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  1. I rec'd a bill from a collection agency in 2004 for a bill that was not mine. I disputed it with the OC through the collection agency but the OC kept saying it was mine. The CA said they had verified it and now pay up. The CA did not, apparently, believe me that it wasn't mine and believed the OC But the collection agency seemed to have gotten fed up and sold the account to another collection agency who, once I told THEM what the story was, sold it to another. I recently disputed this account on my credit report as reported by the first agency and the first agency verified it even though
  2. I have a collection on my TransUnion account that I am disputing. It is not on my Experian or Equifax report. Therefore my E&E scores are much higher than TU. Any way to know what companies don't (or do) check TU? I wanted to consolidate some balances but don't want a ton of inquiries on my report if they are going to TU. Thanks.
  3. I don't understand how the date changed from 7/00 to 11/00 after a letter saying it was obsolete was sent. what says they are not allowed to do that?
  4. 1. He was never delinquent. He returned the car (at the credit union's behest) before a payment was ever late. 2. From what I can surmise, he last paid 7/00. Nothing was paid in 8/00 or 9/00 as the credit union had the car. In 10/00 they auctioned the car and the proceeds paid off all but 2k of the loan. The outstanding 2k has been reported all along but the DLA is still 7/00 on all 3 reports and has been all these 7 years. 3. Equifax has reported it, all 7 years, as DLA in 7/00. Once he requested it removed due to obsolence, they went to the OC. So how did they break the law? 4.
  5. I have posted on here about helping a friend with a "voluntary repossesion"...yes I know no such thing but he was young and lost his job and panicked and gave back the car before the first payment was even late. He gave back the car in July 00. The car was auctioned in Oct 00 and the proceeds paid off all but 2k of the balance in November 00. (he just found this out). All 3 credit bureaus listed the date of last activity as July 00. The last time he made a payment. He gave the car back before the August payment was due. We wrote all 3 and said it was obsolete, please remove. Experian remov
  6. When I got the first letter I checked my final bills and the checks sent. They all said "Time Warner" in my book and on the checks. I have no idea who made the mistake which is why I was asking them for verification. I wrote them and said, "I have two Time Warner accounts and closed them both at the same time. My checks and the bill amounts seem to add up to everything being paid, please verify what this $100.00 is for." At first I thought it might be an overage or something. I just wanted to know what the $100.00 was for. I didn't know I overpaid one TW and underpaid the other, but I
  7. send a letter to them as well.
  8. you have ties to Texas and they probably do as well. It has to be INCONCEIVABLE that you would be sued in that state for it to be the wrong jurisdiction. Where are their headquarters? Where are they incorporated? Did they have your Texas address? If they have ANY ties to Texas, they can sue you there. If you have any ties to Texas and it's reasonable to sue you there, you can be sued there. If they are in Texas in any capacity, they can sue you there.
  9. I apologize for all the posts but right now I feel like I am in collection hell. I moved about 6 months ago and now appear to be fighting with creditors that were paid. 1. I owned 2 houses for about a year because I bought one and could not sell the other. I kept up all my bills in both places. I rented the first one out for a fraction of the mortgage and included utilities and cable in the rent. None of my bills in either house were ever late (a miracle unto itself). 2. My cable company was Time Warner in both states. 3. This year I sold both houses and bought a 3rd (in the same state
  10. it's called constructive agreement. If you use the card, you agree to the terms. When my CC company tried to jack up my interest rate, I objected. They said that the interest rate would stay the same UNTIL I used the card, then that was my agreement to the interest rate hike. Believe me, I never used the card.
