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  1. I was going to send the DV but wasnt sure if it's been too late. They did start calling me 2 months ago.
  2. I was wondering if anyone has ever delt with CG Services and what are their experiences with them? A rep from that company has been calling me every 2 weeks after I initially spoke with him on the phone (this was while I was new to this board). Basically in every message he's leaving he asks "why don't I have the common and professional courtesy (lol) to call him back" and he twice said If I don't call him back by a certain date then the situation will end up in court. Well that date passed and he's still calling. Anyways, I thought about calling him back and saying "professional courtsey isn't threatening legal action on the phone when you don't intend on doing so" and hanging up. I know that's not a particularly good or smart move, but would they do anything if I did that? I hate phones, people think they act however they want to you but won't do it to your face. Sorry for my rant.
  3. I had an Amex account that went into collections a few months ago. Nationwide sent me dunning letter and kept calling and thretening me even after I DV'd them. About 30 days later I called equifax to have them remove the listing as the CA couldn't furninsh proof that I was the debtor. The investigation came back "verified". This was about a week ago. Also I got a letter from nationwide about a week ago offering me different flexable ways to pay off "my debt". I just got a equifax credit watch gold alert that says the account is now a "Paid Collections" and the balance is now 0$. I didn't even pay the account off. ?? I was wondering how this could happen since the initial investigation came back verified? I find it weird that I hardly did anything to get it to a zero balance and a "paid" status. Did my dispute with the CRA have anything to do with it or did Amex and/or Nationwide give up on trying to collect?
  4. I thought I understood almost everything regarding the collections process but I guess I'm a bit confused. A CA is threatening to sue me (they keep saying I have 5 days to pay or they'll sue but never do). The account is newly charged off and is assigned to Nationwide. If they end up taking action against me, do I have any protection on account of they're still collecting after I sent a DV letter? I'm in California btw.
  5. That's what I figured... Thanks. When you officially file a lawsuit after the MOV process, do the CRA's then remove the negative items as to avoid court, or do you have to go through a court hearing?
  6. Here's my question to add to this thread...hopefully it isn't too redundant. I have initially disputed the negative items on my credit reports, so they are listed as in dispute. I am confident that they will later come back "verified", so my question is: should I even bother with a MOV letter, or just sue them like you say after the items come back verified? Also, after you file lawsuit, what is the process on getting them to delete the negative itmes that they can't and won't validate? Thanks...
  7. I love working with Equifax on this stuff, they're fast. I disputed some negative items today (on the phone) saying the OC can't furnish proof that I'm the debtor. I'll see what happens with those...
  8. I was wondering if I am able to contact the CRA's for my Wife and dispute any items on her reports, or will they only talk to my Wife? Thanks!
  9. Affirmative. I called and said that I don't recall applying for any of those applications.
  10. Hey. I had 30 inquiries on my credit report, I called equifax to dispute them and now I only have 3 on the report. I love this board!!
  11. Would all this be the same for a newly charged off account, as in 180+ days late? I'd like to sue (when the time comes) if they don't update my TL as being in dispute.
  12. I've had a lot of questions lately...sorry. I was wondering if the DV process works the same with newly charged off debts? My credit reports show current status: 120 days late and Nationwide is representing the Amex account in question. I've already sent a DV letter to Nationwide as stated in a previous post but like I said, I was wondering if the process is the same for a newly charged off account. I don't believe Nationwide purchased the debt. Sorry if this is a dumb question.
  13. Wow, howbout some details. What is the alleged debt for, how old is the debt, etc?? Were you ever summond, is this a default judgement?
  14. How could the judge rule in W&A's favor even if W&A has multiple documented violations??
  15. Sounds like things are going to end up in your favor retmar. I'm in California myself, and am getting harrasing calls from Nationwide after they received a DV leter I sent them. Do you think I should tell them to go ahead and sue, and see how things end up in, not having to pay the debt (I would've paid if the CA went about collecting in a proper manner) and getting the TL removed? Anyways, I look forwad to seeing how your situation gets resolved.
  16. So I sent Nationwide a DV letter on the 21st of Dec and they received it on the 23rd. I got the green card back about 5 days later. The Nationwide rep that was calling was the one that signed the green card and he is still calling me every day even though the letter states to only make contact via USPS. My Wife answered the phone a few days ago and the rep told her that if I don't pay that day that they will sue. My Wife wouldn't put me on the phone with the rep so he was getting angry and then told my Wife that I have 5 days to make the payment. He asked my Wife "Well you pay the taxes with your Husband don't you?". At wich point she told him that's none of his business and he replied "you're right..have a nice day" and hung up. It seems like Nationwide will not be able to validate since they are calling everyday and threatening even though they received the DV letter. I was wondering, is it a violation each time they call, or just the fact that they are still calling just considered only one violation? Do I send them another letter now telling them to refer to my original letter that says not to contact me by phone anymore and again demand them to stop calling? Also, this is a newly charged off Amex account, will I have any success in getting the CRA's to remove the TL when I send them a letter to investigate? I really feel like telling Nationwide to "go ahead and sue" and that I have them on multiple violations. Has anyone ever done that and still made a CA pay them? 8) Any help would be appreciated!
  17. ...Also, the person that signed for the Return Receipt letter that I sent is the one that is still calling me on the phone. I have his signature on the green card. He's called twice today. Sounds like they won't be able to validate and are getting desperate.
  18. Wow, Nationwide recieved the DV letter on the 23rd (I got the green card back) and they are still calling. This is great. Should I send another letter stating that I already told them not to call??
  19. Well the response they gave you was complete bull I can tell you that. Someone else on here should be able to give you the exact steps on how to proceed further (2nd DV letter, etc.).
  20. Hmm, thanks for the info. I sent out the DV letter today express mail return receipt so they will be receiving it tomorrow. I look forward to them violating though I know there's a slight chance that they will validate. I'll get back to you if I need further assistance in dealing with NCI.
  21. So my experian listing shows my Amex collection account as: Charge Off/Collection/Bankruptcy. What's the deal with that? My equifax shows just collection. I never received a letter warning me that my account was going into collections before it was listed on the reports. Is there anything I can do?
  22. 1 last question (I think)...sorry. I am in the position to be able to either pay in full or pay a settlement and have them notify the CRA's. I can either do that, or go the DV route and wait and see if they make any violations and then with some money in court and/or not have to pay the collection debt at all. Does anyone know if Nationwide is good at validating accounts? If they are, then I'll just try to get a decent settlement with them.