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  1. These terms that you quoted ... were you quoting the terms from some other bank's World Mastercard to help you understand your USAA World Mastercard ? Or were you quoting the terms that were included with your USAA World Mastercard ? Here's where I'm confused -- unfortunately so far only a handful of people on other forums have reported having the USAA World Mastercard; none of them reported that their USAA World Mastercard has a "no preset spending limit". I'm not being argumentative with you. But I'm now wondering if some of the USAA World Mastercards have a "no pre-set spending limit" and some of them don't. USAA's website isn't of any help because it doesn't have any information that addresses this matter. And based on my conversation this morning with a USAA agent, maybe USAA's agents haven't been well trained on the ins and outs of their World MC -- this agent said their card does not have a "no preset spending limit" and that a customer will have to call in and request a higher credit limit if he wants to spend over his current World MC credit limit.
  2. But of the addresses that you disputed, were any of them being reported by a closed account ? That's where I encountered a dead end with unsuccessfully disputing two addresses with Experian.
  3. I've read that another place where you can still sometimes cash a payroll is the grocery store. Are they required to ask for SSN, too ?
  4. Thank you for the replies When you go to the drawing bank to cash the payroll check, what (personal) information do they ask of you ? SSN ? fingerprint ? etc.
  5. Is this still possible ? I've gotten the impression that fewer banks will let you do this.
  6. I had heard recently about being able to cash checks at WalMart. But when I read their terms and conditions I was alarmed to see that they ask for your social security number. I don't think in a million years I could feel comfortable giving them my SSN " Cash your payroll or government check for a maximum fee of $3 It's simple to use, and there's no need for a bank account. Just bring your check, ID and Social Security number to any register and get your cash. "
  7. A couple more suggestions For the savings and checking accounts with the highest interest rates: "Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts" For the CDs with the highest rates: "CD Thread, Post The Best Rates You Can Find Here" For a list of rewards checking accounts: "Reward Checking Accounts (High Yield and Available to All)"
  8. That's only the second comment that I've read about a USAA auto loan, but it's very similar to the other comment. May I ask .. when you went online to USAA's website, had you been receiving any preapproved auto loan offers ? The reason I was asking is that the first comment came from someone who said she felt like USAA had done a bait'n'switch on her. Her preapproved auto loan rate was down around 6%, and then when she applied the rate USAA gave her was quite a bit higher than that.
  9. caution -- I've read in the past that Pulaski is known for selling some of its credit cards accounts to less than desirable issuers; there may be additional old discussions about this at the forum. general feedback:
  10. Last comment. list of credit unions in Arizona: bankrate's financial performance information for any other credit unions and banks:
  11. Fourth comment. I've been spending time lately looking closely at the credit unions in Arizona that I'm eligible to join. The one that so far has impressed me the most, particularly for the loan rates compared to other credit unions (in Arizona), is Canyon State Credit Union. This is one I plan to look into first when I'm ready again down the road to apply for something. Canyon State Credit Union profile of Canyone State Credit Union: And they got a great rating by Bankrate's Safe & Sound
  12. Third comment. When I was at an AZFCU branch a few weeks ago, I was told that besides the hard inquiry for when you become a member, the only other time there is a hard inquiry is when you apply for a loan product/service; i.e., he said that once you are a member, there are no (further) hard inquiries when you open any type of deposit account/service.
  13. Two comments. (1) has a system for evaluating banks and credit unions called "Safe & Sound". Out of a possible five stars, last September they gave AZFCU one star: (2) For what it's worth ..
  14. and PenFed (Pentagon Federal Credit Union) offers this service for those who qualify: "Deposit Anywhere Home Deposit Service"
  15. For those that aren't eligible to join USAA, there are two credit unions that anyone can join that let you scan your checks at home: Digital Federal Credit Union's "PC Deposit" Alliant Credit Union's "eDepositPlus"