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  1. thanks. No I haven't. I asked a friend of mine who did have a repo with a car company's finance company and he said they repo'd the car, sold it and then sent him a bill for the balance which he never paid and they charged off. The CO was on his credit report about a year and then it just suddenly dropped off one month (he had expected it to be reported for several years). This friend (the one who is the subject of this post) said he gave up the car and never heard another word from the original creditor who is a credit union. I don't understand the many dates after "repossession as of..
  2. I posted about a month ago about trying to help some friends of mine credit. The guy had a "voluntary repossession" (I know, no such thing) in late 2000. He lost his job and called the bank because he was two months behind in his car payments. The bank told him he could voluntarily turn in the car and cease the car payments. It was on his report as a repo and also a charge off and also with a balance. I disputed it a month ago but it came back verified. I don't understand the credit report: this is what it says under account history on his credit report (Experian): Status: repossession/
  3. After three identity theft situations and helping some people with some issues they have on their reports, I'm becoming "known" as someone who can help people (not that I'm as knowledgeable as most of the people on here). What I see is that a lot of people are intimidated or afraid of doing something wrong or it just boggles their minds. I know it seems easy but for some people, all the paperwork and letter writing and keeping up with it is daunting. That is another reason why they thrive or why people go to other people (who are not daunted by all this) for help.
  4. I have as well. It's a very serious matter. You do NOT want to file a police report for ID theft if your id was not stolen. As someone who has endured this nightmare THREE times, I know it's a big deal. Please do not play with the laws. You will be in a lot more trouble than just owing some money. My police report was followed up on for MONTHS. They spoke to all the creditors involved and kept me informed about the progress of the case. People were arrested eventually. They do consider these crimes very serious and do prosecute them. Please do not file a false police report.
  5. I would definitely pound on the "no notice" issue. Even if your jurisdiction is just mail, there has to be a reasonable belief that you are there. If they waited a year that doesn't seem reasonable to me. I think they must have had some responsibility for tracing you before serving you.
  6. I had turned DH's credit report over to Lexington some time ago because he had stupid lates on there--things he just forgot to pay as well as 2 Mastercards from the same company when he thought he only had one so he set up autopay with one while the other went into delinquent status (like I said, stupid lates). I turned it over to them because it just aggravated me (sometimes the spouse is not the person to do it). Since last summer they did not get a single deletion for 39.00 a month. I started attacking it a couple of months ago and have gotten 3 so far.
  7. A friend of mine had a judgment on her credit report for a bill for an exhusband (after they were divorced). She sent copies of her divorce papers to the attorney representing the hospital and a motion to set aside the judgment to the court. Both the attorney and the judge were very understanding and threw out the joint judgment and then proceeded against the exhusband alone. It was a relatively simple procedure because she was not married to the guy at the time and had never lived in the state. The attorney for the hospital did not want to hang her up for something that wasn't hers. She r
  8. sorry. Yes verify. Is MOV method of verification? According to her, she's done both online and in letter and even belonged to Lexington Law for a while and they couldn't make it budge either.
  9. I have a friend who applied for a First Premier card about 4 years ago and then was late twice. She quickly paid it off and has disputed the lates for years now and they always seem to validate. Anyone find this not to be so or any way around this?
  10. Thanks so much!!! My letters to both the collection agency and Ballys are not going to be very nice!
  11. While perusing DH's credit report, I came across this: Collection Agency 163YC00000 Original Creditor Not on record ??????????????? I said to him, "What is this?" and he has no idea. How do we find out?
  12. I had a similar thing with a Bank of America Visa I was trying to pay off. I had the card for about 6 years and had a high of 12k at one point and was never ever late with it. When I paid it off there was some residual balance that had some residual interest. It was something like 2.11 and it kept going for months as a charge off which, of course, I was unaware of. When I saw it, I freaked out. I called one person at BoA and it was taken care of and deleted from my credit bureau reports.