  11. I DV'd a collection about a year and a half ago. The CA was sending my letters and the creditor's letters back and forth. The creditor was a doctor who screwed up on submitting to insurance. In the DV exchange, the doctor said he submitted to my insurance and it was declined. My insurance said they never submitted it. The SOL on submitting it to the insurance was long past. Now the doctor wanted me to pay for it. Mind you the bill was from 2003 and I had assumed, all along, that the insurance had paid for it. I heard from the doctor long after I COULD have gotten my insurance to pay fo
  12. If they are suing you, it is their burden to prove that you owe the money. If they do not, then you can move for a motion to dismiss after they present their case. You don't need to do anything except take issue with what they present. If they do not present a contract with your signature on it, then you can use that in their case against you but I would definitely move for a motion to dismiss based on not meeting their burden after they present their case. If you have reason to believe you could be sued in the state you are being sued in, the court has jurisdiction. You don't have to liv
  13. I really want to write a letter to them and list all the things they did wrong such as never contacting me in writing etc. I don't want to lose credibility with spurious accusations such as called me on a cell phone if it's not clear they really can't do it. I have no idea how they got my cell phone number but it's ironic that they're calling about a Sprint account to a Verizon wireless number. Why would I have both? anyway, my understanding is that the cell phone issue is not really a slam dunk. Correct?
  14. does what you've quoted translate into can't call a cell phone?
  15. they cannot call a cell phone...where is that written? I didn't know it was them...I just picked up the phone (yes, it was a cell phone) and I talked to lady number 1 two weeks ago because they never sent me a letter and I had no idea what she was talking about. Because they keep saying I live at X Drive in X state, they don't have my address obviously -- in another state. She said the burden was on ME to write to them at "this point" and I asked what point was that and she said the point where it was about to go to the credit bureau. I've been through the ID theft thing before but the way t
  16. no letter and threatening me with things should I write regarding FCRA et al violations
  17. About 2 weeks ago I received a call on my cell phone stating that they were a collection agency and were calling to collect about an account that is not mine. They said, "Do you live in x state?" and I said no. They said did you live in x state in 2006. I said no. They said well we have this account with your social and you need to take care of it. I said it's not mine. They said well you need to send us a letter to that effect OTHERWISE you are going to be reported to the credit bureaus. I said YOU never sent me a letter. They said, send the letter or pay the consequences and hung up.
  18. I talked to my friend. He said that if you owe less than 2k after auction, you are not liable for it. Meaning they can't report it as you still owe them 2k. If it's more than 2k they can report it. He said its MA Gen Law and you can search it under repossession. So they can report a repossession but the balance has to be 0. In his case, they said he still owed 2019.00 but it's being reported as owing 7k.
  19. He told me (I don't live in MA) that under state law if your balance is less than 2k they have to report it as 0 or not report it at all. I have never seen the law and I don't know what it is. You might want to research it.
  20. In this case the date of delinquency would be the date of repossession? He was never late with a payment. He voluntarily returned the car. It was auctioned before his next payment was even due but he never received any paperwork. If we dispute as it's been 7 years can the CRA come back and say, no you have to wait an additional 180 days? Do they do that? Does anyone know?
  21. As I've reported in other threads, I am helping a friend clean up his credit which actually looks quite good except for a repossession (it was "voluntary") in 2000. He was never late with a payment but had lost his job and called the bank for help (hoping to make some kind of arrangement while he was unemployed). They told him to return the car and they would auction it and it would most likely be a wash. He did so and never received any paperwork or a word from the bank. Last year he goes to apply for a mortgage and finds an involuntary repossession on his credit report. He calls the bank
  22. a lot of money to spend just to get rid of inquiries? Inquiries don't decrease your score that much and my experience is that if I throw in a few inquiries with every dispute, they fall off.
  23. Have a Citibank credit card that goes back to the early 90s and has never been late. I also have a Lechmere card that is still technically "open" even though Lechmere no longer lates and the card remains my credit as open. I had mortgages back then (have had mortgages with never lates since I'm TWENTY THREE) but they fell off and I didn't worry about it because I've always had a mortgage (or two) and never late. I called and talked to them and they said it's "not enough" compared to my recent credit. What is enough? I can't keep every TL on there.
  24. I received a letter from Progressive Insurance saying the reason I didn't get the best rate was due to my credit. They gave the requisite too many open balances but also said, no credit lines prior to age 35. Since I'm older than 42 and my old TLs whether good or bad just fall off, how am I supposed to address this? I don't even get it.