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  1. when I met my husband he had paid everything in cash. His house was paid for in credit cards, no loans. Hence, no credit. I made him an AU on all my accounts to get some credit for him. He has a great score today which makes it easier for us to get mortgages, loans but he still doesn't believe in credit.
  2. I moved in March and brought back my cable boxes. Never received a final bill from Time Warner and now I'm in collections for 87.00 AND it's on my credit report. WHAT? I had the same thing happen with AT&T about 4 years ago and it's STILL on my credit report even though I paid it. Any ideas? How does one wind up in collections without even receiving a final bill?
  3. The "charge off" happened well after the auction so I assume it's close to the time. BTW, he never received any papers saying when the car was auctioned, how much etc...that is why he just assumed it was a wash.
  4. I've posted about this friend before who has had this "voluntary" repossession haunt him for years now. Yes, I know that there is really no such thing as a "voluntary" repo but he was young and went to the bank when he lost his job and was struggling to pay for the car, and they suggested he "give it back" and he did thinking it would be a wash. He had paid 2 years on the car and it was in excellent condition (it was his baby). He was 23 and didn't want to fall behind on the payments (he had not missed a payment yet) and ruin his credit so he gave it back thinking the bank got the better
  5. She says that if his repo comes off he has no credit which is worse than bad credit. Agree? Disagree?
  6. A friend has a repo that happened 7 years ago in June. He went to a mortgage broker who suggested he pay it off for pennies on the dollar and gave him the name of a "credit repair" person who can negotiate the settlement with the bank. He owes $2500.00. He said he was just going to have it taken off in June and she said it will never really come off, that it will pop up again and again. My first inclination is to say that she doesn't know what she is talking about. Does she?
  7. I lost a book that I had borrowed from the NYPL. They sent me a bill for the book and I was going to pay it, but then I found the book. I brought the book back. End of story or so I think. I get a bill from a collection agency (in Indiana) and I write them and say I returned the book, all is well...please go away. that was IN MAY. A few months later the CA is on my credit report. I write them again and say I returned this book and it's all taken care of. I ask them to remove the negative information from my credit report and I dispute it with the CRA. It comes back VALIDATED. I write
  8. Thank you. Do I say it's against the law? Thanks again.
  9. I'm another lover of Amex (gold) and I like Citi though they will jack the interest rate up at a moment's notice. I loved MBNA until BoA took over and I have had a bad experience with BoA in the past so we'll see what happens. I hate Chase. They jacked one of my cards up to 29.9 percent once because my "revolving credit was too high" and that was 2 years ago and they refuse to bring it down. I have a zero balance and it will stay at zero as long as that is up there.
  10. I never said I was on the phone. All of my communication has been in writing with the CA and the OC. I just want to know if I have any grounds to complain that they are reporting this debt when they no longer have it.
  11. I have disputed this with the credit bureaus but have not heard back yet. I recently received an offer of settlement from an entirely differnt CA that I had never heard of that has this account now. This is the third one. It is the FIRST one that reported it on my credit report back in May. I really need to get this off of there and I am disputing the amount with the OC, we are STILL in communication with each other over this. We seem to be deadlocked but we're still talking. While we're talking the FIRST collection agency (no longer involved in the debt) is on my credit report. If the
  12. I told a friend to apply for a Target red card to reestablish credit. Last Christmas they gave her a $200.00 credit limit. She typically charges about $150.00 and then pays it down to about 60.00, charges about up to 150 again and pays it down. She has been hoping for a credit line increase but it has not happened. She doesn't want them to pull her credit but she does want an increase. It's been almost a year she's been paying on time and doesn't know when/how the increase will come without her asking for it. Will they pull her credit or just review her history? She's very paranoid about
  13. Is it possible to send them an ITS letter? Is this an okay thing to do? I sent a dispute to the credit bureaus but would like to hit them with a letter as well.
