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  1. If an OC sends you a cancellation of debt 1099-C, Can they continue to report a balance? If someone wanted to file a complaint against a Federal Credit Union for its inaccurate reporting, What agency regulates them? Thanks
  2. Paragon Way AKA - CollectTX AKA - CTI Parent Company - Collins Financial Look up the Texas Finance Code There are laws in Texas which they have to follow even if trying to collect on out of state debtors. If they are breaking any File a complaint with the TX AG
  3. 1. It may depend on your state statutes. In Fl I believe you have to serve the registered agent regardless. 2. That would depend on your States rules. To my knowledge it most likely would have to be done by a process server (in FL we can use the Sheriff as well for a cost) again I think that would have to be the Registered agent but check your local rules 3. I thought you just posted in a thread that has a Answer/counterclaims. I have a pdf of one I will see if I can attach it to a PM. 4. Sorry for the confusion. If you Filed a MSJ and they filed an Opposition to your MSJ than a hearing date n
  4. I modified this quote to make reading my answers easier 1. Depending on your local Rules you should be able to sue anyone who you have a cause of action against. 2. If they are all part of the same cause of action you should be able to include them all in the same case. Than it would be one filing fee. Check with your County Clerk. 3. Yes. Each would need to be served separately. If you sue a cooperation you will need to find out who their registered agent is in your state (if they are registered to do business in your state) and serve the Agent. 4. Depends on what you mean by a sample counter
  5. Don't know about your states rules, In FL one of you would request a hearing date on the Motions. Than at the hearing you will argue your MSJ to the judge and they will argue their opposition and/or their MSJ.
  6. edited to remove my stupid reply Didnt read the post correctly
  7. I might be taking a local CA to court. These are for 2 paid Medical collections. I noticed they were reporting balances to all 3 CRA's. So I figured if I disputed they might just get deleted. So I disputed with TU. I should have the results back by mid Dec. I did notice that they updated with EX. They now show Paid and $0 balance so I believe that is what the results are going to be with TU as well. So I was thinking I will take them to court. Here is what I know they have been doing illegally. Experian before update CA's first collection Balance - $40 (INCORRECT - PIF 2/2006) Date updated –
  8. Depends on your state laws. Here in florida SOL starts the very next day after the first missed payment making the account in default.
  9. From what you have posted I see it as saying If you want to vacate you need to submit your application within three months after you receive a copy of the award.
  10. Ahhh It took a minute but I found the link Here it is Oh and yes Wells Fargo is an OC
  11. I have a non licensed JDB useing a lisenced CA to try and collect on a debt. So I wanted to know if they can do that to "get around being licensed". I found this (had to be edited due to size not allowed in post) I would upload the document but that is larger than allowed as well.
  12. There is case law that says a "store CC" is 4 years. All others are generally viewed as 5