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  1. I rec'd a bill from a collection agency in CA from a doctor in CA and I live in NY. This was the first I'd heard of this bill and this doctor never submitted to insurance and the bill was over 2k and now there is like 800.00 interest on it. I told the CA that I disputed the bill and sent a letter to the doctor stating this is why I disputed it (they failed to submit to insurance etc) and copied the CA. The doctor sent the CA a lengthy rebuttal to what I had written and the CA forwarded it to me. I wrote one back to both the CA and the doctor. These letters have been going back and forth fo
  2. Oh, rather than a paid collection? Got it. He's a really nervous tongue tied kid and I know he's going to not like that idea but we shall own experience with utilities is that they won't delete the lates but maybe this one will.
  3. A friend's college aged son (when he was 20) moved out of his apartment in Boston and his roommates promised to pay the electric bill with Massachusetts Electric. He was not on the lease and when he moved out, the bill had been paid in full. He admits (now) that he was the most responsible one in the apt but thought that they would pay it being in his name (silly naive kid). Yes, everyone realizes that it was a dumb move on his part to let the roommates keep the electric in his name, but that's what happened. They ran it up to 1600.00 and then Mass Electric shut it off. I have no idea how
  4. The CA is Risk Management Alternatives. The OC is AT&T not wireless....landline and she had Verizon at the time. She will pay it before closing but she wanted her first letter to them to be a bit of saber rattling...just in case she pays it and they keep it on there. She doesn't want to be ignored because they've been paid.
  5. Is the CA required to send a letter or some kind of notice before reporting to CRA?
  6. Well she's hoping that they've committed some kind of violation by never contacting her about the debt and not answering her DV letter. She's hoping she can rachet up the heat on them and get it off. She doesn't want a paid collection on her report esp when she has no clue what this even is.
  7. Credit report states: Collections: Date Reported 3/2006 Date Assigned 2/2006 Creditor: AT&T Original Amount Owed: $59 Date of 1st Delinquency 2/2004 Balance Date 3/2006 Balance Owed: $59 Last Payment Date n/a Status Date 4/2006 (note: this is after DV letter) Status: D-unpaid Comments: Customer has now located consumer
  8. The collection agency is on the report. States that the creditor is AT&T and the reason for reporting the debt late is that they couldn't locate customer. I've never seen a collection agency give a reason on a credit report but this one did. The thing is that this collection agency never sent a letter informing her of the debt, never tried to contact her and when she sent the DV letter when she saw it on her report, they never answered. They pulled the report on Friday and it's still there, more than 30 days after she DV'd.
  9. I have a friend who is buying a house and they said she had a collection that she needed to clear up for $59 from AT&T. My friend has never had AT&T anything...and she said the credit report stated "customer just found debtor" because the alleged date of the debt is 2/04 and the first reporting is 3/06. The CA never sent her a letter and she wrote them to dispute the debt, ask for validation and they have not answered. She is trying to figure out the best way to do this without just paying it. The mortgage company is getting impatient. Thoughts?
  10. The UCC is not adopted by Louisiana which follows more of a civil law than a case law model.
  11. They cannot verify his information as he never had an account with them.
  12. Can anyone suggest the wording for an ITS letter? I sent a DV saying it was not my account and they wrote back that they could not answer the inquiry without an account number. Now it's time for ITS. Please give me some guidance. Thanks.
  13. DH sent Ballys a DV letter stating he never had an account with them. The FIRST LINE says, "I never had an account with you. I was never a member at your club." and goes on to state that there is negative information on his credit report and he wants it removed immediately. They send a letter back stating that we have provided INSUFFICIENT INFORMATION and they CANNOT RESPOND TO THIS INQUIRY WITHOUT A MEMBERSHIP NUMBER. Now what do I do? This is the SECOND letter I've received this week where the creditor obviously isn't reading what I wrote.
  14. I reread my letter to them and I stated "Please provide me with: (validation)" and also "All future communication with me must be in writing." So there is NO WHERE that it says to not communicate with me, in fact it says just the opposite. I'm giving them 30 days (my letter was dated March 30) and then I'm going after them if I haven't heard.
  15. yup, that's the letter. Idiots.
  16. UCC=uniform commercial code Uniform codes are usually ones that are recognized by most every state (though some uniform laws are adopted by only a handful). In this case the UCC is recognized by every state except Louisiana. I have a friend in California who has a Verizon bill on her credit report from 2000 and she's argued SOL and was told it's the time the creditor has to sue you not necessarily turn you over to collections or report you to the CR agency.
  17. I sent a DV letter to AFNI and they sent back a letter stating that they are acknowledging my request for them to cease communications with me. I never said that in my DV letter. What now? Will they answer my request for validation?
  18. I just DV'd AFNI after receiving a collection notice for a 38.00 cable bill from 1999. WHAT?
  19. I put DH and 2 kids w/ credit dings on mine the month after I got it. Should be no problem.
  20. Borrowing statutes are things that are hard to understand. Some states will say "whichever is shorter" and others will say "Whichever is longer" and some will say the state where you accrued the debt and others will say where you live. You might have to look those two states up and hope that it's not a 'conflict' situation where they each say the opposite.
  21. Yeah, sometimes it's like a whack a mole game. I had a dentist bill that I disputed with the doc who refused to negotiate with me (he was supposed to do one root canal and decided to do two while he was in there). I refused to pay for the second and the thing kept cropping up on my credit report over the course of seven years. Every time I disputed it, it disappeared. Then some new CA would pop up at some other time. Just keep dv'ing and disputing. I actually did this for the full 7 years of the SOL. I'm stubborn like that.
  22. Thank you for that information. I'm actually helping two friends of mine clean up their credit. They had been on very hard times for a long time. She was very sick, he was unemployed and in the past two years she's doing much better and went back to work and he's gainfully employed. They actually have the opportunity to buy a house and know nothing about credit reporting. She had some medical bill collections and was told by the mortgage broker to clean them up (pay them) and she's been doing that. She told me (in casual conversation) that she doesn't even remember half of them or ever rec
  23. How can you DV when you're years since date of first reporting? If you suddenly have a need for a credit report, find some CA on there and think, "I have NO idea what this is for" how do you write that in a DV letter? or do you give them that much information?
  24. I called these friends last night and was told that at the time of the "voluntary repossession" he tried to either keep the car or have it so that he owed nothing. They told him that if the balance was less than 2k in Massachusetts, they couldn't hold him liable and the balance would most likely be less than 2k because the car was relatively new and in excellent shape. The balance, after auction, was 2095.00 so he is still on the hook for it. However, he never thought he would owe anything. Any recourse? Thanks.
  25. I have a question: if they auctioned the car, would that come off the balance or would it be considered "written off"?