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  1. Like Bubbaboo mentioned, I have also dealt with Mann Bracken. They were collecting for the OC in my case and didn't own the debt. Deal with them in writing, like others have said, MB isn't known for being upfront. In my case, I sent them a DV shortly after getting their first letter. THey sent a few more letters after that with varying degrees of "validation" Then out of the blue, about 2 months ago, they (I guess the OC) sold the debt to Palisades, so I'm now dealing with them. Bubbaboo, you brought up an interesting point. You had said you thought maybe in the OP's case that W&A (then MB) was perhaps collecting for Palisades. That could be interesting b/c if Palisades does use W&A, which is now MB, my debt could be right back were it started. Now that would be interesting.
  2. Zaftra - sounds like we are almost in the exact same position. I'm sending out my DV this week. Keep us posted with what happens and I'll do teh same. They've called me about once a day for the past week and just leave a short msg stating to call them back. Bubbaboo that was my fear too, that MB would take me to arbitration and/or sue me w/o notification. I worried about that constantly even though they have my current addy, I worried they'd do something screwball. I'm still worried too that Palisades may try to do the same crap, but who knows. Sounds like in the past, that Palisades takes a while to get their stuff in order, if they do at all. Good point on the NAF thing too, about calling them. I heard the same thing though, that if you have an atty call for you, that it won't serve as notice if there is a case pending. So I guess I"ll leave it alone for now and assume that they haven't done that yet. There was another thread in here from a while back that talked about that and how the atty requested the case even with the caveat that it wouldn't serve as notice to the client. I'll see what happens with this DV request. I'm still a bit surprised after reading how much litigation MB seems to be going through the past year and their arb cases.
  3. Hey Bubbaboo - I did get your PM. I also looked up the Xanadu post and looks like you are right. Crazy stuff. Its amazing they just file and don't plan on fighting, just getting a default judgement. What a load of crap. Bud Hibbs said that when Palisades bought the portfolio, they didn't get any supporting documentation. In my particular case, MB didn't own the debt, the OC still did (Chase). So Chase must have sold it off to them, although I'm not sure how that works. I assume its still related to what Bud HIbbs said about the portoflio purchase from W&A. Maybe MB just recommended to some of their clients to sell them off. I'd be curious too to see what other accounts were sold off, and why. What worries me about this debt is the amount and its within SOL. I wish Chase would have worked with me. Its like some of these places rather shoot themselves in the foot than work with someone. Oh well, can't force them I guess. One thing I just htought of, which hopefully isn't the case. Is it possible that they received a judgement (either court of NAF) against me w/o serving me? I never got the infamous FedEx or any delivery attempts from MB. I've checked local dockets and nothing. Is there a lookup on NAF to see if anything's been claimed? Although i guess if they secured a judgement, they might not just sell it off w/o first trying to collect I assume.
  4. Hey all, It's been a while since I last posted but I've been following the various Mann Bracken posts. I recently got a letter from Palisades saying they purchased the debt from Chase. Now, MB didn't buy the debt from Chase, they were trying to collect for chase. THey first called last year, around July and they sent me letters, I DV'ed them. They responded twice, once with an affadavit signed by a Chase person, then they sent a year or so worth of statements. Hadn't heard from them since except from maybe one call. So it appears Chase sold it to Palisades. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. From what I've read, MB was pretty dang bad. I doubt Palisades is much better. I haven't been sued or through arbitration (unless they got that w/o serving me, but I've checked locally for lawsuits and nothing). Anyone else find that that their Chase debt went from MB to Palisades? I read a few posts here and saw a few did have this. Me and a few others have been trying to speculate on how MB works, on some cases they seem to take you to arbitration pretty quick and others they don't (like me). I checked Bud Hibbs site under Palisades and sure enough, he had a news entry saying Palisades bought a big portfolio from W&A (which is now MB) so Iguess I was included in that. For those who might have or be going through something similar, what does this mean? Shoudl I expect ramped up efforts by Palisades? Are they suit happy? How about arbitration happy? I guess I should DV Palisades within the next 30 days? The debt was a CC from Chase, pretty big, around $20K or so. Its been around 2 yrs since last payment. I'm in Texas.
  5. Yeah I saw that on Bud Hibbs site a while back. He got some wind of it somehow and had put it up under the MB section of his site. I think it only recently became "official" though. I have a debt that MB is trying to collect on and they suddenly stopped. I had wondered if it was related to that merger b/c it was around taht time they seemed to stop (also they didn't seem too active by the lack of posts regarding them here at that time).
  6. Hey Lisa, I just saw your post and am curious why this changed things? I understand Chase bought your mortgage, but how did this change any plans to do a re-fi? I can see if you were trying to refi via Chase, they may want that taken care of, but if you were to go to another mortgage broker, what changed by Chase buying the loan from before they had it? If its on your CR and that was teh cause of not being able to refi, wouldn't you have to either wait until it fell off or asked for a PFD anyway? Or am I misunderstanding? Just curious! Thanks!
  7. I'm in a similar boat as Bubbaboo. I have a chase account that is w/ MB. Like Bubbaboo, I have NOT received any arbitration notice, so as far as I know, I'm not in the arbitration system either, unless they failed to notify me. My acct is larger than yours, about 20K. It been about 2 years since my last payment. Chase first sent to another CA, I DV'ed them when their harrassment went too far (in TX you can DV whenever), and about 2 months later, MB was contacting me. I sent them a DV letter that also contained verbage asking them to show me where I ever agreed to arbitration with Chase. They hadn't sent me any arb papers at that point or as of yet. Their original letter was the standard Dunning letter that stated they may take me to arbitration. It was a few months before I heard anything else. MB then sent me a letter that had a notorized sheet signed by a Chase rep that basically said "THis is the balance owed" It was really short, just 3 pages or so. Then a few months after that, MB sent me a stack of statements, a little over a year's worth. I haven't heard from them since. This was prob back in November of 2007 when I last heard from MB. Like Bubbaboo said, there are quite a few of us that have been contacted by MB. Most definitely keep the group posted, I plan on doing same when I hear anything new.
