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  1. ANYWAY, it was discussed yesterday and today in another thread. There was a thread about it in September. There have been several threads about it. With all due respect, "Posting 101" makes mention of posting things that have already been posted, because it causes unnecessary clutter. When you start a thread, the field for the title reminds you to check if what you're about to post has already been posted. These rules exist for a reason on this forum. I'm not going to get into a pissing match about it. Yes, posting duplicate threads about well-trodden ground makes things more convenient for some people because then they don't have to do as much work themselves. We get that. But we still request that you don't do it. What you should do: "Oh goodness, look what I just found! This is completely unfamiliar to me! I wonder if anyone's talked about it yet here! (Do search for key terms, like "Collection Advantage," or Experian Collection Agencies etc.) Oh, I see it has already been discussed. Let me add my thoughts to the thread." What you should NOT do: "Oh goodness, look what I just found! This is completely unfamiliar to me! I must immediately post a thread!" That's the mindset that everyone should learn to have, so we don't have so many repetitive threads to wade through... because that situation doesn't help anyone.
  2. Am I supposed to retype every post in multiple threads on this subject over the years and months? Or do the searches to find the threads for you? But no, there really isn't a big need for another conversation about it. We've all complained about it a dozen times, and that's all another thread will end up to be... going over old ground. You might as well search for the threads where it's all been said already. I honestly didn't memorize it all. I'm not trying to be mean. I'm just trying to tell you this issue is nothing new, and you'd be better off reading threads that already exist, because the arguments/facts/information are already there for you to read.
  3. merged threads, as there were two threads in two different forums on the same subject.
  4. I said paying them all off would give "the fastest and most dramatic boost." I paid off my cards and my TU FICO went from 791 to 810 when they all reported at zero.
  5. The "sad state of affairs" here is that caring for a sick child should land anyone in this position. I am sorry to hear of your circumstances, and hope your child is well. The others are right. The sooner you do this, the more relieved you will feel, and the sooner you'll be on your way to getting back on your feet. And yes, you will be able to rebuild fairly quickly. We'll be here to help you do that, and to offer moral support/advice in the meantime. You are not alone!
  6. We've discussed this many, many, many, many times over the past 2 years or so.
  7. You can apply for more than one card, but if they've already given you as much as they think you can handle, you'll be told you have "sufficient credit with Juniper" (which most people take to mean "a sufficient number of cards," but they're mistaken).
  8. Isn't it funny how quickly and savagely the horns come out when you blow their cover, and tell consumers that they don't need to pay these companies to file disputes for them? They'll say whatever they have to say to shut you up and perpetuate the myth that lines their pockets. These companies rely on the fact that most consumers are so confused, scared and intimidated by the whole process that they've never even looked into how to do it themselves... the same way CA's rely on the fact that most consumers have no idea of what their rights are. Kudos to you, Morrow for standing up for us all! And of course kudos to Kristy and her sexy-a$$ book.
  9. I'd personally get it fixed. A 710 with only one account showing will do you very little good.
  10. The only "dumb questions" are the ones asked without making a good-faith effort to search for the answers first. Welcome!
  11. I'm sure all access to/activity on all CRA employees' reports is closely monitored. HOWEVER, their disputes are apparently given VIP treatment.
  12. If it is Oasis, and you can afford to pay it, I'd advise doing so. Good luck!! EDIT: Wait a couple of weeks and see if you get a letter before talking to them.
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