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  1. I called yesterday to ask on the status. The rep. stated I needed to provide by date of birth so she can further process. She said I was approved! I should receive the card within a week! Wonderful! Finally in the AMEX club.
  2. On a previous online app for an AMEX card, I received an instant decline. Today I received a status my application is in progrees and could take up to 14 days Does this mean I may be approved???
  3. You said having the alert can be helpful when I'm disputing..how is that? I am really working hard to get some paid collections removed and any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  4. I received this alert on my Equifax report. What does it mean? ********************* Fraud Alert Expiration Date: 06/15/2006 Date Reported: 03/17/2006 Address: Phone: Phone: Phone: Comments:
  5. I'm sorry. I can't find this sticky? Can you point me to it?
  6. Anyone successful with getting a paid Verizon collection deleted? I disputed.it came back verified. I sent DV letter to Verizon..they responded, stating my claim was frivolous..I filed complaint with BBB. Verizon responded with copies of past bills and stated they will not delete...I filed complaint with FCC...Verizon responded stating their stance on not removing the account remains. They have even sent me copies of credit laws and have highlighed areas for me to read. Any other ideas??? Why do they care? The account has since been paid??
  7. Has anyone had any more luck with CBCS and getting a paid collection deleted?
  8. yes was definitely within the first 30 days of receiving their notice. And, they say it was for a Sprint bill unpaid over 12 years ago!! They can still collect on this?? They can most likely ask for payment voluntarily. Are they reporting at all? If so, you can drop the hammer on them good. They are not reporting...can they?
  9. yes was definitely within the first 30 days of receiving their notice. And, they say it was for a Sprint bill unpaid over 12 years ago!! They can still collect on this??
  10. I sent DV letter to AFNI CA, whom received it 1/13/06. I received a letter from them dated 2/10/06 that they can not investigate until I provide: *specific information I dispute *an explanation of the basis of my dispute *all supporting documentation of my claim *a valid contact number to reach me I was very specific in the DV and stated the account does not belong to me and demanded they provide me proof the account is mine. What do I do? Isn't the burden of proof on them? Sidenote: my wife had spoken to the phone; they told her she should just pay it because it would be easier. What kind of BS is that?
  11. What report does Discover pull? What score do they require? Is it a hard card to get?
  12. Anyone know where to get a low interest rate on a used car refinance with a 660 for Experian? Currently at 7.5%..would like lower if possible.
  13. I called. They take the middle score. Also they consider 660 to be the threshold for their most competitive financing.
  14. have disputed multi times with bureais. is each one a different violation
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