything to keep you, I managed to get over 20,000 points and actual money off of the cost of the membership. But I did this over three months and I did actually have two of the expensive cards. Just b/c they are amex doesn't mean they arn't SILO's that like each other. You can play amex against amex. You just have to get all the way to the end of the conversation, they say ok, your card will be canceled in a minute, BUT did you know about this.... and I can do this for you....
  6. Wow, Congratulations... I also have been here forever and have not posted anything in a long time. Currently we are at around 56k in credit card debt that I have really good financing terms on (2% for most of it and 5-6% for the other 19k) with low minimum payments. We can have this paid off hopefully in 5 years spending about a grand a month, assuming nothing happens... but My wife just quit her job as they offered her a move with a pay-cut deal & a promotion? or quit. She quit. We are lucky to have enough savings to last about 6-9 months without changing our spending habits, but she is starting a new commission only job selling insurance... so hopefully we won't have to resort to this, but it is nice to see it is possible. Again, thanks!
  7. I like it... where can I buy stock, cause I am sure that will be come a popular nursing home... specially if they pay for their services..
  8. Sprint should come out with a new service.... a copy of all text msg's, pics and video's will be available for parental review on their website.... but then the providers would be sued by other adults as now they are distributing child porn... what a great world we live in
  9. I am a landlord... is it evil when I take someone to court who hasn't paid their rent? I don't enjoy it, but I also have a 7month old and bills of my own... the last guy was a nice guy who just lost his job, and his paychecks bounced.. but his wife worked for a check cashing place and her boss was in court the same time I was suing people who's checks bounced... So they knew what they were doing.
  10. wow, here they have to. The surgeon needs to sign off on the correct spot as does a nurse, then before they start the procedure they do a "time-out" to verify the right person, the right case, everytime... But the doctors hate doing this as they are perfect....
  11. wow, i would be very very upset... I wonder who he really made mad...
  12. mythbusters broke the fingerprint biometrics on their tv show pretty easily. They were shocked with how easy it was done. there is a price to pay for convienance... people will always steal, but where is the line that keeps everyone happy? pin #'s make you personally accountable, your banks do not have to refund a dime with moeny stolen on debit cards. Most do, but only because they are "customer friendly"
  13. my dad is a car lot auditor now... He audits the cars that the car dealer has on the lots for the finance company (you don't think they actually own those cars do you?) In almost all of the subprime car loans they have GPS tracking and a kill switch that can only be activated remotly that is removed when the last payment is paid... And they are offering lease to own too....