  14. I had a collection agency contact me about a bill. I disputed it with them and with the doctor. The doctor never submitted to insurance though they had assured me they had. I was out of work at the time and would have never had the services if it wasn't to be submitted to insurance. The collection agency was relaying the letters to the doctor and back to me and visa versa. Then they suddenly sold the account to another collection agency AND listed it on my credit report. What can I do about this? The dr and I have still not resolved our dispute over the bill and the collection agency no
  15. This happened to my DH. Very upsetting. It was impossible to get Ballys and their CA to cease and desist. The information (negative) is still on the credit report and we are looking into legal action.
  16. I have a Citibank VISA that I've had for 11 years. I've never been late and I have a credit line of 8k. I noticed my interest rate rising from 15 to 26 percent and called them. They said they could not lower it and that the only recourse is to apply to another card and transfer the balance. I don't want to do that with a card I've had 11 years. My interest rate is based on all my outstanding balances of all credit. I don't understand. I don't want to close it but it's ridiculous. I have a Chase Mastercard which I opened in 2002 at 9 percent and is now at 29.9 percent never late, zero ba
  17. But the bank told him he could turn it in, it would be sold and he could walk away from the loan. They never said there would be even a slight balance, let alone a huge one. He bought the car for 6900 and paid for 2 years on it. He never dreamed it would result in this. He was not even behind on payments YET when he turned it in. He orignally went to the bank just to explain his situation and that payments might be late. The bank misrepresented the future dealings to him. I know you're probably a collector, but this person was in financial hardship and went to the bank. They also led h
  18. Actually I found out that the person specifically went to the bank to get the loan payments either reduced or frozen when he was out of work. The bank suggested they just turn in the car and all would be forgiven. As my friend said to me today, "Why would I turn in the car if I thought I would still owe 2K?" If he HAD 2k, he would have kept the car and made the payments. He talked to the bank and THE BANK SUGGESTED the voluntary repo to walk away from the loan. Taking the car and then billing him 2k doesn't even make sense. Why would you voluntarily give up your car if you still have to p
  19. Today I received a notice from the original CA AND from the new CA both dated this week. What?
  20. Today I received a notice from the original CA AND from the new CA both dated this week. What?
  21. The last collection agency sent me the letters of the doctors as proof that I owe the debt and a copy of the billing statement that I saw for the first time when the CA sent it to me. Why did the last CA get rid of it? Did they think, based on my letter (which always ended with "I don't owe this money") that it was too much of a hassle or did they sell it to a NY based collection agency to take me to court? I don't know if the change in CA is a good thing or a bad thing.
  22. I guess I'm looking for some answers for them in general...some leverage with the bank. They feel as if they've been lied to by the bank and are now paying for the bank's failure to tell them all the consequences of the decision to give back the car. He was young at the time this happened (early 20s).
  23. No, the car was auctioned and the remaining balance was just over 2k. In Massachusetts (where the loan is and they live) the state law is that they can't "go after you" on a repo if the balance is less than 2k. The other issue is that the bank never termed it as a repossession or gave them any clue that this would be a credit issue. The bank made it sound like they were doing them a favor by "taking back" the car.
  24. I acknowledged that I had the services that are being charged for. In 2003 I had a car accident and went to this provider (among many, I was hospitalized for over a month). They asked for both my primary insurance and my car insurer even though I told them that I didn't have medical on my auto insurer. My primary insurance was very good and paid 99.9 percent of the bills from this accident as soon as I let them know I had no medical on my car insurance. This doctor never submitted to my medical insurance and now claims they were waiting for the auto claim to be paid. The insurance company
  25. I posted about this a while's a situation some friends of mine had with a "voluntary" repossession. 1. Fell behind on bills...medical issues/unemployment. 2. Called the bank to beg off payment until finances rebound or reduce payment or come to some kind of arrangement. 3. Bank suggested they "surrender" the car in exchange for no more loan. They say it is a voluntary surrender and never term it a repossession. 4. Bank auctioned car and left a balance just over 2k 5. MA law says that if the car is sold for LESS than 2k, it is written off. 6. Bank tells couple today they stil