  8. Hey there, I'm dealing w/ MB as well. I haven't settled with them yet, but they did send me an offer a while back for 80% (they knocked 20% off). My balance is double what yours is, around $20K, so they offered $16K as settlement. I didn't ask for it, they just sent it a while back, before i sent my DV. I've got the same stuff as you, the certified thing from a Chase rep, a year or two of statements. I asked for proof that I agreed to arb but they never repsonded to that request.
  9. Pristina, sounds similar to my situation, but I haven't gotten the FedEx yet. My Chase went to a CA, I DV'ed them, they disappeared. Then 2 months later, MB appears, called me, then sent the dunning letter. Did they ever send you a dunning letter? This was about 8 months ago for me. I DV'ed them, they responded about a month later saying they were going to gather their stuff... then I got a response about 2 months later that was really short, followed by a stack of statements about 2 months later. Since then, they've called once and nothing else. No letters, no other phone calls, nothing. As to the DV, that's a good question. I know they say its too late once they serve you with a lawsuit, but this isn't a lawsuit. I guess it couldn't hurt anything? Somebody with a better answer might be able to chime in.
  10. Trueeq, thanks for your response and I see where you are going with it. Instead of defending an arb award where you weren't provided with service, go in and let them not give you due process and thus give you more ammo. Makes sense. Yeah from what Iv'e read MB are slimy. Bud Hibbs even has a thing on them on his front page about MB getting arb judgements on behalf of Chase and Midland. I haven't gotten that far yet. I do scour the county clerk sites though just in case that they filed something but haven't notified me. I actually haven't heard from them since they replied to my DV. So I'm still playing a wait and see game. I'd like to get to a point where I could close the matter. I only wish the OC would talk to me (who still owns the debt).
  11. If they had in fact sued her and got a judgement, I'd assume her payments resetting the SOL are pretty moot right? Judgements are good for a long time and are renewable, with or without payments, as I understand it. That really does suck. I assume they can't take more than what is owed thought. Did you have a payment agreement with them? or did you just send checks to them?
  12. Trueq, so are you saying not to duck the service and go to the arb hearing and fight it? If you lose, oh well, type of thing? Take the fight to court? The only problem is that I've read that some courts are taking arb awards and not allowing a defendent to mount any defense? Basically, rubber stamping the rubber stamp. So that could be a problem. If arb is slanted so badly, you'll more than likely lose, it looks like you won't have your day in court in some courts. However, I'd think if you could make a service argument, even if you have an arb award, it may show more due process denial? Have you done the arb thing? How did it go?
  13. Yeah I suspect NYMatt is probably right, maybe at some point they can get the default if you avoid. The only problem is I've read some postings around here where people have had arbitration awards against them and the CA/OC going to court to get a judgement is pretty easy. I think one guy said the judge wouldn't even let him make an argument, just saw the arb award and immediately awarded the CA/OC a judgement based on that. It probably varies state to state and hopefully this system will be changed so that it'll be more fair. I just don't see how a non-judicial entity can award judgements that are immediately recognized by the courts, esp. with problems of lack of service to the "defendant." It'd be like I set up my own system, say, "Person XYZ owes me money" and then take that to court and its immediately recognized w/o argument.
  14. Yeah, me and Bubbaboo have been trying to figure out MB's MO. We did try to find if anyone has actually been taken to arb and/or sued by MB... Bubbaboo found some responses saying yes, and of course yours. We just can't figure out how they decide. I would think if you put up a fight, they may move on, but in your case they didn't. Maybe the C&D did it where you left no other option than a lawsuit? I think Bubbaboo is right, they definitely check your CR and whatever else to see what it is they can take. I think they may also look to see where you live - is it consumer friendly? Can they garnish wages? Does amount matter I wonder. Your bill is small compared to mine. I would think it would be the opposite, why bother with small bills than bigger ones? Then I got to thinking and maybe its b/c they feel there is a better chance of collecting/negotiating a settlement on smaller bills than larger ones? I guess I'd like to put some reason to the madness. It seems so haphazard and random, and I guess it very well could be. But from a business perspective, seems like you'd have some hardcore algorithms running, like price modeling, that would point them to how they should collect. I guess maybe I give too much credit and it really is random. Good luck to you HoundMom and keep us posted.
  15. Hey there hound mom. I'm dealing with them as well for a Chase account. Check out Bud Hibbs site regarding them as well as searching the forums here. From what Bud Hibbs says, the Fed Ex from them is Mann Bracken giving "notice" or "serving" you for arbitration. I first had contact with them about 9 months ago or so. I did like you, sent them a DV. They basically sent back a letter saying they were getting the requested info, then about 3-4 months after my DV they sent some letter that had a signed document from a Chase person that basically just said "This is the amount owed." Then another 2 months or so after that, i got about a years worth of statements from them. Haven't heard anything since, except for a random phone call one time. May I ask was the DV the first time you sent it to MB? When was their first contact? Did they send you the stuff you requested in your DV? In my DV, i asked them to provide proof I agreed to arbitration. not sure if it matters or not, but I've seen it recommended. Keep us posted.