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  1. It doesnt matter whether I become AU or joint... its on my grandparents accounts... they have 814 and 803 mid FICOs, there never will be any problems if it is a joint account... I'm still not sure what to do... what should I try?
  2. Well I was told that there can only be one joint account holder for each card and my grandparents both share each of the cards. I was also told that if I get added to my grandmas target visa that i wont get credit for past account history, that the tradeline will start from the day I am added. I dont know who to believe or what to do in order to get the existing card history to report...
  3. Well see that is what I'm running into. They are all willing to add me as an authorized user so I can use a card and not be responsible for credit or billing. BUT that is what i WANT! I want them to take my name, social security number and report the tradeline to my account in order to boost my FICO. Anyone know which companies specifically will do this and report the tradeline?
  4. Ok so my grandparents agreed to go with the whole thing about adding me as an authorized user... I called a few of their cards to see which would allow it and NO good news so far unless I'm asking the wrong questions or talkin to the wrong people! They have no lates and below 30% util on all cards, so adding to any would be good, but no luck! EACH OF THESE COMPANIES/CARDS SAID THEY COULD ADD ME AS AN AUTHORIZED USER AND I WOULD GET A CARD AND SEMI-CONTROL OVER THE ACCOUNT, BUT NO FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY OR CREDIT REPORTING?! Wells Fargo Platinum Mastercard - They've had since 1990 Mervyns Pre
  5. How exactly, in detail, does this method work... and does it work with all credit card companies? Let says I have someone who has a credit card they have 10 years worth of on-time payments, and they add me as an authorized user. I hear it transfers the account history over to my name as well? Is that the case? Is that the case on only certian cards or companies? Anyone wanna explain this in detail and if there are any other pros, as well as if any cons exist?
  6. Ok so here is what we are working with... I think I have too many inquiries, BUT I can justify them to myself, I bought 4 houses last year... ?? I guess. Also this is what the recommendations are... 1) Inquiries like I said, I bought 4 houses last year, that has a lot to do with it... 2) I am only 23, I have had credit since I was 18 but I made the mistake about 2 years ago and CLOSED all my accounts I wasnt using because I wasnt going to use them anymore... All good credit history stuff like mervyns, jc penny, circuit city... etc. THIS REALLY HURT ME, I basically started over when I was 21
  7. And I can check my credit monthly, or weekly, or daily, without any negative effect to my score? That is what I'm worried about is finding the most up to date copy, without any negative effect... I want to know when something changes or when my scores rise or fall.. Is that how this works?
  8. I experienced a major hit to my credit because I have 4 homes all with a 10% HELOC on them. These home equity lines show up as revolving debt and they are all maxed out at 10% of the value. I have about $260,000 in revolving mortgage accounts and about $280,000 in avaliable credit, so im using up like 93% of my aval credit... which dropped my score from 721 to 624 when I bought the 4 houses last year... No other derogs, No BKs, no late pmts or mortgage lates.. just lots of revolving debt being untilized... As we all know, HELOC are revolving accounts because they work similar to credit cards,
  9. Circuit City Visa account, formerly FNANB now currently Chase. I have a 1x30 with them, only blemish on my report. Trying to get it cleared up. I had a service on auto-pay for $19.95 a month on this account, thought it was pretty silly to continue making a payment for just this one charge, so requested it be moved to my ATM/Checking Visa card. I disregarded the account thereafter, but found out that they didnt move it to my ATM card and were still billing me to this old chase card. Later about 60 days after, I found out that it was counted as a 1x30 when i checked my credit. I filled out a di
  10. OOOORRRR pick the acocunt you've had the longest, with the best track record... tell them you're working on a big home project and you need a limit increase. More room to work with! Or if you're in good standing with each one, do it on each. Also consider this, get a new account and don't use it at all. Maybe you'll end up with a $5,000 or $7,500 to play with but just keep that card tucked away...
  11. The items you listed as "positive" aren't actually positive... they just are not derogatory. All that first column means is that you've never hate a late payment on those accounts. Her biggest problem is probably having too many open accounts with balances. Here is what you and her need to do: 1) Do not open any new accounts, no inquiries until the house purchase is complete 2) Pay OFF in full, to a zero balance, all department stores and subprime accounts. (do not close the accounts, just pay them off and put the card away in your safe) 3) If you must use any credit cards, use universally acc
  12. Yeah a lot of CREDIT related companies do this. I got a loan with Countrywide on one of my homes and the credit agency they use in Texas called me several times from numbers like 1-800-000-000 or 001-001-0001. But usually companies who employ a large # of people or have several hundred phone lines usually block the # or "spoof it" so they dont have people returning calls to specific lines. So in short, a number may show up normall, it may be "blocked" (achieved by pushing *67 before placing a call, showing as either blocked or private caller, or "spoofed" usually done by hospitals, large corp
  13. fybpm

    PGE Bill

    ::NEW UPDATE:: We spoke with someone at the OC (pge) and they said that because the account has been closed for more than 30 days, they have no control over it and it belongs to the collection company? Now what? Has anyone ever dealt with PGE before in this manner or had a similar experience with them and know a good way to handle this ??
  14. fybpm

    PGE Bill

    What is a DV letter???