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  1. Mikeman, thank you so much for your time and advice. You were very helpful. The case turned out to be a wrongful claim from the collection agency (Sallie Mae Servicing). Their lawyer dropped the case. The loan was a private loan more than 10 years old (SOL expired), and Sallie Mae Servicing claimed it as a federal loan. I did what you directed me to do. I contacted the Dept. of Education. They investigated my case and found that my loan was a pure private loan. DOE sent a copy of the investigation report to me and Sallie Mae's lawyer. I filed a complaint against their lawyer and Sallie Mae Servicing with the Dept. of Education. Also, I filed a complaint against the lawyer, but the State Board dropped it. Again, thank you for your time.
  2. TERI will most likely to sue you where you live, so the SOL where you live will apply. They will have to take you to court to get a judgement that is if they can find you to serve you the court paper. They have to properly serve you with the court paper. Improper serve may give you an advanatage. The bad thing about judgement is not what they can take from you, since you don't have much to take from , but what they can do to your credit reports. Not sure if they can renew the judgment in Ireland. Check out your local law to see what things are non-exempt for the judgement. If they serve you with the court paper and your SOL has not expired, then I don't think you can get out of the judgment. Sorry.
  3. It should drop off after 7 years for it is the law no matter what type of loan it is. First you must dispute with the credit bureaus and with the lenders, if they don't take it off, then find one of the FCRA lawyers. www.naca.net . Sue them for the FCRA violations. Do you have proof of the delinquent date? If you do, send it with your disputes.
  4. Can not remove lates. Lenders don't let you remove lates. Just have to wait 7 years for it to fall off.
  5. What type of student loans? is this for private student loans as well?
  6. TERI does not care about your financial or personal problems. They just want your money. TERI is a non-profit private loan guarantor. You must use the law where you live to protect you such as debt collection practice act and so on. Make a log of all of your converstation with them. What is the statute of limitation in the county where you live? It is best to get a lawyer who know about law of the county where you live. US laws don't help you with your situation here because you live in a foreign country. In the US, they must sue you first and win before they can get a judgement against you.
  7. Order a copy of your credit report with the negative marks on there.. keep it forever to show how old it is. Then go online and dispute it. They must take it off after 7 years from the delinquent date because that is the law. If they refuse to take it off, then go to www.naca.net and look for FCRA lawyers. Sue the lenders for the FCRA violations.
  8. 7 year clock starts on the date that you defaulted that is the rule. if they dont' take it off, find lawyers who can take care of FCRA violations. check out www.naca.net. Sue them for FCRA violations. show the lawyer your proof that you defaulted more than 7 years ago. Regarding to the federal loans, sorry to say that you must make a deal with them to try to pay them off because it won't go away like private loans. Pay your federal loans off. Then sue them for the FCRA violations.
  9. go online to the three major credit bureaus sites and dispute them online. they will drop it off if the delinquent date is more than 7 years old.
  10. when you said student loans, do you mean private student loans or federal student loans. There is a huge difference. Private loans do have SOL. Federal loans do not have any SOL. It should drop off of your credit report afer 7 years from the delinquent date. First thing to do is to dispute such as account is not mine. You can dispute online. If your defaulted loans are less than 7 years, then no one can take it off unless you dispute it with the credit bureaus and the creditors did not respond then they will remove it.
  11. Mikeman, I want to thank you for your suggestions. I won the case. FYI: one can not complain about malpractice with the State Bar. I complained him with the State Bar for fraud, but they did not find him breaking any misconduct codes. It was not a human error like Lynn suggested. It was a malicious act. Yes, you were right about greedy lenders. Thanks again for your ideas. It worked out very well.
  12. What's TL? What's s2-b? Thanks.
  13. Can not sue the creditor, collection agency, or CRA for FCRA violation unless they refuse to take the adverse reports off of your credit report.
  14. For your information, you can not claim FCRA violation unless they refuse to take if off from your credit report. You must first dispute. If it doesn't resolve, then sue them.
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