  13. Does anyone know the address for Ballys Total Fitness (corporate or financial)? I've tried to find it but can't. I wrote a few months ago that my son (same name as DH) belonged and stopped paying. The ding is on BOTH credit reports. DH called Ballys who told him to send in a copy of his license so they could match up with photo on file. No matter that there is 28 years difference in DOB. hello. As stupid as he thought it was, he sent it in. Well, they never corrected it correctly. They took it off my son's credit report and left it on my husband's. It's now in collections according to
  14. What is does it have a longer addy? I went on the collectors website for a bit to see how they think. I had to shower afterwards. ewwwwwwwwwwww
  15. I moved from MA to CA in 2000. When I first arrived in CA I was contacted by my cable company that I didn't return the box. Yes, we had returned it (we had no use for a cable box from MA in CA). They asked if I had the receipt and, having just moved, said I was sure it was there somewhere but I hadn't located it yet. They didn't press me for it and I assumed that was the end of the issue. I lived in CA 3 years and never heard back from them. In 2003 I moved from CA to TX and never heard from them. In 2005 I moved to NY and suddenly (this month) I am getting collection notices on this c
  16. Look up the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure. It should be 20 or 30 days to answer. FYI, one of the things you should know before filing suit is all the time limits because you might need to answer in a timely manner as well. So look it up and remember them.
  17. A friend of mine was divorced in 1998. One of the big reasons for her divorce was her ex was a complete deadbeat. Never paid a bill and they were forced into bankruptcy. While filing the bankruptcy she found out this was the third time he had done so and that losing everything was just second nature to him. Not to her. After they divorced he never paid a cent in child support. I think his arrears are over 50k. she cleaned up a lot of stuff after losing everything and actually bought a house last year by herself. The day she was closing, she found a collections on her creidt report when
  18. Is this okay? As I posted last night, I'm helping some friends clean up credit and there are several entries from both the OC and the CA. Is this okay? Should I suggest they just dispute the OC and work out a settlement with CA? Thanks!
  19. I am helping two friends clean up their credit. She has a bunch of unpaid and paid medical collections on her report. The mortgage company told them to start paying off all the collections and they have but some of them will take forever. They are doing what they were told to do, but they don't understand how paying this was "bad" for their credit. Is it possible to arrange settlement for removal on report after you've started paying them off? They just started to send them money but some are not paid and won't be for some time. they haven't spoken to the collection agencies at all. I'm
  20. Thanks. I was talking to them over the weekend and the subject of them buying a house came up and they told me about the trip to the mortgage company who told them all the wrong things to clean up their credit. She has unpaid and paid medical collections, he has the voluntary repo. They are still in that world where how credit reporting works is still unknown territory and they didn't seem to get it when I explained that they could dispute things. I volunteered to help them, so I'm being overly cautious before I start disputing everything because it's not my credit report.
  21. Friends of mine are trying to buy a house and have some credit issues. One of them was a voluntary repossession. The guy lost his job (about 2 or 3 years ago) and volunarily relinquished the car to the bank. Is it wise to try to dispute this or is there a special way to handle voluntary repossessions?
  22. Friends of mine are trying to buy a house. The mortgage officer told them to pay off medical collections and come back. They started to pay them off but it's a long time that this will be resolved. Any bargaining power once you've started paying them off?
  23. I received a line of credit offer through my professional association and I assume that the association may have had something to do with the approval but I can't say for sure. It's just baffling how some creditors will just overlook certain things and others just automatically ding you. I don't get it.
  24. I'd dispute first and then do goodwill. You disputed it because you didn't think it was yours but when they verified, you realized it was so you're willing to settle to get it off your report.
  25. I have applied for a backup line of credit and rec'd it. Some of the creditors just dinged me based on high credit limits and others called and asked me questions (are you in financial trouble etc). One asked me about a disputed late payment on my credit report. Others just noted said late payment as reason for rejection. If you actually TALK to me, it's clear I can afford a line of credit but some don't do it. However, I've now become suspicious of the creditors who behave the way I want them to behave. These are reputaeble banks/lending institutions with decent interest rates and yet I