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  1. I 'll call them today to verify. When they send in the Judgment Letter, my mom signed and received the letter. Just found out today. Now they are charging me 14 cents a day since March + the BGE pre court charges + Bill. This is ridiculous.
  2. Thanks for the sincere reply. I called the Law Office and they explained that I've been charged 14 cent per day. Now may balance is close to $900 out of just a mere $500 electric bill. This is not fair after BGE increased bill in Maryland for about 150% over the course of two years Should I renegotiate to pay this stupidity?
  3. Hi Today I received a copy of the letter W and A sent to my employer for Request For Garnishment on Wages (3-646)(WRGW). Plaintiff: Baltimore Gas and Electric Court: District Court of Maryland. I want take care of it right away or pay for it. The last activity was 6/21/2002 and they charged me a 'post-judgment' interest at 10% up till 3/27/07 totaling $257. Original amount of judgment was $526. I can I do to pay of this ridiculous rage. I also never received a copy of the writ. Can I file a motion asserting a defense I recently apply for a Mortgage Loan and all old collection account started to regeneration. Help
  4. I am schedule for the second meeting with NACA this coming Friday. I have gathered all nessesary documents and forms. Is there anythinig I need to better qualify for a loan with NACA. With a credit score of 580 and 640 (spouse). equifax
  5. Thanks. I will DV resurgent before they add this to my report. They stated that if there is no response in 30 days that means the debt is valid. DV on the way.
  6. Recieved a letter from Asset Acceptance after DV. They replied stating that they have reviewed the info provided. And as a result they have reported my account as "Disputed" to CRA It's now past 30 days Should I send the second DV letter?
  7. I DV'ed OSI/Gulf State Credit 02/01/2006 I recieved a letter that the account was purchased by Resurgent Capital Services. Stating a huge settlement or about 65% off. But the letter was sent by Mercantile Adjustment Bureau. So what is going on here? They did not Validate the Debt. Should I send a new DV to Resurgent or Merchantil or send DV#2 to OSI? Thanks
  8. After disputing with all CRA. Some of the accounts were stating.. "Account information disputed by consumer, meets FCRA requirements" What does this mean? Also it is showing on two of the accounts I 'DVed' Thanks
  9. So what should I do know? It seems that the account was supposed to drop last month. After 7 years of DOLA. Is this Legal? ......I am so sorry for "double posting"....
  10. I recieved this Alert Today from FICO. I've been DV'ing CA left to right. I am still waiting for the 30th day to send second DVs. Anyway since Febuary I got two new TL's from the same account I DV but with a different CA and now this one below. Anybody know what this mean? with the new DOLA???
  11. I am so sorry for the "Double Post" Here is the link to the original post http://debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=278985#278985
  12. Hmmn I think you are right.. I am waiting for the result from the big 3s. My score had been up and down for the past three weeks. Not too exciting http://debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=41580
  13. Since I sent all my DVs (9 total). Different account keep poping out in my credit report. Since last week 4 new TL is showing in my credit report.. Here is my FICO history 466 - -> 466 -> 477 - -> 477 - -> 507 - -> 482 - -> 498 This scores are within three weeks registered to myFico.com
  14. Wow! I want to get this account deleted as soon as possible. I checked my report and the account was changed from "Collection Acct.." to "Disputed" I am waiting result from the CRAs. Also Is it possible to gain at least 25 pts by stating on your credit report your Job Information? ie Professional Job Thanks
  15. Thanks for the replies How long should I wait before I send in the Second DV? 30 days from the date the first one was sent?
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