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  1. Hi guys, I need your help with this since every time i have sent a debt validation letter the collection agencies go away but this one sent me a letter today saying this: We are in receipt of your letter in which you stated there is a dispute with the aforementioned account and your request for validation. Your account was originally opened with XXXX XXXX bank December 15, 2005, and your last payment was received on June 23, XXXX. Our cleint has verified that the balance of $XXXX.XX to be true, correct and still owing at this time. i know this is not a validation and i would like to know how to proceed since they cant produce any paperwork. Thanks!
  2. WOW a week after they deleted i get the dunning letter ! they got it all backwards, i will be sending DV once again.
  3. I think you are wrong on this one ! SOL goes by where the contract was signed
  4. Dont settle with them specially since you have SOL on your side !
  5. awsome! its just funny that they deleted so fast ! less than a week for me and by the way my score jumped 14 points hehe
  6. Holy crap guys they came off my credit report today lol wow that was fast ! All it took was a DV letter. thank you Credit Infocenter
  7. WWOOOOHHHOOOO everything back to normal here too Vicki Banks rocks took about a week ! now fight with Palisades !
  8. thank you so much ! i hope they go away soon ! they didnt affect my credit score that much but i want them out !
  9. Hello everybody, today I updated my reports and there it was Palisades Collection, they are the only CA in my report as of now, they never sent me a dunning letter or anything. I will be sending them DV today. Do any of you have their fax number by chance ? I like use USPS and fax together. How bad are these guys ?
  10. looks like its a split i will call them tomorrow, hopefuly it can be fixed
  11. hello guys, tonight i updated my equifax report to find that everything has been deleted ! all my good accounts have been deteled ! but credit score still 730 any ideas what this could be ??? thanks
  12. Hello guys, since I first visited this board about 2 years I have been able to delete all negatives from my equifax "7 OC that were chargeoff back in 2003" and about 5 with TU and EX. only one CA remains in my TU and EX "My lawyer is suing them in federal court for their violations. My question is should worry about this 7 accounts coming back since i was able to delete them 2 to 3 years early ? can a CA claim the SOL is different ?
  13. the only way to reset the clock is to make a payment to that account, correct me if im wrong
  14. Oh yeh it went up from 645 to 735 90 points UP ! first time im above 700 in 4 years ! my credit report for EQ is 100% clean for now ! no Charge off etc CLEAN ! thanks to this board !
  15. Hello guys, I disputed 2 very old debts with transunion and equifax and they were removed but in the process i got fraud alerts on all 3 CRA anyway to remove this ? they say they stay for 7 years !
  16. hello guys how good are the NACA attorneys and can they be trusted ? do they work for CA or just for the consumer ?
  17. Does anybody know whats the time limit to ask for motion for discovery ? i got the court trial less than two weeks. I have already asked for a time extention but i would like get this JDB! ! Since all they got is a print out of transactions!
  18. here is more to this long battle with this CA this is the second time they have sued me in the past 2 years ! The first one the lawsuit was dismissed. For the second lawsuit we have a different judge and she seems to be on the CA side ! I cant believe she told me that I need to prove this is not mine ! All i can say this is not on my credit report which is true but other than that i dont know what to say !
  19. Hello guys, I have couple of questions about a lawsuit since I'm being sued, here they are. Can they get a judgement with just a print out of all the transactions made to the account ? Plus all my personal information ? including social security ? This is all they have against me in this lawsuit. I was told by the judge I need to prove to her that this is not mine ? any way of doing this ? this account is not on my credit report, but I have no idea how to prove is not mine besides denying it.
  20. Thanks for the fast reply and yes this account still within SOL by 5 months =(. At the hearing they showed the judge what they had as proof of this account being mine which included all my personal information Social Security number and a full list of all the transactions made to that account. I of course denied this as being mine since there is no signature but still the judge told me i need to prove to her this is not mine and there is no way i can do that ! so thats why im willing to settle out of court
  21. Hello guys a new CA served me around two months ago and today was the first court hearing. They have the OC statements and all my information. The trial has not been set as the judge gave us sometime to settle off court. I offered half and he said he is cool with that. Now what do I need to make sure they don't sue me again for the other half ? and what is the best way to send payment ? thanks
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