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  1. What if they say "electronically." which is what they always say to me?
  2. I had an identity theft in 2003 and at that time was disputing everything on my credit report. Everything was verified and my mortgage was verified as "Paid as agreed, never late. Verified 9/2003" I had graduated from law school and was taking the bar exam and had no idea if they checked credit reports as part of character and fitness. I wanted to show that if something came down the pike that I had been on time. I sold the house in 2004, the identity theft never touched the mortgage or anything to do with that account. Last month I get a credit report with FOUR LATES from 2002 from Worl
  3. While keeping my credit reports clean due to multiple ID thefts, I decided to pull my husbands and found a collection agency bill on there. In 2000 my daughter closed her hand in a door at school. Nothing severe but the school RUSHED her to the hospital. They xrayed and "treated" to the tune of over 1k even though nothing was broken or even sprained. The school never gave our insurance info even though they had it on file. When we rec'd the bill we send the hospital the insurance information not once but 3 times. We never heard about it again and I assumed they finally put it through. No I
  4. How did you negotiate it down? I'd love to know.
  5. One customer service rep said a letter had gone out in July. I asked for a copy and they said they would send it (I didn't get it in July and I haven't gotten one since I've asked). The other sales rep said the same thing you reported, that only accounts in default should be reported. I have spoken to a couple of sales reps who have had no training on this or knowledge of this (yes, they claim they sent me a letter but their own cs reps don't know about this).
  6. I have a friend who asked me this question because I've dealt with cras so much but I can't answer it so I thought I'd post it here. She has a mortgage with Countrywide and has been a few days late a few times with her payments. Some she swears she mailed early enough to reach them on time and they cashed the day after the grace period ended. I think she has 4 in the span of 3 years. She called them when they reported 2 late in a row and she didn't think they should have been late. They maintained they were late and their reporting to the CRA was accurate. She disputed it with the CRA an
  7. I have posted a few other topics today. I just discovered this forum. I have been in credit bureau hell periodically over the last 3 years ever since an identity theft in 2003 and then another in 2004 and recently one last summer. I have been consistently checking my credit reports and can't believe the number of problems/issues/mistakes that go on. I have to challenge something at least once a month. I'm so glad I found this place! Forgive me if I ask a lot of questions over the next few weeks. I've just been so alone in all this and am so relieved to see everyone here. Amazingly enoug
  8. I have a gold card. For the first few months my spending was limited to 1 or 2 k a month but since I've paid off balances as high as 6 or 10k in a month, my credit is virtually limitless. That makes my credit great with Amex but I can't seem to translate this into a credit score boost. If I don't use them it looks like my credit limit is zero. aggggghhhhh.
  9. Thanks. Is DVing disputing verification? How would my letter stand out?
  10. There is no credit limit with Amex and I can't leave a balance. Amex MUST be paid off in full every month. That's how AMEX works. If I want to charge 10k in a month, they let me and then I have to pay 10k off at the end of the month. I charge anywhere from 2k to 5k in a given month and pay it off the minute the bill comes in. Yet on my credit report, if I've charge 5k in a given month it will show: credit limit: 5000 balance 5000 It never goes to zero or a smaller balance. Whatever I owe on the day they report is what they report as my credit limit AND my balance. so I'm always at 10
  11. I disputed it with Experian and called the creditor, World Savings. The Customer Service people said they couldn't help because they did not have access to records of closed accounts. When I called Experian to find out who verified it, they said it's verified "electronically". I called World Savings back and no one could tell me who verifies it but said it's just a computer program. They said if it had been reported incorrectly as "paid as agreed" all these years they could update it and put in late charges. I am so dismayed by this. I had an identity theft in 2003 and had everything up
  12. I charge between 2k and 5k a month on my Amex and pay it off promptly when the bill arrives. We pay everything with Amex. I thought this would make my credit look spectacular but it seems like I'm always carrying a high balance and my balance and credit limit always match (since there really is no credit limit.) I'm beginning to think this is hurting me more than helping me. Any suggestions?
  13. I received a new credit report with my old mortgage company suddenly reporting late payments from 2002 (3 of them). I paid this account in 3/04 and it has been reported "Paid as Agreed" for 4 years (opened in 2000). All of a sudden, there are late payments being reported to Experian. I live in a different state, have a different bank and no longer have this account. I tried to call to speak to customer service but because it is closed, they have no records to go on. I have no idea if I really was late or not but it has never been reported as such until now. I disputed it and it came back v